Advertisement Trends Of 2021

New media options and the Digital Revolution are changing the face of advertising. Advertising will continue to grow and evolve. Technology has changed over time and this change has had a major impact on the Advertisement as a whole. The one medium that’s had the biggest impact on the history of advertising and advertising personalization is the internet. Online advertising has completely revolutionized the practice in recent decades.


It is assumed that Internet Consumption will be at 52%. Projecting yourself on the right platform is what you need to elevate your brand.

This article will help readers and other followers to get an outlook on various patterns and trends that play a crucial role in determining the media consumption pattern. And prevailing trends of Advertisement which will dominate 2021.

We have jotted down some trending advertisement trends to help you make the right marketing strategy decision. 

1)Video Marketing:

Till 2020 a total of 3.2 billion users have a smartphone, that number is projected to jump to 3.5 billion this year. No doubt video advertisement is the way of the future. Studies show that video marketing helps consumers to make a purchase decision.

                                                                                            Following chart shows some statistics about video marketing:

Video Marketing's Consumer Appeal and impact

Here are the types of video you can use in your video marketing strategy to level up your brand:
● Animated Explainer Video 
● Live Streams
● Blogs 
● 3D Product Videos 


2.) Visual Search: It is an artificial intelligence technology that allows users to upload an image to conduct a search and get more specific results. The user then finds the exact object or place being searched, or whatever is most similar to it as a visual search result. Sometimes words fail in describing accurately something we see. That is why visual search is so.

A few high-profile companies are using visual search, a major example of it is Google itself. As per Accenture, 69% per cent of shoppers prefer to purchase with the help of a visual search option.

3) Podcasts: It is a prerecorded audio program, published on the website and other platforms such as music apps, radio, social media etc. Podcasts have become a highly effective ad medium these days. The market for digital audio and voice over services is expected to climb. Podcast listeners are mostly urban and educated. They’re also believed to be highly engaged and loyal.

4) Influencer Marketing: Influencer marketing is a type of word-of-mouth marketing. Influencers can be well-known celebrities, social media personalities, bloggers or any known figure to amplify your brand message to a larger market. Studies show collaborating with influencers can bring you brand recognition, enhance your reputation, audience engagement and increase conversions. With the evolution of social media marketing, Influencer Marketing will continue to grow.

5) Artificial Intelligence: AI can analyze consumer search patterns, and use data from social media and other online platforms to analyze user behaviour. So basically it is a machine learning system capable of answering to users. AI will soon be the future face behind many services and AI is the future of advertising.

One example of AI is chatbots, some more example of AI are as following:
● Facebook uses AI to detect who is on your profile.
● Siri in the iPhone uses AI to understand voice commands of users
● Self-driving cars use AI
● Smart home technology use AI

Apart from the above mentioned there are numerous ways of marketing strategies and methods that you can use to promote your company. Which one will be most effective for you depends on many factors like your – target audience, budget, time constraint, and nature of product and services etc.
If you are looking for the right marketing strategy and Advertisement for your brand then, book a free consultation session with us. Our team will help you to plan and execute an advertisement strategy.

A few high-profile companies are using visual search, a major example of it is Google itself. As per Accenture, 69% per cent of shoppers prefer to purchase with the help of a visual search option.

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7 Habits of Highly Effective Animation Companies

What makes a great Animation company – a company that makes a dent in the Universe?
Konnect Me Animation lists down 7 habits of highly effective animation companies.

These seven ideas if done well will do wonders to make your next video a hit:

1) Profound Research
Advertising is the most visible part of a business strategy and it is both an investment and a risk for a business. Thus profound research before planning a campaign can minimize the business risk. There is no doubt about Effective animated video is the result of well-executed research. So what is this research about? And which areas one needs to focus in the research?

Insights into the below areas will help in crafting research strategies:

  • Study the product/Service
  • Study the industry of product/Service
  • Client’s business model
  • Target audience and their demographics
  • Competitor analysis
  • Trending cultural and social trends

2) Create informative and engaging content:

People these days look for inspiring and informative content. Along with some valuable information, Animation video should have the ability to show your customers how your product works, how it solves their problems and its USP. Always study the key issues affecting the client’s industry, summaries key messages that you and client have to communicate, outline the product benefits, and speak in customer’s language. Use regional and local insights.

There are so many examples of big heads that practice local marketing to resonate with the audience.

Examples include Coke, Vogue India, Amazon, Oreo, Ola, HP and the list goes on.

3) Sell stories and not boring jargons:

Storytelling is just as important to animation video marketing and advertising as it is to the film making. Selling a story in some 30 to 90 seconds short ad can be a daunting task. This is why you got to trust an experienced Animation Company; they know how to do wonders in a 30-90 seconds story since their story is an output of headstrong brainstormed discussions between experts, each step of theirs follows profound research. Gone are the days where the advertisement was limited to those boring jargons and trashy tag lines.

4) Deliver a clear and concise message:

It’s about how your product or service can help solve your customer’s problem. Show your customers exactly how your product or service solves their problems. No one has more time to read lengthy contents so it is ideal to create concise content with info graphics that are supposedly short, sweet and captivating. So what can you do to deliver a clear and concise message with animation video? Read the following points to find out the answer:

  • Eye-catching visuals
  • Striking headlines
  • Be specific
  • Keep it short and simple
  • Avoid the passive voice
  • Easy to consume and believable story
  • Show a problem and its solution

5) Create share-worthy content:

It is the world of snaps, blogs, tweets, shares, YouTubes videos, Instagram posts and stories, and Pins. The bar is high for creating interesting, meaningful content that should provide some value and information. So, how do you create share worthy content? The answer lies in 3 A’s Why, What, Who. Your content needs to engage with consumers emotionally, you can hack humans through “Emotions”. That is the key to brand differentiation. Either it has to be entertaining or sparking audience interest in some or other way. Create your content as per trending topics and music. It will increase the chances of content Share ability.

6) Resonate with the audience:

The success of your animation video heavily relies on how well it matches what you are aiming to sell to your target audience. World-class animation and story won’t count for much if your message doesn’t resonate with the target audience. This journey starts with a simple question who is your audience? To resonate with the target audience it is important to study their demographic components. Based on that script crafting takes place -speak in your audience’s language, study their interests and habits, stirs up their emotion. For example, India is the country of different cultures, religions, traditions and rituals so advertisements here differ from state to state to resonate with locals.

7) Give equal weightage to voice-over and animation:

The power of animated video is in its ability to demonstrate the tangible benefits that a product or service can offer. Product demos are far more powerful when you illustrate them with animation. Video voice-overs make any video project look professional. Research showed that more than 25% of video viewers watched a video all the way through because the audio was good. Ever wondered why these explainer videos look so professional? They hire professional voice over talent for audio recordings. It is evident that voice-over provides a regional flair to the read; an experienced animation company has connection with top voice actors from all over the world. Other than that many important components go into creating an effective animated video and it is equally important to give all component correct weightage. These critical components include right motion graphics, script, music, voice-over and animation characters.

There numerous things apart from above mentioned that makes an ideal animation company. The good news is, you have all the knowledge you need to create your animated campaign.

We hope this article will help you discover a list of things you need to know about choosing an ideal animation company to work with. If you’re looking for an animation company to create unique animation product video which can sell your company vision, would you mind checking out this firm-

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How to throw an eco-friendly wedding in 2021

As the world becomes more awake of the many risks associated with rising global temperatures, many of us feel the need to make serious changes in the way we live and throw functions. There are some other major waste agitators that we need to look at. One of them is big fat functions and especially weddings. Events such as weddings commonly require a lot of resources. Thus they also create a ton of waste and pollution.

By choosing green and sustainable alternatives to a variety of elements including the stationery, food, venue and even jewellery, couples can drastically reduce their carbon footprint and still celebrate their love in style. Take the lead and leave this earth more beautiful for the coming generations.

If you love the idea of planning an eco-friendly wedding but don’t know where to start, we’ve created a guideline to make your way easy. You might not be able to follow all the tips, yet you can certainly follow doable things and can ensure minimum waste wedding.

1. Buy a sustainable wedding dress

Wedding dress markets are getting huge each year, especially in India. This markets annually leave tons of fabric waste and leaves harmful footprints on the earth. Fortunately now sustainable yet chic choices for the big day are close-at-hand. Many brides have been rethinking their wedding dresses, including opting for a more low key and sustainable choices for their big day. Rental and up cycling bridal wear is also on the rise, as brides become increasingly conscious of the environmental impact of a dress that you only wear once.

Eco-conscious brands are emerging like never before.

2. Vintage and pre-owned wedding dresses
By wearing vintage and pre-owned wedding wear on your wedding day, you’re not only extending the life of a pre-existing dress but also saving a lot of textile waste. It is also likely to be a one-of-a-kind piece. Or take out that glamours authentic vintage wedding dress of your grandma or mummy from her pitara. Yes! You can also revamp your mother’s or grandmother’s wedding dress. This plan works if you’re sort of options in the final seconds besides that dress will create forever memories and legacy for looming generations.

3. Digital wedding invitations 

Every day, millions of people print invitations on fancy paper, after the wedding the paper either is wasted or thrown away in a dustbin.

If you have an itch to do something that would reduce wastage and also help save the environment then going Digital for a wedding invitation is the only idea which works brilliantly.

The wedding card market in India alone is worth Rs 8000 to Rs 10,000 crore, can you imagine the number of trees sacrificed for this purpose? With digital invites, you can invite guests without wasting a single piece of paper. So unknowingly see how much good you can do for the environment!

If you’re planning a zero wastage wedding function, you’ve probably already juggled with the idea of going digital with your wedding invitations. The positives are many, of course. Firstly, your digital wedding invitations won’t waste any paper plus it’s lighter on your pocket as well.

4. Food and beverages

It is pivotal to buy local and organic food it is easily accessible and organic food is fresh and nutritious. By supporting the farmers and local distributors you are playing an important role in the economy.

Try to design your food menu which involves in-season fruits and vegetables. For beverages look around and order fresh drinks from nearby breweries and wineries.

Often people end up wasting so much food, these days so many NGO’s and organisations are working to distribute this excess food.

It is advised to contact such an organisation before your D-day to make sure the excess food reaches to needy animals and humans.

One such organisation is Robbin Hood Army-

5. Recycle Decorative materials like flowers and papers

Source the decoration flowers directly from the local markets. Because flowers ordered from far places takes a huge toll on the environment. And the good thing is there are many ways one can experiment to recycle these flowers.

  • These used flowers can be decomposed and can be used as fertiliser.
  • These used flowers can be converted into natural Holi colours
  • They can be converted into agarbattis / incense sticks
  • Leftover flowers can be used as natural cloth dying means
    ( you can contact organisations involved in recycling units)

6. No plastic Cutlery to serve food and beverages

Do you know all those plastic cutleries and straws will go in landfills and it takes some 100 years to decompose that plastic completely?

So for the sake of the environment choose other cutlery options like steel, other metal or glass cutlery.
To your wonders, edible cutlery is also available now in the market. We must boast on the thing that we have an edible cutlery manufacturing startup company Bakeys in our country. Which is founded and run by a woman?

We hope this checklist will help you to make the most sustainable choices. Isn’t it Inspiring right? We encourage you to share this information with your engaged friends so they too can plan an eco-friendly wedding.

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