Wedding Checklist in the Time of Covid-19

Wedding Checklist in the time of the pandemic

Wedding season is here. But the situation out there is still critical covid-19 second wave has commenced and we don’t know how long it will last. While some of the couples have already postponed their weddings due to the pandemic, many still opted to go ahead. Planning safe wedding ceremonies in a time of pandemic can be head churning, this is why we are here with this crucial blog which might help you to plan a perfect wedding during the pandemic.

Here’s Your Checklist to be Safe if you’re planning or Attending a Wedding during a pandemic with these few tips you can keep your surroundings and yourself safe.

Guest Arrival

It should be a must to perform temperature checks upon arrival. If you wish to create an additional layer of safety you can also add saliva testing along with a temperature check. At weddings relatives often greet each other with a warm hug, so it is extremely crucial to follow contactless greeting etiquettes.

Don’t forget the ultimate pandemic saviour- ‘The mask’

One of the most effective ways to stay safe is to wear a mask. Upon guest arrival along with a temperature check to make sure each guest is wearing a mask. As a responsible host and guest, you both need to ensure the safety of yourself and others. No matter if it is an indoor or outdoor event, continue wearing a mask. Generally, guests will bring their masks but as a responsible couple offer masks to your guests. This is why it is advisable to keep some extra stock of masks for your guests. Now there are many varieties available in the market, especially for weddings. You can also get custom made masks that match your outfit and wedding theme.

Keep it minimal and micro

There’s also a trend towards micro-weddings these days, as more and more couples favour significantly smaller guest lists. Weddings in the time of covid can only be micro. Each state has released wedding guests number guidelines. So before sending an invitation you should refer to your state’s guidelines and invite guests accordingly. The good thing about micro weddings is it allows you to be more creative, and it also saves your money.

Go Digital

There is no doubt that the 2020 pandemic has left us with many teachings, it has also influenced the masses to adopt eco-friendly and sustainable living habits and methods. So try to switch to eco-friendly methods and also save some costs, shifting towards wedding e-invites for wedding functions is a wise decision.

Digital cards can also ease the problem of distributing the cards, which takes a great amount of time where e-invites enables wide outreach in minutes. Wedding e-invites will surely make your wedding look glamorous.

Serve right food and beverages

It is advisable to avoid salads, curd, raw paneer, leafy vegetables on the menu. Try to keep your menu short and sweet. And make sure it includes cooked food items and healthy beverage options only. Ask the caterers to ensure the highest hygiene in the preparation and serving of food. Advice guests and caterers to avoid touching any objects unnecessarily. Provide proper hand gloves to caterers and only they should serve people with food so that everyone does not touch the ladles.

Try to keep it an outdoor function

It is comparatively safer to organise functions in an open space than indoors. So stay outside whenever possible and if the ceremony is indoors, arrive right on the time and leave as soon as it is over.

Every effort is incomplete without social distancing

Make sure everyone follows social distancing guidelines. You can add more tables, and keep the person limit per table; this will rent more space in between each guest. Prefer seated plated dinner/lunch arrangements, as this will restrict groups of people from being near food stations, and multiple bars.  Avoid long assembly lines for a full buffet and try to add more food stations and bars to avoid unnecessary gathering.

All the ceremonies completed peacefully? Well, that doesn’t mean your responsibility is over Even when all the functions are over, you still have some tasks to follow. As the host of the event, it’s important to keep in contact with attendees in case of possible exposure so keep a detailed list of each guest and visitor. This step can make the situation as smooth as possible in the case of an emergency. After the ceremonies make sure that anyone is not experiencing symptoms, if anybody shows any symptoms post-event then distribute that information to all guests and vendors and alert them.

Even after following every step, it is still risky to plan or attend a wedding; however, with the right precautions, you can ensure your safety and minimise the risk. And don’t forget that it is totally fine if you do not wish to attend a wedding in pandemic time and you can politely decline the invitation. So there are various challenges and this is a really difficult time but when everyone works together to create the safest environment possible, before, during, and after the event, you can create safe, successful events.

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Examples of unique traditional and cultural wedding invitation videos

Digital invites and video invites are trending and rocking in 2021. They are certainly the choice of eco-friendly couples and those who wish to do something out of the box in their weddings. The great thing about digital wedding invitations is you can choose a design that reflects who you are or where you come from, you can also express the theme of your big day, your cultural values and background. They’re easy to customize and share wherever you like, whether it’s via WhatsApp, email, or social media platforms.


Have you heard about the cultural wedding invitation video? If not then this blog covers everything you need to know about cultural wedding invitation videos. We all know that Weddings in India vary according to the region, religion, community and personal preferences of the bride and groom.

We are a country of different cultures, religions, traditions and rituals. Every culture has its unique essence. If your family has any special wedding tradition, you can make that a part of your wedding invitation video. You can Highlight your Punjabi BhangraChura ceremony or the Gujarati Garba style ceremony with customised animated wedding invitation videos.

Take a look at a few of the ways you can get your cultural wedding invitation video done and find inspiration to help you decide on your wedding invite’s look.

1. South Indian and Bengali Wedding Invitation Video

Couple of the season, Sandesh and Ananya are giving us major filmy vibes like 2 States.
This couple followed South Indian and Bengali wedding ceremonies. Watch this cute caricature wedding invitation video to see how the video is created incorporating the couple’s coordinated looks for Bengali and South Indian weddings.

We are a country of different cultures, religions, traditions and rituals. Every culture has its unique essence. If your family has any special wedding tradition, you can make that a part of your wedding invitation video. You can Highlight your Punjabi BhangraChura ceremony or the Gujarati Garba style ceremony with customised animated wedding invitation videos.

2. Islamic/ Muslim Wedding invitations video

This classy and elegant save the date, Nikaah Wedding Invitation video of MohhamedSuhail&Mufeedha depicts the cultural milieu they come from through customised theme based wedding invitation videos.

Finding beautiful Muslim wedding invitations that are modern, elegant, and unique is easy, check out this page for more inspiration about Islamic wedding invitation videos.

3. Rajasthani Theme wedding invitation video

Aren’t Rajasthani theme wedding invitation videos adorable? A cultural and artistic wedding invitation video is always loved by everyone. Ashish and Kritika are from the beautiful cultural and colourful state of Rajasthan. Artistic monuments, puppets, and camel all reflect the legacy of this heritage place in this theme based wedding invitation video. It is vibrant, poetic and represents the cultural state beautifully.

4. Punjabi wedding invitation video

An elegant Punjabi wedding Invitation video of the couple Taranveer Singh &Anshula.This video incorporates the Punjabi style of wedding dress, Punjabi wedding details and ceremony. The texture, colours, music and Punjabi feel of the Invitation make it one of a kind.

5. North Indian and South Indian style wedding invitation video

What an enthralling love story Jicky from Kerala and Swati from Shimla share. This video beautifully represents the couple’s states. You can 100% go for a customised caricature invitation video when you have got the inspiring and distinctive love story. We bet you wouldn’t have seen any caricature love story cum wedding invitation video like this.

The nice thing about the video is there’s no limit to what you can do. So tell your whole love story with your cultural values. You can check out some ready and amazing templates on this youtube channel

So we can conclude that with digital invites you can save your precise time, cost, and a few trees as well. Convinced to give this a try? Scroll ahead for online wedding invitation design inspiration and you can look towards to create your invites.
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5 Best Practices to turn up your social media game in 2021

Nearly 4 billion people world’s population uses some form of social media. Now it is a must that the brand should have a presence on social media. Without a firm strategy backed up by real data, you aren’t going to see the results you want.

If well implemented and well-crafted social media strategies can easily help you promote your brand, attract new followers, build a strong solid social media presence, and increase conversion rates.

Below listed social media practices will give you glimpses of current social media trends which will put you on the path to making a marketing campaign deliver greater business value for your brand in 2021

1. Reels-Instagram

Instagram has become the go-to place for top brands, many brands regularly use it to run effective video ad campaigns. Thanks to its huge user base. Features of Instagram like robust targeting options and a unique approach to video content makes it a top choice of the marketer. We all know that Video content is perhaps the most engaging form of content, and it will stay there in the long run, which means video content will never go out of date.

After the ban of Tiktok Instagram introduced a similar feature in its platform called “Reels” that allow users to record and share short videos. Many brands are introducing premium video-based content in their reels to engage people even further. Reels are short this is why it quickly grabs the attention of users and keeps them hooked to the screen. Informational content in reels is on the rise. Most brands nowadays create content on the subject matter, and some brands have even got +5M views for Reels. Reels can go viral this is why you should have high quality, stunning, and super creative video content for your brand. Brands like Louis Vuitton, Redbull France, Balmain’s Reel game is strong and they manage to get an average of 5M views.

2. Sponsored Ads

Ad spending in the Social Media Advertising segment is projected to reach US$110,628m in 2021. Sponsored content is a great way to promote your brand content. Ads in social networks can appear as sponsored posts within organic content or beside the newsfeed. It is obvious that organic reach is harder to achieve in this competitive era. The interesting thing about sponsored ads is you can target brand new customers, old ones or any other demographics as per your choice. All the major social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram offer sponsored ad options. A sponsored ad can be in the form of a post or story. Facebook and Instagram offer budget-friendly sponsored ad packages, while sponsored ads on platforms like LinkedIn, Snapchat and Twitter are a bit pricy. All you have to do is to choose which social networks perform well organically for your brand. Where does your content naturally strike and select that platform for your sponsored ad campaign.

3. Contests

Social media Contests is one of the best ways to win new users. Contest marketing has completely evolved in 2021. Contest marketing is the practice both big and small brands can adopt as per their budget and limitations. There is no limit to the creativity that you can combine into your contest marketing. Contest marketing can take various forms. With the contest, you can do cross-marketing and you can break the isolation through contest marketing. While designing a contest for your brand make sure it compliments your campaign and overall brand goals and objectives. Brands like McDonald’s and lays also practice contest marketing to break the ice and keep their social media platforms live.

Before launching your social media contests make sure it doesn’t violate the platforms’ T&Cs or R&Rs. And there are a few other best practices you should consider following as well you should read their policies well.

4. Professional Video

Video marketing is not limited to YouTube now, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are focusing more on video, especially with Stories and IGTV quickly growing in popularity. Other social media platforms are also developing more options for video because it’s the way the audience expect and want to receive content. The studies show ⅓ of the time spent online is spared to watching videos. A professional high-quality video seems to influence the buyer’s purchasing decision. Professional video plays a major impact on your online presence. There are various types of social media videos like a product/service explainer video, product demo video, about our video, event video, customer testimonial video or the video created by the brand’s influencer. Thus investing in professional video marketing will never go wrong.

Before launching your social media contests make sure it doesn’t violate the platforms’ T&Cs or R&Rs. And there are a few other best practices you should consider following as well you should read their policies well.

5. Collaboration with Influencers

The growth of social media communities and influencers is on the rise. Through Influencers, brands can closely interact with their customers. There is no doubt that Influencer marketing will dominate the future. Now influencers also put equal efforts into content creation for brands, focusing more on long-form content. It is assumed that influencer marketing will grow massively in 2021 with the rise of Micro & Nano influencers. Thanks to the high engagement, authenticity, and low-costs benefits influencer marketing provides. Influencers highly shape buyers purchase decisions. According to studies, influencer marketing yields a $6.50 return on investment for every dollar spent. Influencers are categorised based on the number of followers -ranging from high-follower elites to low-follower. While selecting influencer for your brand apart from tracking follower numbers, it’s essential to monitor the types of followers, quality of relationships, and overall engagement.

Before launching your social media contests make sure it doesn’t violate the platforms’ T&Cs or R&Rs. And there are a few other best practices you should consider following as well you should read their policies well.

It’ll take a little trial and error to discover which practice works best for your business. But we suggest amalgamating few practices; this will break the ice of monotony and stale stereotypes. If you haven’t adapted these new trends, it’s the right time you do, to hold your brand on social media and stay ahead of the competition.

If you are looking for the best explainer videos, which can speak on behalf of your brand than click the link given below: 

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