7 Hacks to sharpen video marketing

We have written a couple of articles regarding video marketing and why it is so significant. Video drives more engagement than text-based content or images.

Video effortlessly captures the audience’s attention and helps to get your message across in a short time. People find video content relatable, it helps convey the emotion and personality of your brand. That’s enough reason why it’s becoming increasingly popular.

According to a study by Content Marketing Institute, 60% of both B2B and B2C marketers use video for marketing.

The performance of video content is equally dependent on Video marketing promotion strategies. So Make sure you’re promoting your content on the right platforms at the right time. We have listed below hacks that will help your video content to outperform.

1. Do keyword research before creating a video

Everyone wants their video to rank on all social media platforms. To make this happen, you need to do some keyword research first. Keyword research is a comprehensive process. If you don’t know how to start then you can ask your video production company/advertisement agency to do keyword research for your brand. Nowadays major ad agencies provide corresponding services. There are some of the most popular types of videos being searched How-to videos, Tutorials, Reviews.

2. Masterpiece starts with a well-crafted storyboard

Video making starts with the script, a video without any sound script is like a directionless ship. It should be notable and have a wow effect. Your video has to be unique, memorable and fully customized as per your product/service. The right script should convey the business’s clear message along with elements such as emotions, humour, and exaggeration in a storytelling format. Since marketing videos are the first impression to your future and existing customers.

3. Make sure your video follows captions/narration

Do you know most people watch videos without sound on social media platforms, on Facebook, 85% of people watch videos with no sound? Videos with English transcriptions can be used in various countries. You can ask your video production company to add captions. This small hack will yield much better results.

4. Your video should Educate Your Audience and keep it short 

One of the most powerful purposes to implement effective video marketing is to educate viewers. Often videos that offer advice, information, tips and other informative content can be more effective and it helps brands to drive consumer engagement. Video can build trust with customers while keeping them entertained and informed at the same time. Moving objects and especially animation grabs the eye’s attention better than still images, so telling your story and selling your brand is already easier if you have the viewer’s attention. Consider keeping your video short cause the average human attention span is getting shorter. Today viewers don’t have much time to spare. And shorter marketing videos can work better than long ones. Include your key message in the first 30 seconds of the video. Keep the right time limit for various social media platforms. Videos are storytellers and people love stories, this is why video makes an ideal option to educate your audience.

5. Include a clickable call to action in your video

The ultimate goal of the video is to encourage viewers to take an action. You can place a CTA at the beginning of the video, during the video, or at the end of the video. But how do you define the right CTA? Ask yourself, what do you want viewers to do when they’ve watched the video-answer of this question is your CTA. It is advisable to insert only one CTA since more calls to action will leave your customers clueless and confused. Try to include clickable CTA such as go to the website, subscribe to your channel, or buy now.
According to a study by KissMetrics, a CTA in a video gets 380% more clicks than a CTA in the sidebar next to the video! Call to action converts leads into the final conversation.

6. Video needs to be Mobile Friendly

Today the market is present in the mobile. With more and more people using mobile devices to get online, your Marketing video must be mobile-friendly. In fact, as per a survey, mobile video consumption increases 100% every year! Marketing videos, therefore, need to be able to be downloaded and enjoyed on mobile devices without any cluster and quality compression.

7. Create a promotional plan for your video:

As we said the credibility of video performance equally lies in its promotional strategies. You need to think about all the channels you can use to effectively promote your video. For example:

We have listed few practical video promotion strategies:

 • Convert your video content to blog: Create blog content that covers the same topics as your video. This helps promote the video but it also keeps people on your blog post longer which helps with ranking.

 • Use paid advertising: Now it is economical to pay for views on Facebook, Instagram and other channels. But before you go for the paid campaigns, share the video on your social accounts first. If you start getting organic results then consider boosting it with paid ads. 

 • Ask influencers to promote your video content: Influencers add authority to the content you write and help drive more attention and engagement.

 • Include the video in Landing Page: Statistics show that including Explainer videos in landing pages can raise conversion rates by as much as 80 percent. 90% of customers reported that product videos help them make purchasing decisions.


Today the market is present in the mobile. With more and more people using mobile devices to get online, your Marketing video must be mobile-friendly. In fact, as per a survey, mobile video consumption increases 100% every year! Marketing videos, therefore, need to be able to be downloaded and enjoyed on mobile devices without any cluster and quality compression.

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Why is animated content a good source of learning & development in 2021

COVID-19 has swept many areas of our lives. Due to the pandemic and worldwide shutdown, distance learning became a necessity. Sudden closure of schools and offices left employers and school administration scrambled to meet the learning and training needs with online learning. We are deliberately migrating from in-person training to distance learning.

Books and files are replaced with e-learning videos and these videos are packed with high-quality animation. Because it is also a cost-effective option of replacement. Thanks to its dynamic feature, animated videos retain more information. We are visual learners and especially kids remember things precisely what they see, when the video is animated it works like the cherry on the cake.

Regardless of the subject matter, animations can be a valuable teaching tool to explain and demonstrate key learning or development topics. Let us look at the advantages of creating animated video content for distance learning or training.

The Benefits of Using Animation

It is an ideal option for complex subjects like anatomy or explanation of complex machinery.

The visual component of learning is a huge factor in the understanding of compound subjects and tools. Visual teaching alliance says 90% of information translated to the brain is visual. Animation can simplify complex information or processes simply and amusingly, which gains learner engagement.

It is time-consuming and strenuous to create live-action videos for abstract concepts like anatomy, a cross-section of body or heavy machinery parts. However, Animation represents abstract concepts with a visually stimulating design that helps learners acknowledge the understanding of important subject matters. To make it more enduring it can be done with animated characters who guide students and trainees through complex information.Whether watching in a classroom or streaming remotely, e-learning video allows educators to ‘show and tell’.

The animation just Improves the Learning Experience

Animated content goes into our long term memory because Animation makes it possible to pair concepts with meaningful images. Video content is an amalgamation of audio, visual and to make it more effective it is supported by texts-subtitles, graphs and charts. These elements have the potential to be more impactful than just text or audio-based explanations.

Furthermore, it is easier for learners to process chunks of information when the right visual elements are available to support the text. 

Dale back in 1969 conducted a study to find out how visual learning was radical:

  • When only audio content was provided to a group of students, after 3 hours only 25% could recall it and after 3 days the ratio was only 10-20%.
  •  When written content was provided, recall after 3 hours was 72% and after 3 days was only 10%.
  •  You will be surprised to know that visual information recall was 80% after 3 hours and whooping 65% after 3 days.

Our brain learns animated content faster, and animated video materials save time 

Visual content can save the time of learners as well as organisers and teachers. Since visuals are processed 60,000x faster in the brain than text – so this is a great option if you’re under a time crunch or you’re facing unavailability of qualified trainers.

Make sure the content you make is clear and easy to understand. The clearer your message, and the more relevant your tone of voice and narrations are, the more efficiently you’ll be able to engage your viewers and provide them with the necessary understanding. Isn’t video content a needless time hero?

Human trainers can’t conduct lectures with the same quality and dedication every time so chances are there that each batch will learn the same content differently. But that’s not the case with video content. All the fuss is faced while preparing this content only, once it is done all learners can have the privilege to learn the same content. Animated learning content is an efficient and easy process when you have limited time and resources

Makes Learning Convenient and learners all over the globe can have access to learning materials

We all have some days when we feel clumsy and some days are full of energy and enthusiasm. If you’re not in the mood to learn something today no problem with the help of video content you can learn things at your own time, at your own pace. Regardless of the place, your trainees reside, anyone can access video content on their own devices.

With access to the videos online, Learning materials can be an engrossing and convenient way to reinforce trainee interest. And when in doubt, videos can be revisited from time to time.

With animated videos, you can retain learner interest

Animation has the potential to bridge the gap between the learned and the unfamiliar and improve the learning experience and diversify the learner’s skills. To make it more memorable you can introduce characters who are witty and relatable. Introducing characters can make lectures interactive. Apart from that, it is easy to incorporate boring research and survey data with the help of interesting charts and infographics. You can be as creative as you can with the video content, remember the sky’s the limit when it comes to animation. 

It is a Cost-Effective Learning tool

One teacher or trainer can’t teach 1000 students/trainees at a time, but video content enables you to teach a number of participants. This is why we say Animation video content is a one-time investment. Animation can have a long shelf life, and as a result, improve your ROI. For example, MNC’s like Microsoft want to train their employees about new corporate policies. The company has offices all across the globe. It would be truly an expensive way to hire trainers for all regions, although companies can prepare an animated video comprehending updated policies. And it is easy to share video content wherever you want. This will also save a lot of travel costs if the company had hired trainers for various regions. Besides, animation content is much cheaper than live-action video – where sets, costumes and casts/trainers are required. These e-learning videos are used for years before they need to get updated.

If you were looking for ways to inspire your learners to build the skills and engage with your content, we hope this blog was useful. 
If you’re considering investing in the animated video for learning and development or promotional needs or want to ask any questions about the animation feel free to contact us.

Meanwhile, you can learn more about our video production services here https://konnectme.video/

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