How to use animation in the field of influencer marketing?

Are you scrolling through reels day in and day out? Addictive, aren’t they? Those lo-fi beats, those makeup tutorials, new trends, and creative use of animation have all caught up in the whirlwind of content. And with the Instagram/YouTube algorithm pushing more reels/shorts, we get to see content creators and influencers jumping on the trendy bandwagon and promoting different products of various brands they are in paid partnerships with. 


With social media becoming one of the most powerful tools in marketing, every brand aims to establish its presence in the most noticeable way possible. Influencers are a huge part of companies’ social media marketing strategies. And a short video or a reel does a thousand times better than a post. It can comprise all the required information about the product while you also watch how your favourite influencer uses it and smoothens their course of life. Influencer marketing has had an enormous impact on generation z. 

And with the brands roping in influencers for their product launches and marketing, there is no doubt that the influencer marketing industry will deepen its claws even more as social media evolves in the next decade. 

As we discussed, videos have become an essential part of influencer marketing. And the more creative your videos are, the more attention it grabs from various marketing pages and the audience. Your content needs to be shareable. And videos sure create that impact. But how to use animation in influencer marketing? 

1. Influencers hold that position

How often have you told your friend to try out a product, but they disagreed? And they instantly agreed when you sent them a video of your favourite influencer using the same product! It works like a charm. Well, influencers hold that position these days. The videos of them using a particular product resonates with the audience, and their entire appeal acts as a massive, influencing pattern. The pompous profile and those popping colours attract us to want to imitate their lifestyle. This helps in forging a reliable connection with the influencers and the faith in that said product. 

2. How does animation prove a valuable tool in influencer marketing?

You can present a diverse range of content through animated videos. They are inexpensive so that budgetary problems can be crossed off your list. You can tell your brand’s story with such animated videos. Users love to engage with videos with beautiful and high-contrast illustrations and graphics. Such content creates value and is quite appealing, thus making it potentially shareable with the viewers. 

Animated videos can be used to introduce your brand to the public, your visions and missions, and what you stand for. Reminding the audience of why you started helps them get emotionally attached to your brand for more reasons than one, which creates consumer loyalty in the long run. 

3. Animated videos are enormous in the purchasing game

Describing why you created the product and how it can be used is a massive plus in converting your potential consumers into buyers. The animated videos give them a glimpse of the problems your products can solve, which visually caters to the curiosity in their minds. The videos act as a messaging medium through which you explain the ultimate purpose of creating your product, which was user-centric, thus framing their needs as your brand’s priority. 

4. How does your product function? Tell them through the art of animation

Animated videos are your solution here. For your products and services to seem relatable to the audience, you need to show how their work and how they would improve your consumers’ lives. And there is no other way which would seem more beneficial than visual aids, AKA explainer animated videos. You can concisely include the information about your customer they should be aware of and make it lucrative to hold their attention. Animated videos are a highly engaging tool for creatively conveying technical knowledge to ensure your audience does not get bored and your message gets through. Illustrating the products and services’ purpose through visual mediums is a persuasive method to convert that “save for later” to “buy now.”

Animated videos can be highly product-focused in which you can define the functions of the product creatively and educationally to boost your content marketing strategies for various social media platforms. Apart from that, animation can include that “zinger” your brand needs in all your brand awareness videos. 

So what are you waiting for? Animation has become a massive part of the influencer marketing industry now. The competition will never end with the global brands coming to you digitally. Amp up your game! Don’t wait to dive into the world of videos and create content that will revolutionise your strategy.

Looking for a video production company to create crisp and appealing animated videos for your brand like those top companies do? You’ve come to the right place!

We understand your business needs and eagerly want to help you grow. Create videos that visualise your visions. Seek the right audience for you.

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Animated videos in 2022

Remember the iconic Vodafone advertisements featuring the Zoo Zoos? Did you know that the characters were real-life people wearing costumes? But it all looked like a miracle of animated videos, didn’t it? The world has come a long way since then. These cute and caricatured advertisements and short videos are now animated! Be it those delicious Swiggy and Zomato ads or the Cadbury Creme Egg! 2022 has seen a massive change in the internet game.


Animated videos have been storming over the market for ages now. They are capturing the needs of companies and what they bring to the table. Multiple brands have been creating animated videos for the content they want to put on social media and as a part of their television advertisements game. Animation has been improving regarding equipment, technology, and the content value it delivers.

Every company is racing to set a new benchmark for the others to beat. The content game is ever-changing and ever-evolving. And the ones with the best content the audience can resonate with win. But which are the top five industries that should use animated videos in 2022? In this blog, we will discuss all these industries and how things have picked up the pace for them in 2022 by using the magic of videos! 

1. Does the healthcare sector need animated videos? YES

The healthcare sector is one of the industries which saw a significant boom in the past few years due to the Covid-19 pandemic. But apart from the recent developments, the medical field always has new technological and biological advancements, research, and observations transforming the entire sector. The industries have new equipment, each with improved efficiency, to help understand, diagnose and cure the human body in better and developed ways and through advanced methodologies. 

Now the bigger question to answer is in this blog. How should animated videos be used in the healthcare industry in 2022? These animated videos will help the patients understand the depth of their symptoms, the short-term and long-term effects, and other diagnosis-related information through visual and explanatory aids. Apart from the patients, explainer animated videos will come through as great educational material for doctors, junior and senior residents, and other medical professionals, which will help them keep up with different advancements.

Learning opportunities:

These educational videos enhance the learning methods of education for people currently employed in the healthcare sector and those who aim to serve the people and nation through these industries. Along with fruitfully catering to the reasons mentioned earlier, animated videos also help in the effective marketing of various drugs, equipment, medical devices, pieces of machinery, etc. by presenting the required technical information in a very understandable and layman’s way which will help people of different educational backgrounds to learn. 

2. A big nod from the finance industry 

The banking and finance sector has a lot of complicated terminologies, which might make the potential customer feel overwhelmed and anxious. Several consumers have reported that the issues with transparency of the processes have made it difficult for them to trust the professionals and seek help at their convenience. These problems have brought in massive complaints, and consumers shift from one banking institution to the other till they find the one that caters to their queries respectfully. 

The entire finance sector can use video marketing strategy, which can help them in compiling information in an easy to understand techniques about different types of accounts, how the institution will help them out in managing their finances, financial terms one must be aware of, latest economic trends and reforms (if there are any) and more such details. This will help the consumers keep themselves informed and updated about relevant news. The financial institutions will also garner a good name, thus creating opportunities for forging trustworthy relationships and positive marketing amongst the audience.

3. All our teachers agree too 

It is pretty understandable how animated videos would boost the education sector. Online education has grown over the years, but with the pandemic bringing the entire world to a halt, it got a massive boost. Parents and guardians could assess their children’s potential and enrol them in several courses apart from regular schooling. This would help their kids get the overall development and excel in various fields and provide them with opportunities to explore multiple interests. 

These animated videos would catalyze the process of learning as the eyes and the brain are more receptive to visual and video graphic content. The videos act as visual stimulators, capture the kids’ attention and keep it intact. They simplify so the children can approach the concepts along with the content in a more productive way. Videos develop skills like listening, problem-solving, decision making, brainstorming, creating, designing, etc. Apart from skill development, animated videos enlarge the scope for remote teaching and help in addressing the short attention span issue with the evolution of social media in the current times. 

4. Marketing videos for your startup pitch?

Keeping your pitch interesting enough to grab the attention of your investors might be difficult since this is a process they go through daily. Instead of using your traditional slide presentation to pitch to your potential investors, you can jazz it up with animated videos that can include details about your startup, your projections, your planning, timelines, revenue, and much more in a more lucrative format. It is bound to catch your investors’ eyes, set a benchmark, and you can prove to be different from the rest of the league!

5. Real estate goes real with video marketing

Animated videos can be versatile as they could include your agency’s marketing and sales strategies. Including information about your organization can help forge trustworthy relationships with your clients and customers. These animated videos can also contain information about the land or the property you are selling-all the amenities, projections, timelines, campus, prospects, resale value, and other information. They will help the agencies boost their sales while also ensuring that the customer can see visual proof of the verbal promises, saving advertising budget and consumers’ time. So, it’s a win-win situation for everyone.

In conclusion:

The competition will never end with the global brands coming to you digitally. Amp up your game! Don’t wait to dive into the world of videos and create content that will revolutionise your strategy.

Looking for a video production company to create crisp and appealing animated videos for your brand like those top companies do? You’ve come to the right place!

We understand your business needs and eagerly want to help you grow. Create videos that visualize your visions. Seek the right audience for you.

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How Do Animation Videos Boost Your Social Media Strategy?

You spend hours scrolling through Instagram reels and videos before hitting the sheets. Short, crisp videos with engaging content are the new way to keep your audience glued to your social media. Be it animation videos, blooper reels from the popular television sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S. or subtle brand promotion videos by influencers, businesses have been ensuring that their online presence is dominated through videos. The algorithms of these social media platforms have been pushing more video content, thus forcing the brands to create video content now more than ever. 

Due to the saturation of the type of content published and circulated online, it gets challenging for brands to generate organic traffic for their content. While paid traffic is an option, you can choose, garnering an organic audience is always preferred by brands trying to establish their presence online. People need to discover your content and engage with it. 

One of the most popular forms of video content is “Animation videos.” Many businesses have been creating brand-centric animation videos as a part of their social media calendar. But how can your company benefit from creating animation videos? Which type of animation videos would be suitable for your brand? How can you start making videos? Don’t worry. In this blog, we will be discussing X ways animation videos can boost your social media strategy. We will take up all your questions and doubts and answer them through the course of this blog! Let’s get going. 

1. Animation videos create visual stimulation

While any visually appealing content attracts your attention, a video holds your focus for a while. They create a sequential frame-by-frame story that provides you with some basic storyline and has multiple factors like popping colors, images, figures, etc., which catches your eye and pleases your brain cells. Our mind is always in search of creating our interpretations. We perceive things differently, and thus every individual has a unique outlook on a similar subject. Animation videos allow the audience to intrigue their brains and anticipate and interpret the events during the video, thus holding their attention very closely. 

2. Animation videos eliminate the “BORING”

Social media handles have been pushing video content, as we discussed. But why should you concentrate on creating animation videos? While explainer videos do the job just as well, they can be very corporate in structure. A few pointers, infographic texts, analytics, data, etc., about your business in an explanatory format, do not scream “interesting.” Animation videos are quirky, which makes them more pleasing to watch. Inculcating animated elements, characters, visual effects, etc., can make any video go from boring bums to creative chums. You can include subtle calls to action and create emotional hooks to keep the audience attentive throughout and work with the relatability factor. 

3. Take a trip down memory lane with animation videos

Who here hasn’t been a fan of “Baby Looney Tunes,” “Tom and Jerry,” “Pokemon,” etc. The age of good, animated cartoons has always been a source of nostalgia, especially amongst millennials. And this nostalgic factor can be banked upon in your marketing strategy by creating animated videos that recreate such experiences for your audience.

4. Resonate with your viewers using animated videos

Google doodles are the perfect example of how adorable animations can create a huge buzz. We all have been massive fans of Google and how creative, imaginative, topical, and relatable their doodles are. This is the power of animation. The most minor animated characters and the lightest elements can cause such a powerful impact that the audience talks about them more often than we can imagine. That is quite amazing, isn’t it?

5. Videos that “break things down into smaller pieces”

Many times, some concepts are complex for the audience to understand. There might be certain sections that are difficult to comprehend, especially just by using text. This is where animation videos prove mighty helpful. Translating those concepts into animated characters and objects and then explaining through recreating the textual experience is only more straightforward. This helps your viewers understand your content quickly and encourages them to engage since now they have clarity about your idea. Pretty crisp, no?

6. Cost-effective is a huge plus

Animation videos are relatively cheaper compared to the cost of full-blown production or live videos. You require several pieces of equipment, setup, staff, etc. To afford that cost might burn a hole in your pocket. You can provide a fun and informative experience without flaming through the cash with animation videos.

7. Animation videos don’t have a particular box

Animation videos are not confined to boundaries. They gel well with anything and everything. Be it infographic content, reels, explainer videos, invitation videos, and much more. They fit all your marketing requirements that come with your content ideas. And enhance the visual appeal through the creative elements! What more do you want?

Video marketing has already become a massive part of the social media strategy. And you do not want to lag in this game of online presence. We hope that this blog came through and answered all the burning questions about why your brand needs animated videos to boost your social media strategy. 

Don’t wait for Christmas! Let’s get started on amplifying your social presence!

Looking for a video production company to create crisp and appealing animation videos for your brand like those top animation software companies do? You’ve come to the right place!

We understand your business needs and eagerly want to help you grow. Create videos that visualize your visions. Seek the right audience for you. Konnect with us. Build a wholesome visual experience for your audience. Create a voice for your brand. Let your product speak for itself.

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5 ways in which video content is helpful in the customer journey

We have all seen advertisements that trigger some emotions we have experienced in our lives at some point. Be it “Googly Woogly Woosh” by Ponds or “Utterly Butterly Delicious” by Amul, the video content from these brands always has that emotional hook that forces us to reminisce about the “good old times.” But how does the video content help you throughout your customer journey and enhance their experience with your business over time?

Before we proceed, it is essential to understand the importance of video marketing and what the advertisers and marketers try to achieve with the content they create. We have seen how the ads from brands progress with time- the scalability, the concepts, the target audience, their goals, the offers, and deals, etc.

All these factors undergo specific changes as the business of a particular brand progresses. While these components are immensely dependent on the companies’ current operational and financial status, it is also influenced by where they are in their journey of acquiring and retaining their customers.

This blog will discuss the journey of video content and marketing and how it contributes to your customer journey. Here are five ways in which video content can be influential and amplify your consumers’ experience. Let’s get started!

1. Consumer purchase behavior

Consumer buying behavior keeps changing over time. This happens due to several factors-multiple options, willingness to purchase, demand, the difference between the desire and necessity of the product, price range, affordability, availability, etc. With the world evolving digitally at a pace faster than any of us can fathom, the purchase pattern has been undergoing development and changes constantly. The social media presence of a brand has become a mandatory factor. Retail shopping has taken a hit when compared to online businesses. But the hands-on feel factor still takes priority at times.

The social media content created by the brand adds the “familiarity” zing to your products from a consumer’s perspective. The videos create the “feel” which helps your customers relate to the brand and the product you are marketing. It forms a relatable and trustworthy element, something which is targeted essentially by the marketers. If the consumer understands and connects with your brands’ videos about their story, products, what they stand for and how they tend to improve the customers’ lives, your sales go up before you even realize it. Immersive video experience is a necessity in 2022.

2. Talking about the consumer journey

We spoke about how helpful video content can be if they create an engaging equation with the consumers in the previous point. But we also need to understand the customer journey to analyze the perfect type of video which would fit the stages your consumers go through.

Information and awareness are when your target consumer knows about your brand and your product. 

They might come across your business through a reference, helpful information, or by scrolling through hours on social media. Now that prospective buyers are aware of your product, they will contemplate the pros, cons, necessity, and desire to purchase it. They will look for alternatives that provide the services you do but have better affordability. The potential customers would talk to people who have engaged with your brand or purchased your product before. 

Consideration and contemplation are phase two in a consumer’s journey. The final stage arrives when the prospective buyer becomes a consumer as they purchase your product. You finally succeed in passing the conversion point and acquiring the potential target as your customer. Post-acquisition, it is crucial to understand how to retain your current customers as they will be the most beneficial assets to drive your sales and economy. Enhancing your relationship with your existing customer base is one of the most necessary components of marketing-something, which businesses do not usually focus on. 

Now that we have discussed the different stages of a customer’s journey, right from awareness to acquisition and retention, your brand needs to deliver video content catering to the stage your business is currently functioning in concerning its consumer acquisition plan. 

3. Make them your advocates through your video content

Your video content needs to be engaging enough for your loyal customers to turn into your brand advocates. Through these customers, you can engage with other prospective buyers while ensuring that your current consumer statistics don’t hit the lowest mark. Loyal customers keep bringing the business in while ensuring that your brand achieves the acquisition goals by communicating about your brand with their contacts and sending them references. 

As a business, you need to upgrade your video content to ensure that your existing and the most loyal consumers feel that they are contributing to your brand. They need to feel valued. The content you create must hit them at all the right spots. Build campaigns focusing on your reliable customers. Provide them something extra to make sure they stay. The consumers must feel that your brand acknowledges their contribution and remains very relatable. 

4. Insights from your video content 

You can look at the first interaction and the drop-off rates and analyze the marketing techniques which might have been going wrong for your brand. These insights can help you drive your video content and marketing game. You can pinpoint the areas which need some work, development, and progress and map your videos around them.

You can innovate concepts and turn them into videos to ensure your audience keeps engaging with your brand. Keep them on their toes when you have a new version of your product or a new product launch. Entice them and lure them with “sneak peek” videos. The video content will help you gather an idea about how excited your audience is about the product and what else can be included to make sure that you cater to their demands in the perfect way possible. 

5. Video marketing in 2022

Businesses have reported massive growth with video content and marketing in this day and age of social media. Almost 90% of the brands have established a huge social media presence which helps them stay in touch with their customers by appearing on their timelines nearly every other day. 

The content they create and the videos they make have proven helpful in influencing the choices of prospective buyers and have acted as colossal conversion touchpoints. Brands have expanded their consumer base through the right video content. 

That’s a wrap on five ways video content can help throughout the customer journey and enhance their experience with your brand. Video content is a massive part of the marketing strategy-more so in 2022. The competition will never end with the global brands coming to you digitally. Amp up your game! Don’t wait to dive into the world of videos and create content that will revolutionize your strategy. 

Looking for a video production company to create crisp and appealing video content for your brand like those top companies do? You’ve come to the right place!

We understand your business needs and eagerly want to help you grow. Create videos that visualize your visions. Seek the right audience for you.

Konnect with us. Build a wholesome visual experience for your audience. Create a voice for your brand. Let your product speak for itself.

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How to Grow 10x with Video Marketing in 2022

Imagine if you’re given a new dish to cook, new technology to learn, or a new gadget to tinker with. Would you spend time reading the cookbook or the technology book or the instruction sheet for the gadget? Or would you instead go and watch some videos on YouTube and learn them quickly and swiftly? Trust us, the majority of the world does that. That’s why videos have been so popular as a form of marketing tool in 2022.

Why is Video Marketing More Important Than Ever?

Thanks to the pandemic, the entire world has now gone digital. Hiring is done through video meetings, event invitations are sent through videos, achievements are celebrated through videos and brands are reaching out to us through influencer videos. There’s tremendous information available through videos and there are new ideas emerging daily. The brands that have caught the video trend are able to hop on new customers relatively easier than the ones that are still reluctant to ride this boat. The only way for a brand to reach its customers across the world is through social media. But social media has been inundated with content from all verticals. With the changing algorithms of the social media platforms, evolving content format, the attention span of consumers, and changing interests of consumers, creating good video content is more important than ever.

How to grow 10x with video marketing in 2022?
Let us discuss all the pointers you should follow about video marketing this year!

1. Showcase your Landing Page with a Video

Can you explain all the services or products you offer in 30 seconds or 1 minute? The attention span of people has decreased dramatically and the only way to retain them to your website is a video that explains the what, why, and how of your business. Google’s algorithm prefers videos on a website, so to boost the rankings, upload a video on your landing page.

2. BTS (Behind the Scenes)

Your customers don’t just want to buy products from you but they want to be your ambassador. They want to share their experience using your product within their circle. Sharing behind the scenes of how you make your product/service helps them know you and your intentions better. Making a short video of how your team works, what software or raw material you use, how you process things, etc. helps them become your champions.

3. Status & Stories 

Your customers don’t just want to buy products from you but they want to be your ambassador. They want to share their experience using your product within their circle. Sharing behind the scenes of how you make your product/service helps them know you and your intentions better. Making a short video of how your team works, what software or raw material you use, how you process things, etc. helps them become your champions.

4. Silent Autoplay

People are watching videos all the time – in trains, in offices, in classrooms, etc. And hence silent videos with captions have garnered maximum popularity in 2022. Social media platforms by-default autoplay videos on mute, thereby letting people avoid the hassle of looking for their headsets or earphones. Therefore to capitalize on this audience, it is recommended that you create videos with captions. Videos with sound, background music, and sound effects are always more appealing, however, videos that can be understood with just the captions can do wonders. Want to know more about the silent trend?

5. KISS – Keep it short, silly

Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts are the latest rages considering that the attention span of people has drastically reduced. Make short videos of your process, product, service, behind the scenes (BTS), team, fun activity at your workplace, or your daily routine. There’s very little work required from your side except making the video and posting it. The platforms take the onus to make sure your shorts reach maximum people. Short videos give the audience the required thrill so there are high chances that your videos are being shared, thus roping in more potential viewers for you. 

6. Memes are here to stay

Memes are almost as old as the internet itself. People have always enjoyed memes and will continue to do so. If you can incorporate memes into your video marketing strategy, you can have more engagement with your audience. It’s fun, requires very fewer efforts, and is highly relatable and sharable. Memes have the power to build communities and people across cultures can relate to them. 

7. Repurpose, Reformat and Reuse your content

In a post, Gary Vee describes how to create 64 pieces of content in a day. It all boils down to repurposing, reformatting, and reusing your content to make it suitable for various social media platforms. Converting long-form content into byte-sized teasers or topic-wise short videos can not only help you in building a loyal audience but also increase the watch time of your original video. And most importantly, this will give you the leverage to post content more often. You can offer more novelty, you can post a series of videos, and you will never run out of ideas!

8. Catch the Trends

“How to grow 10x with Video Marketing in 2022″ is very easy if only you can catch the trends and create videos around them. Instagram is where the trends become mammoth and can give a huge boost to your content. Add emotions like fun, wit, sarcasm, humour, dance, etc. to your content and be a part of this rapidly changing world. Social media is the holy grail and it shapes the brand. So catch the trends and post trending videos on social media.

Remember these tips on “How to grow 10x with Video Marketing in 2022”. These 8 tips would be your holy grail to boost the engagement on the content that you post. Also remember, just posting content is not enough. Interacting with your audience is equally important. 

If you are looking to create videos for your brand, Konnect with us. Let’s change the world, one video at a time. 

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Clutch Recognizes Konnect Me Animation as India’s Leading Video Production Company for 2022

In today’s evolving creative world, you need content that can stand out. Don’t settle for mediocre and average videos — here at Konnect Me Animation, we can help you connect with your audience with sophisticated and professional videos. Based in Ahmedabad (India) and New York (USA), our team offers world-class excellence when it comes to corporate animated videos, explainer videos, motion graphics, wedding videos, and so much more.

We strive to help our clients gain visibility and make an impact, but that doesn’t mean we don’t love celebrating our own wins. With that being said, we’re absolutely excited to share with you wonderful news. Just recently, we caught wind that our team was officially recognized during the annual Clutch Leaders Awards! Konnect Me Animation was named as one of India’s leading firms for video production services this 2022!

Top B2B Services Clutch India 2022

                                                                  “We’re proud to receive this award! This helps us server our clients even better.” —
Aashish Chowdharry, Co-founder of Konnect Me Animation

Clutch Award Process – How the Finest Animation Companies Are Selected:

Clutch is a data-driven market research platform dedicated to helping corporate clients find out more about different agencies and consultancies for their next project. Every year, the platform holds an award cycle to celebrate the finest service providers from various industries and geographic locations. The firms chosen are vetted through a strict set of criteria and are proven leaders and their respective categories. In their esteemed Leaders Matrix, Konnect Me Animation ranks first in the top 15 leaders from Ahmedabad’s video production space!

Thank you so much to everyone who helped make this a reality! We massively appreciate your support, especially those who took the time out of their busy schedules to leave us their incredible reviews on Clutch! Konnect Me Animation wouldn’t be the same without your trust. Every opportunity you provide the team gives us the chance to shine and show what we can do. We are eternally grateful to all of you.

Video production is our strongest suit. Get in touch with us today to discuss your next project with us! We look forward to Konnecting with you!

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6 reasons why software development companies invest in video content

Generations have adored the Harry Potter movie series for years. We all love them. Many people turned towards the books once they saw the movies. They got attracted to the fandom after seeing the visual capabilities of what the story holds. While one may find a lot of differences between the films and the books, you cannot slack off on appreciating the magic the video content brought to the big screen. 

This was just an instance through which you can draw the parallels of how much power video marketing holds for your business. It can bump up your business by huge margins. And a lot of large scales and small case businesses are using videos to build, engage and retain their consumer base.

But this doesn’t sound convincing enough, does it? Does video content prove helpful for companies in the software sector? If yes, then how and why? Well, this blog is your answer to all these questions. We will discuss six reasons why software development companies invest in video content. Let’s get started!

1. Showcase your brand

As a software development company, you need to showcase why people use your products and services. In this digital age, where people and tech giants are transforming the world in mere seconds, showcasing your brand and the features of your products lucratively through appealing and well-designed videos will give you an edge over your competitors.

2. Foster trust through video content

Scammers and hackers have done no good for companies and the trust they build with their consumers. To make sure that your consumers do not hesitate while engaging with your products and services, you need to create a trustworthy bond with them. Show them how your software adds value to their lives. They need to believe that you deliver what you claim. And videos help you foster that equation.

The content must be relatable to the audience for your product to come off as the “only solution”. Compelling storytelling by showcasing characters that have similar stories to your consumers makes the whole experience a lot more personalised, intimate, and emotional appeal.

3. Video content is a great marketing strategy

With social media becoming a powerful tool for marketing, even for a software development business, the demand for video content is skyrocketing. It is one of the essential parts of a brand’s digital marketing strategy. While people often get confused between content marketing and video marketing, it is crucial to know that video marketing boosts the content and vice versa. 

Videos are accessible for the eyes of the users. Companies that craft 2D and 3D animation software have corporate explainer videos with huge selling touch-points. Their video content must be creative, compelling and professional enough to show their potential as an “animation software” development brand. Once you get the viewer interested, you can boost your content. The viewer can now be a potential customer who wants to invest their time and money.

4. Stamp your brand 

It would be best to focus on multiple techniques to establish your brand presence. And in this cut-throat market of software development companies, it is essential for the people and other companies (collaborative) to know about your business, what you are building, what you intend to solve and how you want to transform the sector.

For creating awareness about your product, you need to incorporate many strategies into your marketing- search engine optimization, active social media handles, engaging content, interacting with your users, addressing the queries and grievances, testimonials, etc.

In comparison to other kinds of content, videos bring in a lot of traffic. They amplify your presence and get exposure across multiple channels. You can reach out to various audiences to inform and update them through video content. 

5. Boost Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

Amidst the pool of content and resources available on the internet, it becomes hard for the users to look for your brand. You need to show up at the right place at the right time to keep things smooth. And for that, you need to optimise your content to rank higher. That is what SEO does. And videos contribute to increasing your ranking, including video clips and links to your content multiples your chances to rank first in the related Google search. 

6. Be part of “what’s trending.”

While we spoke about how video content engages your consumers and holds a massive potential to convert your viewers into consumers, video content also makes a great addition to the content strategy, especially in the growing “influencer” and “collaborative” industry.

Influencers have become an enormous asset in the marketing world in recent times. And having such popular icons be a part of your videos increases the appeal of your product. These influencers bring in their fanbase and encourage them to use your product. They create a persona as a person who uses your company’s product to make their lives easier. This lures their followers to check out your brand your content and purchase what your software development company has to offer.

That’s a wrap on six reasons why software development companies invest in video content. And to amplify the presence of your brand, you should too! 

Looking for a video production company to create crisp and appealing videos for your brand like those top animation software companies do? You’ve come to the right place!

We understand your business needs and help you grow. Create videos that visualise your visions. Seek the right audience for you.

Konnect with us. Build a wholesome visual experience for your audience. Create a voice for your brand. Let your product speak for itself. 

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20 Video Ideas for YouTube, LinkedIn and Instagram for 2022

One of the things you do on your phone religiously is scroll through Instagram. Probably the first thing in the morning and the last thing before you hit the sheets. And what has got you hooked onto Instagram so much? The answer is ‘reels’. Those short videos weave a whole story within fifteen, thirty, or sixty seconds. It’s almost like your brain gets a dopamine hit every time you scroll to another video. The variety of the video-based content we consume daily is insane. The online content game has massively evolved, be it transition reels, makeup tutorials, dance challenges, funny trends, mimicry, DIY videos, etc.

The same goes for YouTube. It’s just difficult to stop after watching one video? The range of videos available on YouTube is unbeatable. While we’re talking about major video-based content platforms, LinkedIn is very much in the running with its corporate and learning-based videos.

While you can make a video about basically anything today, you need to up your game to reach out to maximum people and retain your audience. Stay relevant to the trends. Create content that serves some purpose. You must keep up with the platforms’ algorithm to stay congruent with the changing demands of content as well as the format.

Let us take you through 20 video ideas for YouTube, LinkedIn, and Instagram for 2022. These ideas will help you transform your video content game, give you the latest insights and help you attain your goals.

1. Vlogs

Entertaining or educational Vlogs will continue to rule the content scene even in 2022. They have gained massive popularity amongst the social media audience. According to a survey, almost 44 percent of internet users watch vlogs daily. Make sure you create vlogs that stand out from the plethora of creators out there.

Tip: Research at least 50-100 vlog creators and see what they are doing and what they aren’t.

2. Explainer videos

Explainer videos can be called video brochures of a product, brand, or service. They use a unique style of storytelling that takes you through the details and have an effective impact on the audience. Corporate explainer videos can be quite challenging since many elements are incorporated in one short video. Always contact a professional video production company like Konnect Me Animation to bring your idea to fruition.

3. Weekday Hashtags

Videos related to days of the week are quite engaging. For example: #MotivationalMondays or #ThrowbackThursdays. It helps your audience associate with your videos organically. You can make it niche-specific or share quotes or tips to make the videos more relatable for your viewers. 

4. A News story

A significant part of your viewership focuses on the “trending” content. Everyone wants to be a part of what’s happening “now”, be it news or memes. Stay relevant by creating informative videos around the latest news stories, insights, and trends. Share it with your audience. Help your viewers stay up to date. 

5. Behind the scenes (BTS Videos)

Who doesn’t love to see the “BTS – Behind The Scenes” footage of their favorite shows? It gives them a sneak peek into the reality behind the scene. These videos humanize the show’s characters. They make them more relatable and personal. This also works well in the corporate sector, where you can showcase the process of how things work, what it takes to create something, etc. In short, BTS videos provide a glimpse into backstage activities.

6. Skill development

Creating videos where you teach a skill is perfect for platforms like LinkedIn, all about careers, development, and learning. You can structure and simplify the video to help the viewer understand the “why, what, and how” of a skill. Such infographic videos (simple, informative, and visually appealing) are prevalent in workspaces. They help the employees and job seekers get oriented or gain expertise in a particular skill of demand or choice. One can make such videos using infographic video maker applications. 

7. Testimonial Videos

Video testimonials give your potential and existing customers an assurance that they are in safe hands with your brand. These videos are a great technique to push your marketing. Such third-party reviews eliminate the risks of “bias” from the consumers’ minds and give them the freedom to form their own opinion about your business or product.

8. Unboxing

Unboxing videos began on YouTube and are now a trendy segment on both YouTube and Instagram. The videos revolve around a product’s packaging and unwrapping to reveal the contents inside it. Unboxing aims at helping people understand what to expect while purchasing the product. It also contains information about the product’s features. Such videos have a very high rate of influencing the audience to buy the product. Creators can also partner with brands to unbox their products and hence earn handsomely. 

9. Question and Answer

Q&A videos are pretty popular on all the platforms. It helps people communicate with you or your brand and gain insights about what you offer and answers to their queries. These videos also serve the purpose of “personal touch” or “humanization” of your persona and brand. You can address questions from the comments or messages and ask the audience if they would like to discuss a particular topic. 

10. Tutorials

Short makeup, hair, or Do It Yourself (DIY) craft tutorials on Instagram have proven to be very successful. Many brands advertise their products with the help of these makeup artists/influencers on Instagram. People these days love to be experimental with their looks. These tutorials gain a lot of views by showcasing different creative styles for their audience. 

11. Holiday specific

Social holidays can definitely be a part of your content calendar. People like to see new social events scenes incorporated into a short, crisp video. This engages your audience, and you can expect more views as it can be pretty unique and relatable at the same time. 

12. Corporate videos

These videos showcase your brand, the mission, the vision, the goals, the community outreach, values, and the glimpses of your workforce and workspace from a very professional perspective that caters to the corporate lens. Most companies opt for professional corporate video production companies like Konnect Me Animation to do the job and produce concise and informative videos.

13. Video blogs

You can share snippets from blog posts in a graphical video manner. These videos can contain information that conveys the gist of the whole blog. You can create content related animation to give these videos a more visual impact to garner a great response from the audience. Animations can be pretty tricky to work with. So, getting in touch with a video animation company can smoothly help you create the animation you need for your video. 

14. Animation Videos

Storytelling through animated characters has become more popular today than ever. Such videos have a large and loyal audience base. You can whip up some characters, which can serve a purpose in your story. Animation videos require a lot of time and detail. But considering the response one receives from these videos, you cannot get past this idea. Instead, you can work with a character animation studio that will bring your animation story and characters to life. 

15. Promotional videos

Promotional videos serve a great deal of purpose if you have to market an event. You can use simple infographics with catchy background tracks to lure your audience and make the event seem more enticing. Do not forget to include “how to register” information in the video for those who wish to attend. 

16. Take a tour

Videos like “house tour”, “office tour”, etc. have gained a lot of popularity among viewers. These videos take you through the whole place, which one would not usually get to see in other videos.

17. A day in the life of

These videos provide a glimpse into the life of a particular person or a brand, how things go about on a given day, etc. Showing everyday routine, highlighting the small things about the day interest your audience and bring in a lot of new viewers. 

18. Food all the way

Food blogging has been gaining so much popularity. It is one of the top niches which gains the most viewers. Food lovers appreciate the varieties of food showcased in these videos. Food videos are relatable and prompt the audience to share them with their peers, thus expanding the reach organically.

19. Recap

Recap your day or an event with the best photos and snaps made into a video. These videos trend a lot on all three platforms -YouTube, Instagram, and LinkedIn. The viewers are intrigued and engage with the video by tagging their friends or sharing with their contacts. You can also compile the snaps or videos and reshare them to bring more engagement. 

20. Highlight

Highlight videos can help you repurpose your content and get more viewers. You can prompt the audience to watch the new version by including some extended clips or behind the scenes, which would give them the thrill to know more. Highlight videos also urge your viewers to watch the previous content, thus increasing the views on those videos as well. 

That’s a wrap on 20 video ideas for YouTube, LinkedIn and Instagram for 2022. Use these ideas, and you are all set to get in more views and engagement! Include the discussed ideas and trends in your social media calendar for this year.

Are you interested in creating these videos for your brand? Looking for a video production company to help you bring your vision to life? Want to transform your marketing and amplify your brand’s reach? Connect with us. Build a wholesome visual experience for your audience. Create a voice for your brand. Let your product speak for itself. 

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12 Crucial Principles of Animation You Must Know

Let’s go down memory lane. Remember watching Powerpuff girls or Scooby-Doo? And for the newer kids on the block, you must have watched Death Note or Rick and Morty? How do those characters move so smoothly as if they were real? And despite being a cartoon, the impact of animation makes it so intriguing to watch. We have all been absorbed into the animation fandom through shows or cartoons, haven’t we?

Animation is a method to manipulate figures as moving images. But as the world of technology picked its pace globally, the world of animation advanced. Today, animations are made using CGI-Computer-Generated Imagery. To give you a visual idea, Thanos is a computer-generated character!

The field of animation is more profound than it seems. There are different dynamics to take care of while portraying fictional characters as real. The way they talk, the way they walk, the way they sigh, the shadows, the breeze-everything needs to be considered before the final product comes to your screen. 

This article will discuss these twelve principles of animation in order. Understanding and abiding by these basics will provide a deeper insight into the world of animation and all the things that should be considered while creating realistic and appealing animated characters.

1. Squash and Stretch

One of the most fundamental principles, squash and stretch, indicates an object’s weight, volume, and flexibility. For example, when a ball falls to the ground, the ground flattens it. However, the ball tends to widen to its original shape against the impact of the ground. While squash and stretch happens all around us but fails to catch our eyes most of the time. This animation technique gives a fun element to the animated objects. It exaggerates the effect and creates an illusion about the object’s physical attributes.

2. Anticipation

The activities leading to the main action give a powerful impact. It provides the audience with little clues about some significant action that is going to happen. This hooks the viewers by intriguing them into believable movements and maintaining curiosity. For example, elements leading to a character’s arrival, backing foot before kicking a football, etc.

3. Staging

The placement of characters in a particular frame or scene, their angles, their activities that convey their intention clearly is collectively called staging. The staging of a character and setting are the crucial elements that facilitate the advancement of the plot. It effectively directs the audience’s attention towards the story.

4. Straight ahead action and pose-to-pose

These are two techniques of animation. Drawing each action frame one by one as you go along is what you call Straight ahead action. In pose-to-pose, you work on the extremes at first. You draw the beginning and the end, then work your way from the middle frame and fill up the frames accordingly. The straight-ahead action method gives you the freedom of surprise, while pose-to-pose gives you a specific command over the action. Both these techniques bring spontaneity and structure to your animation.

5. Follow-Through and Overlapping Action

The element that describes the other activities caused by/leading to the primary action is the follow-through principle. These secondary elements overlap the primary action that takes place. For example, the movement of your skirt and hair when you twirl.

6. Ease In and Ease Out

Controlling the factors leading to the main action is called ease out. For example, accelerating a car (it takes a couple of seconds to attain a certain speed and acceleration). Controlling the factors caused by the main action is the Ease In principle. For example, stopping a car (it takes some time to slow the vehicle before coming to a complete stop). The ease in and ease out principle provides realism to the animation. 

7. Arcs

Arcs add a realistic illusion to the animation. The absence of arches might make your animation seem mechanical. All the activities that we perform involve curved trajectories. Including arcs in your animation would give it a natural and relatable touch.

8. Secondary Action

Gestures that reinforce and add a flair to the primary actions are called secondary actions. These actions support, add personality and give more insights into the main character, their thoughts, and activities.

9. Timing and Spacing

This principle indicates how an action pans out and changes by the second until its completion. A sense of timing and spacing in your animation is essential. For example, the ball’s momentum when it bounces and how the spacing becomes wider as it drops.

10. Exaggeration

An exaggeration is to enhance the character’s physical attributes and actions to create a dramatic or comedic effect. This technique helps increase the visual appeal of your character while adding a personality to your story. Exaggeration can be done by changing the character’s expressions, features, or body to induce a reaction from the audience and advance the plot.

11. Solid Drawing

As an animator, you need to be careful about ensuring your characters appear to be three-dimensional despite the drawing being two-dimensional.

12. Appeal

Experiment with different attributes of your animated characters. Viewers remember the feel and the appeal of any character. No matter the role, the characters need to have a certain flair and charisma, which adds to their dimension and caters to the people’s expectations about that particular character. You can enhance the appeal of your animation by experimenting with different shapes and their proportions while ensuring the balance between detail and simplicity.

Konnect Me Animation has created this animated video describing the twelve principles of animation: 

Intrigued about how you can create an appealing animated video for your brand? Want to incorporate all these principles into the videos that can amplify your business? Connect with us to create a wholesome experience for your audience with our product explainer videos.

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7 Great Explainer Videos That Work The Silent Video Trend

Did you forget your earphones? Are you in a public setting? Or do you like watching videos on mute? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, let me say that you’re not alone. You’ll find yourself frantically reaching for the mute button often when you’re at work or amidst a crowd. And that is why explainer videos are jumping on the silent trend now. It’s hassle-free. And the mute button is here to stay.

Video content is the demand of the time. And catering to the silent video trend, it is an intelligent choice to make explainer videos. Get your message across even when the mute button is active. The viewership pattern has seen a massive shift in what the users consider good videos. Add all those fantastic sound effects, and yet, the videos should be appealing without the sound.

Facebook videos autoplay without the sound. Videos on Instagram autoplay without sound until you turn on the ringer. Users are showing positive feedback for the content they can consume silently. One thing that keeps them engaged with the videos is captions. According to a survey, videos with captions have an audience engagement and retention rate of 80%

Mobile phones have revolutionized the whole ecosystem of online videos. You don’t have to go berserk looking for the mute button anymore. The short, vertical, mobile-friendly video creation is the choice of creators and users today. And most of it is preferred to be enjoyed without sound.

Your videos need elements to hook your viewers. With the decreasing attention span of humans, you need to captivate them immediately. If you’re through with that for the first few seconds, the chances are that they’re likely to watch the complete video.

But how do you make your videos enjoyable?

Well, let’s discuss some of the top explainer videos that work the silent video trend.

1. Make simple shapes speak

Your silent video doesn’t have to be jazzy. Simple, bold shapes with crisp messages are very effective. Yes, the music adds a certain zing to it, but you can capture the essence of the video even without it.

2. Say yes to on-screen text

Vertical is the new dynamic of the “business” videos. Concise texts with the graphics’ gist make these videos very effective. No sound doesn’t hinder the intended message that is to be delivered.

3. Add some animation

Animated details in the videos emphasize the points of the videos. And along with the text portion, the animations do a great job directing the viewer’s attention towards the selling points of the products/videos.

4. One step at a time

The Do It Yourself (DIY) or videos that show step-by-step instructions are good examples of soundless, impactful videos. The creator takes you through a whole journey with just images and text, making it easy to follow without sound. And he gets the job done.

5. Why use many words?

A lot of channels are floating around with the ideas of stop-motion videos. This enhances the “mute” watching experience by combining colorful, quirky images and short texts.

6. Keep it sleek

Silent product videos intend to dull down the unnecessary noises. They display features of the products “to the point,” thus keeping things short and crisp. These videos have no necessity to dive into excessive explanations and voiceovers.

7. Take the comic book reference

Like the comics we love, these videos show dialogue with graphic effects. The user can understand the video without the sound, as the comic format makes it easier to follow. The message emerges loud and clear.

We have enough evidence to justify that videos without sound can be equally effective and engaging. They need to be clear enough for the audience to follow easily. Do not emphasize making the videos soundless. Instead, create videos that work well with or without sound and deliver your message.

Declutter the unnecessary elements and let your product speak for itself. Create a wholesome experience for your audience’s eye.

Are you interested in creating an explainer video for your product?
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“Let your product speak for itself.”

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