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Looking for a Video for your Product, Service, business or website? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Are you a new startup or a company wanting to capture your audience’s attention in less than 1 minute with a Creative Animation video? Konnect Me will produce awesome and engaging animated videos, and our videos will also produce real and result delivering for your business. They’re not just about making people smile, they’re about increasing conversion rates and helping viewers take the next step. We can help you gain that unique edge with creative animated videos and bring your audience to fall in love with your product. Konnect Me animation has been designing and developing animations videos for years. We know what it takes to turn a stale boring product into an engaging selling machine.

Animation video is the perfect marketing asset which is engaging, cost-efficient and it’s easy to convey your message to your audience. Animation video focuses more on business and values and can be used for policy drafting, staff message, an investors pitch.
Reasons and Benefits regarding the importance of Animated Videos

  1. Suppose you have a good product or service but nobody knows about it then how will you do sales or generate leads or revenue. The use of corporate video should be very interactive and engaging that your target audience should come to know what you want to convey.
  2. Visual medium – The latest trend is of video makings like whiteboard animation, explainer video, or video animation because people tend to see things rather than read. Every day there are many millions of views of video uploaded to youtube. This is the reason rather than reading the things your targeted audience can see the features of your product and services you are offering and it becomes clear to them about your product or service.
  3. Audience target- Corporate video will allow you to smoothly engage with your target audience. A video will always engage more than image or text. Through proper scripting and using proper video maker and video editor software you can make a video which can be effectively presented to your customers
  4. As you know Google and youtube are sister companies of Alphabet, So Websites which embedded video can have visibility more in search engine, which gives an edge to your competitor. Embedding videos will help you with Search Engine Optimization.
  5. It can demonstrate your products and services easily and will build and create brand awareness.
  6. People won’t engage with your company if they don’t know what product or service you are offering. A video can be useful as it showcases your product description, uses, and its benefits.
  7. Your video will be shared online and it will have the potential to be shared around groups of friends and colleagues and other online audiences. Your product will be out there in the market.
  8. You can exploit multiple marketing channels and it will increase the intent to buy.

If you are still looking for a video animation company in India who creates a corporate video, explainer video, whiteboard animation video, mobile app explainer video, 2D animation video, 3D animation video, event promotional video, logo reveal video, and want any support in planning or creating an explainer video, contact us on

Email Us – hi@konnectme.video
Website – konnectme.video
FB Page – facebook.com/konnectmevideo
Twitter handle – twitter.com/KonnectMeVideo
Instagram Handle – https://www.instagram.com/konnectmeanimation
LinkedIn Profile – linkedin.com/company/konnectmevideo
YouTube Channel – youtube.com/c/KonnectMe

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