Top 7 Wedding Trends to follow in 2020

Are you planning to get married in 2020? If yes then read this article which will highlight the wedding trends in 2020, which will dominate and rule the wedding this year. Wedding trends often evolve year by year but certain trends stay for a while as they are trendy and unique. Wedding is becoming more personalized and bride and groom are becoming more modern. They can express themselves through their wedding invitation, outfits, decorations, and wedding.

We are sharing a few wedding trends through this article so that you can explore this and make something trendy for your wedding

1) Caricature Image Wedding Cards

We love cartoon and have grown up watching cartoons so why not a cartoon wedding invitation for your wedding. A personalized cartoon which is called caricature in which the bride and groom are drawn in their cartoon or digital avatar. This is a very creative way to announce your wedding to your friends and relatives. Caricature wedding invitation generally has a comical way and it can easily catch the bride and groom’s personality.

2) Caricature Wedding Invitation Video

Caricature Wedding Invitation Video

Normal Paper wedding card has to be created from a local vendor where to stay but if you want a theme-based digital wedding invitation video, you can choose any style from anywhere in the world. Digital invitation always gives you the option to be creative and with the music you like. Recently there is a rage of caricature wedding invitation video as to be it arranged or love every couple has got its own love story to tell.

Some couple chooses to share their story from birth or how they met and fell in love. All the wedding invitation in caricature will be independent of religion, culture, and race. The caricature wedding invitation will focus on storytelling, animation and character’s life story as they get ready for their wedding.

3) Wedding Invitations pdf

In 2020 many couples are becoming modern and environment-friendly so rather than going for the traditional approach they opt for wedding pdf. In pdf wedding invitation wording play a very important role and also there are many benefits for wedding invitation pdf.
a) Wedding PDF saves money.
b) Since they are sent using WhatsApp there is no room for error or delivery mistakes.
c) If you are planning for a destination wedding you’ll need to know who’s coming, with the online invitation, there’s no need to wait for weeks for a response, your guest can RSVP within minutes.
d) You can create your wedding event on Facebook allowing your guest to chat and comment about your wedding the whole day. Your guest can sync it to their calendars and set reminders as the wedding date approaches.
e) In wedding invitation pdf you can choose any theme and colour you like as a wedding invitation will be made the custom and according to your choice and taste.

4) Standee Design for Wedding

Standee use at a wedding is increasing day today. It can be used as a welcome message, family portrait, love story or near the stage showcasing the pre-wedding pictures.

5) Personalized Gift

Every wedding has got its unique gift, decorations, invitation and many other things than how can we forget gifts. Wedding gifts are increasing day by day as they are memorable as the wedding occasion. Bride and groom generally give a wedding gift to each other. Wedding gift can be anything some couple gift each other customized gift to each other which bring joy and make the event unforgettable.

6) Bulk SMS for Wedding Invitation
Marriage is the most important event in anyone’s life. Parents have many dreams and aspirations for their children’s marriage. To make it more memorable couple and their parents leave no stone unturned. People spend lakhs of rupees on the preparations for the wedding. List of guest is prepared and then go to for printing invitation card to send to all the guest. But sometimes the guest forgets the date and are not able to attend the wedding.
In such case bulk SMS for wedding invitation play a very pivotal role in reminding your guest about your special day. You can also make personalized SMS for your guest which will make them feel special. There is no need to worry about the physical invitation card reached or not, Simply you can use bulk SMS for your wedding invitation. In this type of function, bulk SMS can be a very useful tool.

7) Hashtags and Couple Name Generator
There is no shortage of wedding trends to explore as there are many wedding ideas. From wedding invitations to photo booths. Currently, weddings have become more modern. In this social media age, there is a new trend and its wedding hashtag. With friends and family eager to share your wedding day, many couples have started a custom wedding hashtag when they post to social media. Usually, the hashtag is a wordplay name of the couple which is formed by combining the name of bride and groom and coming up with a new trendy name. The new name will consist of the bride and groom first name and this new hashtag will be easily identifiable by the guest. When it is posted on social media your guest can check your event with all the pictures posted as the hashtag is customized according to your name.


So these are the wedding trends that are being followed in 2020. Shubh Vivaah creates different types of theme-based digital wedding invitations, Wedding Pdf, Caricatures, and standee designs. You can also check out our Shubh Vivaah Youtube channel. If you are looking for any type of wedding invites then contact us on +91-9979531345

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India Pakistan Cricket Match -Is this Rivalry Worth Watching?

India and Pakistan – two distinct yet similar nations, two rival neighbors yet having the same interests. There is nothing that comes close to India and Pakistan rivalry on the cricket field.

When both the teams are playing with one another in any of the sports it is bound to get maximum interest and viewership in both the countries and especially when the game is Gentlemen’s Sports – Cricket. Cricket match between India and Pakistan is considered as the battle of battles, the most intensified sports rivalries in the world and neither Indians nor Pakistanis like to lose. More then the pride of the players, it’s the pride of the nation that is at stake. The frenzy is such that not just the players are under pressure but the fans are too. But what makes India vs Pakistan Cricket rivalry worth watching?

Cricket is the most popular game in both countries. Despite sharing the same cricketing heritage, both the nations are staunch rivals. Both India and Pakistan are counted as heavyweights in the cricketing world as both have won world events quite regularly. There have been countless instances of people getting violent, damaging properties, thrashing Television sets, posting hatred on social media and despite the teams, coaches and players themselves appealing to people that this is just a game, in reality, everybody knows that it is not true. It’s more than a game. It’s the ultimate battle of supremacy. It’s the marquee sporting event.

India vs Pakistan Cricket Match is More Than a Game

There have been many instances when a top team didn’t perform well in the tournament. But the teams and fans will have a sense of victory as soon as they win against the old rival. The Indian Cricket team did not perform well in Cricket World Cup 1992 and Cricket World Cup 1999 but it did beat Pakistan in those two world cups. Many cricketers and viewers will rate India vs Pakistan match in World Cup 2003 as one of the best world cup matches. The happiness when India beats Pakistan is much more than when Australia beats England.

There will always be a political angle to India and Pakistan match or game. Whenever two countries have some political misunderstanding it always takes a toll on the India – Pakistan match. There were times when India Pakistan matches have been abandoned due to political turmoils. This has lead to very few games between India and Pakistan. Hence there is always a high tension when these two nations are playing and especially during World Cup matches. The ICC has always milked this opportunity and this is the main reason why India and Pakistan always end up in the same group in most of the major global events. Here is the example when both the teams were in the same group:

1) World Cups – 2003, 2015
2) Champions Trophy – 2009, 2013, 2017
3) World T20 – 2007, 2012, 2014, 2016

The Limited Overs Rivalry

India’s track record hasn’t been very impressive in the ODIs as compared to Pakistan’s. Pakistan has won almost 35% more matches than India against each other. ODIs were very popular in the 80s and 90s. There were times when bi-lateral series between the two sides could not be played in either of the countries due to political inconsistency and hence both the cricket boards chose a neutral venue, UAE. These Sharjah tournaments were held very frequently and usually involved a third or fourth team to make a proper tournament out of it.

India Pakistan Cricket Match Rivalry in ICC and Asia Cup events

The Indian team dominates the statistics here. The likes of Dhoni, Kohli, Dhawan and Rohit Sharma are the architects of India’s recent success against Pakistan. As far as T20s are concerned – again India dominates the stats having suffered only 1 loss. The most famous T20 games between the two teams came about in the 2007 inaugural World T20 Cup.

The rivalry has recently lost some of its sting given the fact that the Indian players, much like the country’s economic superiority, have been superior on the field as well. Due to reasons beyond control, Pakistan is unable to play ‘home’ matches at home starving it of the much needed fanatical home base support. It is also unable to host India thus being deprived of a vital source of income such a series could generate. Their board recently tried to sue the Indian Cricket Board (unsuccessfully) for compensation because India refused to play them. But don’t let that fool you, wait till the World Cup in England on 16 June 2019, where these two teams will clash with each other.

The bilateral cricket series between the 2 nations seems unlikely to resume soon, behold the frenzy till the ICC World Cup’s league match between the subcontinental rivals! So there you have it, cricket’s most hotly contested, followed and vibrant rivalry. The rivalry between these two teams has sometimes got out of hand – Indian players were pelted with stones in Karachi in 1997, while confusion over the legitimacy of Sachin’s run out in Kolkata in 1999 caused a commotion leading to fans being evicted from the stadium and the match completed before an empty stadium.

When India plays Pakistan, get ready for something special. Watch our special video on Who Will Win World Cup’19.

India vs Pakistan Cricket Match Spoof

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Non-Political Interview of Thanos by Akshay Kumar

So, today we will see the other side of Thanos which nobody has seen.

Everybody knows about Thanos who has destroyed half of the universe. So, let’s dig deeper into this #UniverseBoss and his Non-Political Interview by Akshay Kumar.

Who is Thanos?

He’s a hyperintelligent, brutally strong, nihilistic extraterrestrial who concocts schemes to wipe out most or all life in the universe, all because he wants to win the affections of the living embodiment of death.

What is exactly Thanos’s motivation?

Thanos is in love with Death and, more often than not, enacts his genocidal schemes as a way to impress her with his killing ability. Riches and world domination mean very little to him: He dreams bigger than any other major villain.

What’s Thanos’s backstory, and why does he look like a purple hippopotamus with all the cuts on his face?

He’s a member of a race of genetically modified humans called the Eternals. They’re scattered throughout the galaxy, and the colony Thanos was born into resides on Titan, one of Saturn’s moons. The Eternals have various superhuman abilities, such as super-strength, near-immortality, and energy-blast attacks. Most Eternals look like gorgeous human but Thanos was born with a disease called the Deviant Syndrome, which gave him his massive body, hide-like skin, and distinctively weird creases in his chin. Being surrounded by non-gross people made him resentful of everyone around him, and he grew up into a hateful warlord. He dropped nukes on Titan and he’s particularly proud of killing his mother and later met Death. He fell in love with her and has worshipped her ever since.

What makes him unique in the supervillain of the current world?

He goes beyond the borders of most other villains. His stories are more metaphysical, more acid-trippy. He’s usually eerily calm and has a near-constant smirk on his face. He’s a confident nihilist. You can’t negotiate with him. He has nothing to lose. When he’s written well, he’s about as chilling a pulp villain as there can be.

What are his powers?

Thanos has usually had some kind of super-weapon, and even when he doesn’t, he’s incredibly strong and smart. But other than that, his powers are kind of vaguely defined. Writers don’t really stick to one set of abilities. Sometimes he’s telekinetic, sometimes he can manipulate energy …

The Other Side of Thanos which nobody has seen.

Yes, on a youtube channel called “Puzzilla” Thanos agreed to give a “non-political interview” with our very own Khiladi Akshay Kumar is back with another round of non-political interview with the destroyer of half of the universe whose name is “Thanos”. After Original Non Political interview, we are here with Funny Non Political interview of Thanos with Akshay Kumar, watch and subscribe #puzilla. What if Thanos had not destroyed the Infinity Gauntlet and began feeling alone in a rather empty Universe? Even the Mad Titan needs a friend as the Avengers are about to find out that he is coming to earth to give an interview to an Indian avenger call Khiladi 786. The interview consists of why Thanos wants to destroy the world. Why he wears 6 stones? Does Thanos believe in astrology? What songs Thanos like? Which Bollywood movie Thanos has watched? This is a high comedy and satirical non-political interview of Thanos. Watch it and have fun knowing the other side of universe destroyer mad titan a.k.a THANOS at puzzilla youtube channel.


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4 Reasons Why India Can Win The Cricket World Cup 2019

The marvelous journey of Indian cricket has seen many ups and down. From being played by men, women, and children irrespective of caste, creed, color, conviction, culture, cuisine, costume and customs, to becoming a religion in itself. Cricket is a game of masses. Over the course of many years, a lot of stalwarts have risen from this country and given performances that have made our country proud. The Cricket World Cup is the greatest prize in the Cricketing world and also the most coveted trophy that any Cricket playing nation can win. India has achieved this feat twice and brought home the Cricket World cups in 1983 under the captaincy of Kapil Dev and in 2011 under the captaincy of Mahendra Singh Dhoni (M.S. Dhoni). Can India repeat history? Can India win the Cricket World Cup 2019?

The Indian team has been considered as one of the finest teams in the cricket world for quite a few years now. The team has an almost unbreakable unity and a winning mentality, that enables them to perform well on the pitch in all departments. A lot of experts back the Men in Blue to lift the trophy at Lord’s Stadium on 14th of July 2019 – the ultimate battle of grit and glory.

Here are 4 top reasons why #ViratKohli and #TeamIndia can win #CWC19.

1) The X factor of Team India  – Virat Kohli 

If in the recent time of this fast-evolving cricket format. There is only one batsman who can strike fear in the hearts of opposition teams and tear down the best bowling attacks of the world at his will, and the name is Virat “Run Machine” Kohli from Team India. The daredevil right-handed batsman is a clean striker of the ball and is by far, the best cricketer in world cricket today. He has taken the mantle of captaincy from M.S. Dhoni to another level with his aggression and fitness. He leads the Men in Blue with full confidence and a winning attitude. Though Virat’s captaincy record is not as good as M.S. Dhoni or Sourav Ganguly, he still has miles to go. The good thing is the number of records Virat Kohli has made and broken. From his career statistics, he is an asset for Team Indian. Virat Kohli would be desperate to rebrand his image as the third Indian captain to prove his mettle by lifting the ultimate World Cup.

2) The strongest batting lineup of World Cup 2019

Today in the T20 era, Cricket is more of a batsmen’s game than a bowler’s game. Currently, a high scoring match is very common, no matter what the pitch is. Even chasing a 300+ score is very common nowadays. The Indian Team has the finest hitters available in its arsenals like Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan. They both together form one of the finest opening pairs of modern Cricket. Power of KL Rahul with the bat is great and we have seen that from time to time. Hardik Pandya is another batsman who can play in any position given the circumstances. Virat Kohli, Suresh Raina, Kedar Jadhav, and Dinesh Karthik will bring with them tonnes of experience that helps them to control the pace of the match as and when required. The lower batting order has the ex-captain M.S. Dhoni whose batting skills need no introduction and is very much capable to play under stress. Kedar Jadhav & Ravindra Jadeja are the best all-rounders of the Indian team right now. With such an impressive lineup of batsmen, the Indian team can surely do wonders in London.

3) The most unpredictable and deadliest bowling attack

Team India has always faced a problem with its bowling lineup. There was always a lack of bowlers, especially in the death overs. There was no consistent bowler in Team India capable of performing on a regular basis as a match winner. In each and every cricket series different bowlers perform rather than a consistent bowler. Often it is seen that team India has always some tricks in their sleeves. Bowlers like Mohammed Shami and Jasprit Bumrah are a gift to the current team India as they can shift the match anytime they want by restricting the other’s team run flow and taking wickets at regular intervals. Kedar Jadhav is another bowler who can create magic with the new ball. Hardik Pandya will be the one bowler who can rise to any expectations and can perform when the team India needs it the most. Men in Blue consist of some world-class spinners. Currently, the most experienced spinner is Ravindra Jadeja followed by Kuldeep Yadav who is often touted as chinaman of India. India’s trump card could be spinner named Yuzvendra Chahal. This bowling attack is a deadly combo and can turn the tables anytime.

4) The master tactician in MS Dhoni

M.S. Dhoni the man with the Midas touch may have lost the Midas touch but his mere presence can make a difference. The de facto leader of Men in Blue, MSD is one of the best wicketkeepers in Cricket history and India is super blessed to have him. After leaving captaincy he has been mentoring Virat and others. He is always involved in the game and his presence of mind and judgment are worth acknowledging. As many have predicted that this is MSD’s last World Cup as a player and he would like to end it on a high note. MSD deserves a marvelous farewell just like Sachin Tendulkar and that is only possible if India is able to lift the World Cup 2019. As middle order is little inexperienced, MSD is the only trump card of India right now. MSD has rich experience as a batsman and he has a huge pressure on himself to deliver it. The top order will do its job but India needs MSD to finish the match on the winning side. 

So here is the team which is going to represent India in the Cricket World Cup 2019. Are you going to support team India in winning the World Cup 2019? If yes, then watch this video

Cricket World Cup 2019 Song MashUp

If you are not supporting Team India then do tell us in the comments who will win the ICC World Cup 2019?

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Mobile App Explainer Video-The Definitive Guide 2019

Video marketing is the latest trend in 2019 and you sure don’t want to miss this trend. So, read this article and learn how can Mobile App Explainer Video can help you in explaining your application to users.

What is a Mobile App Explainer Video?
The increased usage of Smartphone has witnessed a rise in the demand for creating applications. Many apps are released on a daily bases but only a few application get the recognization. Have you ever thought why some apps get the first place in preferences, while other apps get in oblivion. Well, it will be a good marketing strategy which always makes a difference. Though you have created an intriguing app if you fail to promote it wisely, your app will be a disaster and will not get any public attention. Therefore it becomes necessary for developing a mobile application explainer video. Here is an example.
Example of Mobile App Explainer Video

Having an Explainer Video for your application is a nice strategy! Are you looking for a cost-effective video animation company in India? A company which can make an engaging storyboard with creative animation. A company which can raise your video views than see this What is Konnect ME

What are the characteristics of Mobile App explainer video

1.If you believe that there no need to make long explainer video than you might want to reconsider your decision. The main reason is the user won’t spend more than a minute or two in watching the video. So the challenge is to make your user understand your app within one minute.
If you are requesting to install your mobile app. You need to make your explainer video which is to the point, having amazing visuals with the appeal. If you are good at conveying your customer you can see the download increased within a couple of minutes.

2. Animated Videos have become the trend Nowadays
Animated videos have been increasing because of its look and feel. The way it conveys the messages to the target audience. Another study has found out that 40% of the user will download the mobile app if they found the video interesting. It is a sure thing that this will boost the developers.

3. One of the main features of a this is that video can convey your message making it more powerful and can get you maximum ROI. It can give you good returns and helps to spread the message within a short time.

Benefits of Mobile App Explainer Video

Benefits of Explainer video

  1. It’s the correct way to inform your targeted customers about your mobile app. Rather than writing long notes, just make a video and explain them in a creative way.
  2. Mobile App Video has the potential to go viral on social media platform thus increasing brand awareness.
  3. Video marketing is the latest trend and people loved to see a video and visual content rather than reading a long description.
  4. Through your interactive video, you can easily highlight your call to action in an effective way.
  5. Through Video, you can hit two birds with one stone you can pitch your app and also an interactive video to explain it.

Now let’s Conclude
The Mobile App Explainer video is a great marketing tool to have in your arsenal. There is no denying that it will promote your mobile application in a very creative way and also will reach far more audiences. However, you need to have good video content and a great story so that user will be amused and will surely buy or download your app.

So now you came to know that Mobile App video can help you in creating a good storytelling video. It will all depend on the message you convey and what kind of “Call to Action” you generate from your audience. You can check our Mobile App Explainer Video Playlist on Youtube. If you are still looking for a mobile app explainer video company in India or video animation company in India, Mobile App Explainer company or Mobile App Video service and want any support in planning or creating a Mobile App explainer video, contact us on 

  1. Email Us –

  2. Contact Form –

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What is 2D Animation video and its benefits?

Eager to know what is a 2D animation video and its benefits? Nice move! Do you want to add a 2D Animation Video to your marketing campaign? Go through this article and learn how this engaging and informative video format can help you enhance your marketing campaign in an amazing way! If you are looking for 2D animation company in India, you can always rely on us.

What is a 2D Animation Video?

2D Animations video is a great way to create engaging and explainer based content. Video can be used in various storyboards like explaining Corporate Companies, Educational Institutes, Medical Marketing, Healthcare agencies, and Mobile Applications. 2D animations videos are clear, concise and highly engaging content. Konnect Me Video team understands all of the components needed to create high-end corporate animations, motion graphics, and explainer videos that will achieve your communication objectives.

What are the characteristics of 2D animation video ?

  • 2D Animation: 2D animation creates movement in a two-dimensional space.
  • Work in the field of 2D animation requires technical as well as creative skills, the more creativity, the perfect animation it would be and it will be easy to convey the message.
  • 2D animation focuses on creating a character, storyboards, and backgrounds in two-dimensional environments.
  • The figures in the 2D animated video can move up, down, left or right. 2D animation uses bitmap and vector graphics to create, edit the animated objects.
  • 2D animated videos can be used in tv commercials, advertisements, films, promos or websites.
  • We see a lot of 2D animation in today’s online campaigns and Service/Product sites, there are many reasons behind this. However, it simply depends on your desired goals for your social marketing campaign and the Call to Action you desired from your target audience.

What are the benefits of 2D animation videos?

Main reasons for 2D animation being so attractive are as follows. There are many well established 2D animation styles, having their own unique style and taste. This allows a lot of creative freedom with many animation styles.

As a result, it can be followed and customized accordingly eg. anime, stick figures, digital cutouts, etc.

  • 2D animation has got easy storyboard and it can be produced faster considering the time to market and many other business difficulties it has got upper hand in comparison to 3D animation.
  • Even simple 2D animation which has got a good story concept, screenplay, and perfect execution will leave the audience mesmerized.
  • 2D animation works great if you want to present interesting characters, concepts and storyline.
  • 2D is cheaper and faster to produce, considering time constraints and many other issues. It has got an upper hand in comparison to 3D animation.
  • From the social marketing perspective, you would need is a good narration and a convincing storyline leading to a ‘call to action’ CTA. This leads to higher levels of conversions.
  • Low production cost  it is cheaper in comparison to 3D animation. The software which is required for 3D animation is more expensive. Therefore 3D animation can cost 5-7 times more than 2D animation.
  • Simple and less complex 2D animation involves lesser steps in the design process. So it is easier to produce when compared to 3D animation.
  • 2D animated videos can be changed easily as the process is less.
  • It gives less importance to the entertainment factor of design and focuses more on delivering the message. This makes 2D animated videos perfect for explaining your Product, Service, Mobile App or Business.

So now you came to know that 2D animation video can help you in creating a good storytelling video. It will all depend on the message you convey and what kind of “Call to Action” you generate from your audience. You can check our 2D Animation Video Playlist on Youtube.

If you are looking for 2D animation company in India ,2D animation company or 2D animation service and want any support in planning or creating an explainer video, contact us on 

Email Us –
Contact Form –
YouTube Channel –

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Benefits Of Animated Explainer Videos in 2019

Eager to know what is an Explainer video and its benefits? Do you want to add an Explainer Video to your marketing campaign? Go through this article and learn how this engaging and informative video format can help you enhance your marketing campaign in an amazing way!

What is an Explainer Video?

An Explainer Video is a short animated video which focuses on explaining the product or service of the business. Video explains in a simple and engaging way by using audio and visual which will grab the audience’s attention. Explainer Video can be informational and promotional which will explain the company’s product or service, what their company offers and how can it be helpful to their customers.

How Do Explainer Videos work?

Animated Video always triggers the brains due to the use of vibrant color and also increases memory retention. According to one study video is the most ideal medium for providing any kind of information as it triggers both sound and visual senses. Video increases retention rate and overall information. More than 1 billion are the unique visitor on YouTube, which is more than 6 billion hours of video watched. All the business houses can tap into this ever-growing field and can create an explainer video to explain their ideas.

What makes Explainer Videos different from any other video? Check out!

Short: Explainer video tends to be short and to the point (90 seconds is the average)
Simple: Explainer video gives a simple and straight message using “What”, “Why”, “When”, “Which” and “How”. The focus is on the target audience and their problem. Video made to meet the target audience and their needs to to make them understand the product and service of the company.
Colors: Vibrant colors used for look and feel of the brand identity and recognition.
High-Quality Video: The video having a high quality will stand out from the competition and will achieve the desired result.
Colorful Animated Characters: Explainer Video tend to use animated characters for establishing a strong connection with desire audience.
Music: Explainer Videos have music and sound effect according to the genre of the video which helps in storytelling and engaging the targeted audience.
Professional Voice-Over: Often explainer video will have a professional voice over which will speak and explain the video contents.
Tip: when making an explainer video, it’s very important to make it customized according to the target audience’s needs. Watch this example of a custom explainer video that Konnect Me Video made for a Digital Marketing Agency.

Benefits of having an Explainer Video

Now that you know what is an explainer video, now let’s talk about its benefits. How can explainer video promote your product or service? We have listed some key benefits to improve your marketing strategy.

1. Explain your business idea in 1 minute:
Explainer Video is great to explain your product or service in a few seconds, they can easily grab the audience’s attention. According to research if the explainer video is placed on the homepage then your average time can be increased by 1.5 minutes.

2. Increase your Online Presence

If you want your visitors to stay more on your page/site than you should add video content. Video Content can be shared across all social media platforms which helps in increasing social media presence.

3.Increase Conversions

Explainer Videos are catchy and can be appealing which encourages people to keep on watching. The audience can easily understand the message you want to convey. Its very good to grow conversion and explainer video can grow by 25% on average.

So now you came to know that an explainer video can help you in creating awareness, curiosity, consideration, and decision. It will all depend on the message you convey and what kind of “Call to Action” you generate from your audience. Next time don’t forget to use explainer video in your marketing strategy. You can check our Explainer Video Playlist on Youtube.

If you are still looking for an explainer video company in India, an animated explainer video production company in India or video animation company in India. If you want any support in planning or creating an explainer video, contact us on

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12 Creative Theme Based Digital Wedding Invitation Video Ideas

Do you want to set your wedding invitation apart from all the others? Do you want a save the date that is truly unique and that tells the story of your love? With these videos by Shubh Vivaah, in which you officially announce your wedding date and let guests know that they are invited to the celebration in a unique elegant creative and colorful way. Have a look at our wedding themes and select best digital wedding invitation for you.

Ideal for the Marwari couples who love creativity. Currently, Whatsapp invitation is on rage and becoming the latest trend and becoming more popular. We love how can something as whats app animation can generate a good impression on your guest.

Ideal for the Rajasthani couples who want to get their animated wedding done as this video gets the ethnic taste of Rajasthan which includes camel, kathputli dance along with Golden Rajasthani Theme Animated Traditional Colourful Wedding Invitation.

Ideal for the Young generation who want a picture, description, or imitation of their own persona in which they can exuberate their happiness and can strike the resemblance to their own characteristic.

This is a traditional Hindu wedding save the date video. In this Hindu wedding invitation video, there is an element of Indianness and the
the theme is based on Hinduism religion and the picture and sound is also based on this

In this type of video generally, the marriage details of Bollywood celebrity is showcased along with the wedding dates and details in the proper animated format

This is a unique blend of technology and Marriage announcement. Since everybody likes to announce their important life event on Facebook. So this theme is the perfect combination.

Pastel Theme means the theme is made of adding pastel color which is very soothing to the eyes. Pastel colors are usually tints of hues. Just add some white to a hue. Adding white not only raises the value, it changes the psychology as well. Usually considered delicate, feminine and clean.

A perfect combination of animation and stop-motion photography. If you’re looking for awesome, creative, quirky and funky animation for yourself then you can go for stop-motion photography which can be converted to animation.

A colorful, creative, funky and vibrant E-invitation for the
special occasion like marriage anniversary or birthday occasion.

Neon animation is fluid and sparkling. If you want something more bright and light then definitely you can opt for neon wedding animation
with creative sounds which will attract your friends.

proficiently revives the magic of the Mughal era with a traditional Mughal Theme Wedding Invitation Video.

Inspired by the royal grandeur of the 16th century Mughal Empire of the Indian subcontinent, Mughal architecture art,marble works,
complex work of gold. The artwork subjects are rich in variety and include portraits, wildlife and hunting scenes, courtroom stills, illustrations of

For more unique styles and digital wedding invitation, visit Shubh Vivaah and browse through a variety of inspiring wedding invitation collections!

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Indian Wedding Invitation Video
Indian Wedding Invitation Video

A traditional indian marriage is known for its grand celebration and rituals it follows.Every ritual and tradition that is been performed has some religious significance followed since vedic times.Even in today’s mordern time though due to time constraints the ritual timing have been reduced but thier religious significance have been not changed.

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Konnect Me Video Animation Company

Looking for a Video for your Product, Service, business or website? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Are you a new startup or a company wanting to capture your audience’s attention in less than 1 minute with a Creative Animation video? Konnect Me will produce awesome and engaging animated videos, and our videos will also produce real and result delivering for your business. They’re not just about making people smile, they’re about increasing conversion rates and helping viewers take the next step. We can help you gain that unique edge with creative animated videos and bring your audience to fall in love with your product. Konnect Me animation has been designing and developing animations videos for years. We know what it takes to turn a stale boring product into an engaging selling machine.

Animation video is the perfect marketing asset which is engaging, cost-efficient and it’s easy to convey your message to your audience. Animation video focuses more on business and values and can be used for policy drafting, staff message, an investors pitch.
Reasons and Benefits regarding the importance of Animated Videos

  1. Suppose you have a good product or service but nobody knows about it then how will you do sales or generate leads or revenue. The use of corporate video should be very interactive and engaging that your target audience should come to know what you want to convey.
  2. Visual medium – The latest trend is of video makings like whiteboard animation, explainer video, or video animation because people tend to see things rather than read. Every day there are many millions of views of video uploaded to youtube. This is the reason rather than reading the things your targeted audience can see the features of your product and services you are offering and it becomes clear to them about your product or service.
  3. Audience target- Corporate video will allow you to smoothly engage with your target audience. A video will always engage more than image or text. Through proper scripting and using proper video maker and video editor software you can make a video which can be effectively presented to your customers
  4. As you know Google and youtube are sister companies of Alphabet, So Websites which embedded video can have visibility more in search engine, which gives an edge to your competitor. Embedding videos will help you with Search Engine Optimization.
  5. It can demonstrate your products and services easily and will build and create brand awareness.
  6. People won’t engage with your company if they don’t know what product or service you are offering. A video can be useful as it showcases your product description, uses, and its benefits.
  7. Your video will be shared online and it will have the potential to be shared around groups of friends and colleagues and other online audiences. Your product will be out there in the market.
  8. You can exploit multiple marketing channels and it will increase the intent to buy.

If you are still looking for a video animation company in India who creates a corporate video, explainer video, whiteboard animation video, mobile app explainer video, 2D animation video, 3D animation video, event promotional video, logo reveal video, and want any support in planning or creating an explainer video, contact us on

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