Wedding Checklist in the Time of Covid-19

Wedding Checklist in the time of the pandemic

Wedding season is here. But the situation out there is still critical covid-19 second wave has commenced and we don’t know how long it will last. While some of the couples have already postponed their weddings due to the pandemic, many still opted to go ahead. Planning safe wedding ceremonies in a time of pandemic can be head churning, this is why we are here with this crucial blog which might help you to plan a perfect wedding during the pandemic.

Here’s Your Checklist to be Safe if you’re planning or Attending a Wedding during a pandemic with these few tips you can keep your surroundings and yourself safe.

Guest Arrival

It should be a must to perform temperature checks upon arrival. If you wish to create an additional layer of safety you can also add saliva testing along with a temperature check. At weddings relatives often greet each other with a warm hug, so it is extremely crucial to follow contactless greeting etiquettes.

Don’t forget the ultimate pandemic saviour- ‘The mask’

One of the most effective ways to stay safe is to wear a mask. Upon guest arrival along with a temperature check to make sure each guest is wearing a mask. As a responsible host and guest, you both need to ensure the safety of yourself and others. No matter if it is an indoor or outdoor event, continue wearing a mask. Generally, guests will bring their masks but as a responsible couple offer masks to your guests. This is why it is advisable to keep some extra stock of masks for your guests. Now there are many varieties available in the market, especially for weddings. You can also get custom made masks that match your outfit and wedding theme.

Keep it minimal and micro

There’s also a trend towards micro-weddings these days, as more and more couples favour significantly smaller guest lists. Weddings in the time of covid can only be micro. Each state has released wedding guests number guidelines. So before sending an invitation you should refer to your state’s guidelines and invite guests accordingly. The good thing about micro weddings is it allows you to be more creative, and it also saves your money.

Go Digital

There is no doubt that the 2020 pandemic has left us with many teachings, it has also influenced the masses to adopt eco-friendly and sustainable living habits and methods. So try to switch to eco-friendly methods and also save some costs, shifting towards wedding e-invites for wedding functions is a wise decision.

Digital cards can also ease the problem of distributing the cards, which takes a great amount of time where e-invites enables wide outreach in minutes. Wedding e-invites will surely make your wedding look glamorous.

Serve right food and beverages

It is advisable to avoid salads, curd, raw paneer, leafy vegetables on the menu. Try to keep your menu short and sweet. And make sure it includes cooked food items and healthy beverage options only. Ask the caterers to ensure the highest hygiene in the preparation and serving of food. Advice guests and caterers to avoid touching any objects unnecessarily. Provide proper hand gloves to caterers and only they should serve people with food so that everyone does not touch the ladles.

Try to keep it an outdoor function

It is comparatively safer to organise functions in an open space than indoors. So stay outside whenever possible and if the ceremony is indoors, arrive right on the time and leave as soon as it is over.

Every effort is incomplete without social distancing

Make sure everyone follows social distancing guidelines. You can add more tables, and keep the person limit per table; this will rent more space in between each guest. Prefer seated plated dinner/lunch arrangements, as this will restrict groups of people from being near food stations, and multiple bars.  Avoid long assembly lines for a full buffet and try to add more food stations and bars to avoid unnecessary gathering.

All the ceremonies completed peacefully? Well, that doesn’t mean your responsibility is over Even when all the functions are over, you still have some tasks to follow. As the host of the event, it’s important to keep in contact with attendees in case of possible exposure so keep a detailed list of each guest and visitor. This step can make the situation as smooth as possible in the case of an emergency. After the ceremonies make sure that anyone is not experiencing symptoms, if anybody shows any symptoms post-event then distribute that information to all guests and vendors and alert them.

Even after following every step, it is still risky to plan or attend a wedding; however, with the right precautions, you can ensure your safety and minimise the risk. And don’t forget that it is totally fine if you do not wish to attend a wedding in pandemic time and you can politely decline the invitation. So there are various challenges and this is a really difficult time but when everyone works together to create the safest environment possible, before, during, and after the event, you can create safe, successful events.

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