Top 4 Reasons Why Your Marketing/Promo Video Should be Animated 

The year 2020 was and 2021 is highly unpredictable. In a time of crisis, many marketers were left clueless about the right marketing strategies. But we all witnessed and should agree upon the fact that video marketing was the game-changer in these times. Brands reached out to their consumers at their homes, influencers bonded with their fans through social media and digital marketers weaved stories for people across the world – all in the form of videos. Animation added a zing to their creative ideas. 

Let’s see top 4 reasons why your marketing or promotional video should be an animated video.

#1. Animation videos appeal to all generations

It’s much easier to promote your products and services by using animated characters instead of humans as people tend to remember the animated characters and even want to own its merchandise. Animated videos can create an impact on Gen X, kids, Gen Y, and Gen Z. Animated promotional videos relate well with each group and can influence their buying decisions. Videos have the power to evoke and trigger the emotions of the audience and animation only adds to it leading to a bond with a brand. The storytelling format of animated promo videos makes it easier to promote your products and services in a simple and fun way. Perhaps this is why animated promo videos are the top choice of various industries for their businesses including academics, pharmaceuticals to fintech startups.

#2. Animation ad production company can work remotely

With animation video, you can easily turn complex or complicated messages into easy-to-understand information and it is equally easy to explain your concept, expectations, and budget to an animation video production company. Recruiting a professional animated promo video maker to create the video usually takes the load off of your shoulders. Right from writing script to delivering the animation video with voiceover and sound effects, everything is taken care of by them. These animated ad agencies can very well work remotely and you don’t require in-person meetings to get the work done. With animation the possibilities are endless and you can always alter and make changes as per your preferences. Animation ads are a versatile option.

#3. Animation promotional videos are a perfect fit for all social media platforms

Animation videos fit several pocket sizes. With the varied styles of video – live-action, 2D motion graphics, 3D animation, screencast video, stop motion video, whiteboard animation; it can successfully work for different sizes for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, Snapchat, Linkedin, WhatsApp, etc. All these platforms have different video capabilities and animation video goes well with every social media platform. Now more companies are utilizing these platforms to share fun, interesting animations on daily topicals. Apart from the social media platforms these promo videos and animated promotional banners can be part of your marketing strategy in several ways and you can add it to your website or use a short brand animation in an email campaign. You can also feature it in trade fairs and client presentations.

#4. Animation videos can drive more conversions and simplify complicated messages

In this busy era, the attention span of people has gone down drastically. There are mountains of studies that show that animation can grab viewers’ attention easily. Thus animation also pushes a call to action in your marketing video. You might have heard a lot about how animation can convey a complicated message in a simplified way because every element is in your control. This is why you can share your message with complete clarity.

Today more people are active on social media platforms and they always have time to watch funny promotional videos. That’s why your promotional videos should be animated cause our goal is to grab their attention and keep them watching – this can be achieved through the best animated promotional videos. At Konnect Me Animation, we love experimenting with animation. So if you have questions about how you can use animation in your marketing strategy, feel free to reach out to us on

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