A detailed guide on Different Types of Animation video Styles for Marketing Your Product/Service

Computer animation was developed in the 1940s. Since then Animation has been mightily popular especially in television commercials and now it is trending on social media and other streaming platforms as well. Animation brings life to plain objects and characters. Due to its storytelling ability animation has become the top choice for marketing and advertising. It also offers creative freedom, which is a cost-effective advertisement option compared to other advertising mediums.

Animation has become more advanced over the years. It is safe to say that animated ads are a one-time investment, if you are considering creating a customised animated ad for your product/service then we have made a detailed guide on types and styles of animation.

We hope that reading this will push you to take your first step towards pursuing your dream of animation advertisement.

2D Animation

This art moves in two-dimensional space. Sometimes 2D Animation is also referred to as traditional animation. In 2D Animation characters, objects and background move in a two-dimensional environment, which involves only the width and height of any object and exactly has two sides. It is also called vector-based animation. 2D characters are usually observed in the video content they are seen literally everywhere from website, tv-series, films, mob apps to streaming platforms.

Demand for 2D animationad has grown significantly in the last decade. 2D animation is a good choice if the storyboard which involves characters and story. Below is an example of 2D animation ad video.

Motion Graphics Animation

Motion Graphics are digital graphics/objects that create the illusion of motion. They’re often combined with sound to communicate a message to viewers. It is usually seen in ads and title sequences in the film. Motion graphics creatively use elements like the moving, design or graphical chart. They are not necessarily story-based or character-driven and might involve animated abstract shapes, logos, graphs or text.
Below is an example of a Motion graphic ad.

Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard videos use a white screen/background and the animation unfolds drawing-by-drawing. It is the minimalist design concept. In whiteboard animation, a story is told using a combination of drawings, information and numbers on a whiteboard. In whiteboard animation video objects are being drawn by the hand.

Whiteboard videos work best for complex or lengthy topics, educational topics or stories that are long. 

Below is an example of fine whiteboard ad video.

3D Animation

With technology evolution, 2D Animation evolved into 3D.
3D animation is a long intense process. In 3D animation entire object is visible from various angles. 3D animation can show minute details of your product within seconds.

With 3D animation, you can show the cross-section of a complex machine or a 3D character design of your mascot, walkthrough video of your residential or commercial building or a room/space, marketing video describing your product or service.

3D animation is ideal for more practical fields like medicine, biotechnology,real estate and aerospace.

Below is an excellent example of a quick 3D Product ad.

Stop Motion

Stop motion is an older form of animated storytelling. In the stop, motion objects are physically manipulated, making it seem as if these objects move on their own. Basically, it is the sequence of frames that are played back creating an illusion of action and movement. It is more like a playback sequence of images.

See below stop motion ad to get an idea about it.


As the name suggests it is a combination of text and motion. Typography animation can be seen everywhere especially in movie openings and tv commercials. This form of animation is massively used in website design and display banner design. This form of animation has the potential to catch a viewer’s attention. It is about all the creative possibilities one can experiment with texts, to emphasis this text motion graphic elements are also incorporated to create an engaging presentation.


Screencast animation uses screen captures/screen recording along with voice-over or audio narration. With screencast animation, you can quickly highlight the various features of your products directly through a digital recording of the screen with audio narrations. Screencast animationad is a choice of large corporates and companies to simplify complex business functions and software like ERP, CRM, and HRM, Mob app etc. It can also be a good teaching tool for teaching tutorials. Below is its example.

Check out below typography video ad to learn about it.


Live-action can refer to both cinematography and videography; they use real people and real places, sets. Still, some live-action Videos use a combination of both humans and real places along with animation to create a perfect campaign to demonstrate their product/service.

Yet creativity is limitless, you can definitely incorporate a mixture of various animation styles in a single video to create an enthralling animated video ad for your brand. We hope this information helps you to learn about animation styles. If you require any further information/assistance or guidance you can always approach us we have mentioned our link below for your ease. 

If you are looking for the best explainer videos, which can speak on behalf of your brand than click the link given below:

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The Best Explainer Videos of Top HR Software of All Time

Explainer videos are one of the most effective forms of video marketing for companies. They communicate a brand’s product or service and its benefits shortly and engagingly.

It can become hectic coming up with a different concept or idea for your product or service every time, for this very reason you need services from experts.

At konnect Me Animation, we like to keep our work as varied as possible and we don’t stick to one industry. So far we have worked with Education, Finance, Healthcare, Real Estate, Sports and IT industries. Out of all work, Mob Application and Software Explainer Videos tops the chart.

One such esteemed client is Darwinbox. We’ve created 100’s of videos for Darwinbox. It has been years we have partnered our hands. Their every project is approached with the same high level of enthusiasm and involvement.

About Darwinbox

Darwinbox is a new-age, enterprise-ready, HCM platform that enables enterprises to automate day-to-day HR processes, simplifies human interactions, delivers actionable insights to build better workplaces and achieve their strategic HR goals faster and smarter. They have worked over 500+ leading brands globally. Their prestigious client list includes Myntra, Swiggy, Nivea, Tata, Kotak Mahindra and the list is long.

What their business does can seem pretty complicated, but we try to simplify their message for their audience in each Explainer Video.
There are several concept based videos we have made for Darwinbox some of them are Compliance and Code of Conduct Video, Employee Training Video, Internal Messaging and social network for employees video, Leave and attendance software video etc.

Why use explainer videos for complex software process explanation?

Explainer videos combine audio and visual elements to explain a concept simply and understandably thus Explainer videos are a great tool for showing complex HR procedures and HRMS software.

With the Explainer Videos you can preserve all those teachings for a lifetime and Whoever wants to know about you and processes simply has to take a look at the video and your job is done!

In this blog, we explore Darwinbox’s most important works we have created.
These listed explainer videos are customized and in line with Darwinbox’scolour theme to fit their brand’s personality. All explainer videos use the software screen and user interface to show exactly what the user experience will look like. They are neat, easy to understand and beautiful.

If you are looking for the best explainer videos, which can speak on behalf of your brand than click the link given below:

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How to amplify your brand visibility and marketing game in the marketplace

The market is constantly becoming more and more competitive. With so many marketing and branding options, how does a single business stand out in the crowd? Walking hand in hand with trending things and being flexible is a necessary mindset if you want to succeed. Marketing and branding a game of psychology if played right.In recent times People consume information from every touch point without even realizing it, Customers are more likely to recall what your brand offers if your brand visibility game is strong.Exactly why don’t miss any potential branding opportunity. One of the best ways to remain in people’s memories is by being visible, at every turn.

You can boost your brand visibility with these 7 excellent strategies!

Well managed social media platforms:

It is eminently crucial to be present where your customers are. Now 60 per cent of the world’s total population uses the internet and the number continues to grow. 4.20 billion social media users have been noted to date in 2021. Through high quality handy social media content, you can create customer engagement. Keep the content tone conversational for the growth of your brand.

Valuable social media content has the power to go viral thus it has the potential of exponential market growth. Hence if your business is not there on social media you’re missing a big chunk of the universe.

Along with life and up to date social media platforms, updating your Google My Business Listing is equally crucial. It takes a few clicks and it is absolutely free. You can also create brand awareness with frequent social media contests.

Keyword optimization and correct SEO:

With the right keywords, you can broaden your audience and reach. A well planned and precisely implemented SEO campaign can bring many benefits to a company and it is also the need of the era. Over some time, it will increase brand reach and improve brand image which will lead to organic traffic.

If you haven’t focused any of your marketing budgets on SEO and Keyword optimisation now is the time to make the change. Make sure your SEO strategy includes backlink generation; keyword optimised content, prudent set of long-tail keywords and image posting.


Writing blogs frequently is a brilliant way to retain long term, loyal customers.Blogs that are keyword optimized, will boost your brand visibility online. Besides blogging is a great option to educate your audience/customers. Blogging will certainly take time yet it will create the brand goodwill that no other strategy can.

Blogging allows you to interact with your target audience, blogging is inexpensive too.
Words have the potential to change the world, thus well-crafted words in the blogs can enormously influence customers.

If you haven’t focused any of your marketing budgets on SEO and Keyword optimisation now is the time to make the change. Make sure your SEO strategy includes backlink generation; keyword optimised content, prudent set of long-tail keywords and image posting.

Marketing videos:

A recent market study found that listings with photos and brand marketing videos are twice as likely to generate interest.

Research also says that potential customers are 84 per cent more likely to buy a product if they have watched a product video.

The long-term strategy for any business should be to align their video marketing efforts with all their other channels like websites, social media platforms and other streaming platforms.The newest form of video marketing is an explainer video. Explainer videos are short marketing videos used to illustrate a company’s product or service.

In video marketing, animated video is the most popular type of explainer video.For best results, you can outsource the video content to a video production company who can craft unique, relevant and engaging marketing video for your brand.

Well managed virtual brand personality:

A strong web presence has become increasingly important. This is why you need to make your visual brand guide, for example, set the theme of the brand, colour pattern and vibe of your brand. And make sure you have a consistent logo for your brand, colour palette, packaging of physical products, fonts reflected in your images, graphics, videos and website.

You can also create 3D 360 Virtual Tour of your brand. Giving someone a visual 3D 360-degree tour goes a long way toward establishing stronger brand visibility.

All these efforts will bring people to your website and therefore make sure your website runs smoothly with good speed and easy call to action. It is equally significant to keep your software updated for mobile-friendly website experience.

These simple hacks won’t break the budget. Start implementing them now and watch your company’s visibility shoot up into the minds of customers. Your message also needs to be the same and consistent on every marketing platform you use and stick to one simple idea, one logo, one slogan.

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5 Reasons Why you should avoid Physical Wedding Invitation Cards and go for Digital wedding Invitation

Launched back in 2009, Digital E-invites have made formal wedding cards a mobile-friendly experience. Digital invitations have come a long way in the past few years since then.
Digital invites and video invites are in trend. They are certainly the choice of eco-friendly couples who prefer to not waste paper. You can choose a design that reflects who you are as a couple or express the theme of your big day.

Inscribed following are the reasons which makes Digital wedding invitations a better choice over Physical wedding invites.

1. Digital wedding invitations won’t waste any paper:

It is high time need to make serious changes in the way we live to save the environment. Big events such as weddings typically require a lot of resources that adversely affect the environment. The wedding card market in India alone is worth Rs 8000 to Rs 10,000 crore, can you imagine the number of trees sacrificed for this purpose?

With digital invites, you can invite guests without wasting a single piece of paper. So unknowingly see how much good you can do for the environment!

2. The average cost of digital invitations is much lesser than printed ones:

Weddings can be pricey, though digital wedding invitations are not only better for the environment, but for your wallet too. With digital invites you can significantly reduce the cost of your wedding invitation budget, shipping costs, and it also allows you to save fuel cost you might have put up for wedding card distribution. Hence quite a lot of saving can be done with the digital invites.

3. There are ‘N’ number of ways you can design your digital invitations:

Paper-based invitation takes a long time to select and design. While Digital wedding invitation designs range from traditional to trendy. So digital invites are a better option from a design perspective as well. From save-the-dates, engagement, cocktail party and bachelorette invites to wedding einvites, they all can be in line with the theme of your wedding. Apart from that digital wedding invitation websites stocks a massive selection of custom cards and a variety of wedding templates, including India-specific theme designs. You can create your design or customise one from their ready suites.

Customised Caricature wedding invitation is also talk of the town, caricatures are usually mocking, cartoon versions of couples. You can express your personality and your love story with customised caricature wedding invitations.

4. It is approved by celebrities too!

Celebrities inspire their fans and followers in terms of fashion and events like weddings. Surprisingly fans follow their favorite celebrity’s wedding invitation cards as well.

With growing environment concerns more and more celebrities and models Supporting Sustainable living. This is the reason major celebrities have approved Digital wedding invitation.They are approved by celebrities like SonamKapoor who sent out digital invitations for her wedding ceremonies, while Pulkit Samrat and Gauhar Khan went for customised caricature wedding invitations. CustomisedCaricature wedding invitation is also talk of the town, caricatures are usually mocking, cartoon versions of couples. You can express your personality and your love story with customised caricature wedding invitations.

5. Saves your time:

Yes, we all know wedding invitation card distribution takes many days of one’s schedule it is also an exhausting exercise. On the other hand, Digital invites can be sent to masses within a few clicks, it will help you save time and stay organized. Even if you plan each nominal task in advance, there is always some task which might slip out of your mind so with digital invites you can save your time and you can focus on the joys of planning your big day. Plus sending digital invitations is an easy thing, you can send digital invitations via text, email or shareable links, send messages, and manage everything in one place.

So we can conclude that with digital invites you can save your precise time, cost, and a few trees as well. Convinced to give this a try? Scroll ahead for online wedding invitation design inspiration and you can look towards to create your invites.
More info: https://konnectme.video

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Everything you need to know about ‘Explainer Videos’

With the Revolution of the Internet, there has been a dramatic change in marketing products and services in this new age.The newest form of marketing is an explainer video.

Explainer videos are short videos used to illustrate a company’s product or service. These videos are a combination of visuals, infographics, audios, and animation. Explainer videos are often placed on the website’s home page, in Email Campaigns, in meetings and on social media platforms.Explainer videos claim to have higher conversation rates than compared to other marketing strategies.

In this internet era, social media marketing has splurged, all these social media platforms are image and video-driven. This social media content is shareable and it has the power to go viral. It can reach to a wider audience that too in budget. Thus Explainer video is an effective campaign for viral marketing.

Following are the reasons why your business needs an Explainer Video. 

1. Can show More Information In Short Time
2. Can increase your SEO presence on Google and other available search engines.
3. Higher audience engagement
4. High Conversion Rate
5. Highly shareable and it is the only strategy for viral marketing
6. Tailored made especially for your product/ service.
7. Budget friendly advertisement option
8. Strong call to action
9. High quality video and audio

Types of Explainer Videos

1. Animated Explainer Videos:

Animated video is the most popular type of explainer video. Animated videos include computer-generated figures and elements in a moving way. People tend to pay more attention to moving colourful objects because most people are visual learners. This fact makes Animated videos an ideal advertisement medium to get consumer attention. Animated Explainer Videos further can be classified in following types:

Character animation video: Uses one or more human alike characters. Character Animation Videos are storytellers and show stoppers.
Example: (Our Video Link)

Infographic animated video: Displays quick information about a company’s functioning, its statistics creatively and animatedly. It is an ideal option to promote one’s brand in meetings and trade fairs.

2. Live-Action Explainer Videos:

Live-action videos can refer to either cinematography orvideography; they use real people and real places, sets. Still, some live-action Explainer Videos use a combination of both humans and real places along with animation to create a perfect campaign to demonstrate their product/service.

3. 2D Animated Explainer Videos:
2D animation involves creating characters, storyboards, and backgrounds in a two-dimensional environment. This is kind of traditional animation form which is less expensive than 3D animation.

4. 3D Animated Explainer Videos:

In 3D animations, objects can be rotated and moved like real objects. You can also make a 360 degree 3D animation explainer video using motion graphics. This form of a product explainer video is considered to be of supreme quality videos. These videos are widely used for commercial purpose and it can show minute details of the product within seconds.

5 Motion Graphics Explainer Video:

Motion Graphics explainer videos bring still graphics to life with visual element effects, animation and other cinematic techniques. They are not necessarily story-based or character-driven and might involve animated abstract shapes, logos, graphs or text.

6. Whiteboard Explainer Videos:

It is a style of animated video where a story is shown on a whiteboard using artwork that is typically hand-drawn in advent. It shows black-line graphics being drawn on a white background, illustrating the concepts or ideas in the format of a play. The popularity of this type of video lies in great story/play. Whiteboard animation videos are a great option for engagingly telling complex and lengthy concepts.

We hope this article provided you with some valuable insights about explainer videos.

If you are looking for the best explainer videos, which can speak on behalf of your brand than click the link given below:

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