A detailed guide on Different Types of Animation video Styles for Marketing Your Product/Service

Computer animation was developed in the 1940s. Since then Animation has been mightily popular especially in television commercials and now it is trending on social media and other streaming platforms as well. Animation brings life to plain objects and characters. Due to its storytelling ability animation has become the top choice for marketing and advertising. It also offers creative freedom, which is a cost-effective advertisement option compared to other advertising mediums.

Animation has become more advanced over the years. It is safe to say that animated ads are a one-time investment, if you are considering creating a customised animated ad for your product/service then we have made a detailed guide on types and styles of animation.

We hope that reading this will push you to take your first step towards pursuing your dream of animation advertisement.

2D Animation

This art moves in two-dimensional space. Sometimes 2D Animation is also referred to as traditional animation. In 2D Animation characters, objects and background move in a two-dimensional environment, which involves only the width and height of any object and exactly has two sides. It is also called vector-based animation. 2D characters are usually observed in the video content they are seen literally everywhere from website, tv-series, films, mob apps to streaming platforms.

Demand for 2D animationad has grown significantly in the last decade. 2D animation is a good choice if the storyboard which involves characters and story. Below is an example of 2D animation ad video.

Motion Graphics Animation

Motion Graphics are digital graphics/objects that create the illusion of motion. They’re often combined with sound to communicate a message to viewers. It is usually seen in ads and title sequences in the film. Motion graphics creatively use elements like the moving, design or graphical chart. They are not necessarily story-based or character-driven and might involve animated abstract shapes, logos, graphs or text.
Below is an example of a Motion graphic ad.

Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard videos use a white screen/background and the animation unfolds drawing-by-drawing. It is the minimalist design concept. In whiteboard animation, a story is told using a combination of drawings, information and numbers on a whiteboard. In whiteboard animation video objects are being drawn by the hand.

Whiteboard videos work best for complex or lengthy topics, educational topics or stories that are long. 

Below is an example of fine whiteboard ad video.

3D Animation

With technology evolution, 2D Animation evolved into 3D.
3D animation is a long intense process. In 3D animation entire object is visible from various angles. 3D animation can show minute details of your product within seconds.

With 3D animation, you can show the cross-section of a complex machine or a 3D character design of your mascot, walkthrough video of your residential or commercial building or a room/space, marketing video describing your product or service.

3D animation is ideal for more practical fields like medicine, biotechnology,real estate and aerospace.

Below is an excellent example of a quick 3D Product ad.

Stop Motion

Stop motion is an older form of animated storytelling. In the stop, motion objects are physically manipulated, making it seem as if these objects move on their own. Basically, it is the sequence of frames that are played back creating an illusion of action and movement. It is more like a playback sequence of images.

See below stop motion ad to get an idea about it.


As the name suggests it is a combination of text and motion. Typography animation can be seen everywhere especially in movie openings and tv commercials. This form of animation is massively used in website design and display banner design. This form of animation has the potential to catch a viewer’s attention. It is about all the creative possibilities one can experiment with texts, to emphasis this text motion graphic elements are also incorporated to create an engaging presentation.


Screencast animation uses screen captures/screen recording along with voice-over or audio narration. With screencast animation, you can quickly highlight the various features of your products directly through a digital recording of the screen with audio narrations. Screencast animationad is a choice of large corporates and companies to simplify complex business functions and software like ERP, CRM, and HRM, Mob app etc. It can also be a good teaching tool for teaching tutorials. Below is its example.

Check out below typography video ad to learn about it.


Live-action can refer to both cinematography and videography; they use real people and real places, sets. Still, some live-action Videos use a combination of both humans and real places along with animation to create a perfect campaign to demonstrate their product/service.

Yet creativity is limitless, you can definitely incorporate a mixture of various animation styles in a single video to create an enthralling animated video ad for your brand. We hope this information helps you to learn about animation styles. If you require any further information/assistance or guidance you can always approach us we have mentioned our link below for your ease. 

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