Birthday & Anniversary Video

Why should you use Birthday and Anniversary Videos to Invite Guests?

A guest is God. And you must invite Gods gracefully. Invite them with our graceful Birthday and Anniversary Invitation videos so that they feel special and look forward to being a part of your celebrations.

It’s practically impossible to personally visit or call each of your guests to invite them to your life’s most precious celebrations. With our personalised birthday and anniversary invitation videos, we make your life easier and your guests happier. 

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Some of the Animated Explainer Videos we’ve made:​


Yes we create wedding invitations, digital cards, e-cards, save the date cards & videos. We can create wedding animated videos, WhatsApp images, PDFs or GIFs in caricature, traditional, royal, pastel, floral, funky and elegant themes. We can also create them as per various religious traditions and wedding rituals.

Yes. We love caricature wedding invitation videos since they represent the personalised stories of couples and how the universe has conspired to make them meet. In fact, we create some of the most elaborate and customised caricature videos.
Every couple’s story is beautiful. Say it with our caricature wedding invites.

Of course. It will be the same template with your own names, details, events, venues and photos (if any).

Sure. This is usually done in our caricature videos. It’s natural to get tempted to use some slides from one of our videos and some slides from other videos of ours since all our slides are so beautifully designed. However, it may be chargeable over and above our usual cost.

Yes, you can. However, it may come with an additional cost. Usually, for our existing wedding video templates, layout design and animations will remain the same as you have already seen. Of course, we change the names, details, events, venues and photographs (if any). The background song can also be changed at no additional cost. Changes in font style or animation might be chargeable separately.

We would be happy to consider and accommodate your preferences in our existing video templates. However, it may come with an additional cost.
Removing any slide is free. Addition of more slides might be chargeable separately.

The 2nd video (if it’s the same video template) is charged at 50% of the cost of the first video. However, if both the videos are completely different, each video will be charged as per actuals.

The images should be submitted in hi-resolution JPEG format.
Despite making 1000s of videos every wedding season, we make sure that your single video is one of your best wedding memories.

Definitely. It will be your caricatures or your client’s caricatures (in case you’re dealing on behalf of your client).

We have existing video templates from 30 seconds till 2 minutes on our YouTube channel. However, the cost is not based on the time of video but the theme of video.
Existing Traditional video invites – INR 4000 to 7500
Existing Caricature video invites – INR 7500 to 12000
Mix and match our existing caricature videos – INR 12000 to 20000 
Completely Customised video invites – INR 20000 to 40000 (max up to 90 seconds)

We try to deliver every video as early as possible because we know you cannot wait to see your beautiful video going in the hands of your guests. We usually take 1-5 days depending on the existing template you have chosen. For a completely customised one, our production cycle is usually 5-10 days.

We take your approval at every stage of the process.

For existing traditional videos, we put your matter in each slide and get it approved by you before rendering the final video.

For existing caricature videos, we create your caricatures and get it approved by you. We then proceed with putting those caricatures in each slide and get it approved by you before rendering the final video.
For completely customised videos, we get your approval for script (if any), background design of each slide, fonts, elements, caricatures (if any), animation and background music.

For our existing traditional videos, send your matter in our prescribed format along with photos (if any). We will send you the format, once your payment is received.

For our existing caricature videos, send your photos as described above and your matter.

For a completely customised video, let us know what kind of theme you want and we shall let you know the requirements accordingly.

Kindly submit your images in a hi-resolution JPEG format.

For caricature videos, kindly send front facing photos with no sunglasses or pouts on the face. For best results in caricatures, please make sure that the bride and groom are smiling in the photos. You can either send solo pictures or a couple photo together.

We always take your approval on every slide with your own content before rendering the final video. Only after your approval, do we deliver you the video. We understand that there might be some changes once the video is delivered. However, since rendering a video takes time, we charge a nominal amount of INR 750 till INR 1500 depending on the changes.

Absolutely. You get what you have paid for. Also, since we take your approval at each stage of the video production, you will have no regrets later.

Your videos are amazing but I still want a brand new video that nobody has ever seen. What are the charges of a completely customised wedding invitation video and how much time does it take?
We understand that one size might not fit all and hence depending on your needs, we can create a completely customised wedding invite for your wedding. Our completely customised video invites range from INR 15,000 to INR 30,000 (max up to 90 seconds).

It might involve creating a script, background designs, elements, caricatures, etc. and hence can take up to 5-10 days.

The only thing we guarantee is a “WOW” when you see your final video.

Of course you can trust us as much as you trust yourself. We’re cool, friendly and understand your needs. Also, you can check reviews of our process, company and videos on Google, YouTube channel (on each video) and Instagram to reinstate your faith in us. And lastly, we regularly post new videos on our social media, which means that we’re real humans, active and creating brand new content for our clients across the globe.

Absolutely safe. We accept payments through Bank Transfer, PayTm, Google Pay, etc. GST @18% may be chargeable separately over and above the basic cost as mentioned above.

Yes, we do. We have delivered in all the continents of the world (except Antarctica 🙂 Since we create and customise digital invitations, we can deliver your product over WhatsApp or email.

We’d be happy to answer them. Just drop us an email at or WhatsApp us on or We’re super-responsive.