At Konnect Me Animation, we make super awesome & highly creative animated videosexplainer videos, corporate videos, motion graphics videoswhiteboard animation, infographic videos, educational animated videos, 2D animation and graphics designing to explain your products or services. We produce bespoke videos and designs to meet your requirements that create excitement, build credibility and bring brand awareness thereby helping you in achieving sales for your products and services across the globe. Convert your visitors to customers, customers to fans & fans to brand ambassadors with Konnect Me Animation.

Some of the Animated Explainer Videos we’ve made:​


We provide all types of 2D animation and certain types of 3D animation video services. Our list of video types include:
Corporate Videos, Explainer Videos, Whiteboard Animation, Character Animation, Motion Graphics Videos, Mobile App Explainer Videos, Event Promotional Videos, Infographic Videos, Educational Videos, Stop Motion Videos, etc.

Our video production company aims to make your name. Hence every video is fully customised to achieve your marketing objectives. With over 6 years of experience, over 1000 videos successfully delivered to our clients and over 5 million views on our YouTube channels, we are nothing like other video animation companies. Our videos fit in your budget, provide top-notch quality and our entire team of creative writers, designers and animators is at your disposal to make your brand’s message reach your audience through an engaging video.

What are you waiting for? Partner with us to create an outstanding video for your brand.

Putting life into a video requires extensive research, knowledge about your industry, a perfect script that can do justice to your video and amazing animation that can elevate your brand. Every video requires experts from different domains: creative head, scriptwriters, illustrators, designers, animators and voice-over artists. Having said that, usually a 1-minute 2D animation video takes about 7-10 working days and a 1-minute 3D animation takes about 15-30 days. It might take more time depending on the complexity of the video, duration of the video, integrating your feedback/revisions, etc. But your time is our utmost priority; we thrive on delivering your project on time.

An animation video comprises various stages – script writing, storyboard designing, animation, voice-over and background music & SFX. Cost of the video depends on how many stages would you like us to do, the style of video, the length of the video and how quickly you want it. Having said that, a 1-minute 2D animated video costs somewhere between INR 10,000 to INR 30,000 and a 1-minute 3D animated video costs somewhere between INR 60,000 to INR 90,000.

For an accurate quote for your video, kindly email us on hi@konnectme.video and we’d be happy to help you.

At Konnect Me Animation, we create engaging, high quality, visually engaging and completely customised animation videos as per your needs and industry. And this is backed by a solid process. Every video follows a 6-step process: Requirement gathering, Scriptwriting, Storyboard Designing, Animation, Voiceover and Background Music & SFX. Each stage comes with the liberty of revisions till your satisfaction. Each stage takes us a step closer to your dream video. Depending on your needs, our video production company can also provide unlimited changes and/or quicker delivery of video. We’re very flexible to help you achieve your dreams.

Once you partner with us for your video production needs, we send you an official proposal that mentions our payment terms, bank details and terms and conditions to proceed. Throughout the process, your consent is being taken at each stage to ensure an amazing output.

We understand that you might have some unanticipated events where you might need to showcase your brand to get the maximum benefit. Depending on your budget, we might speed up the video production process. Do get in touch today and let us know your deadline and we will make every effort to accommodate that and create a fantastic video for you.

We usually require your brand logo, brand guidelines (if any), your existing website / brochure / presentation, etc.

As we had mentioned, our video production process is a 6-step process; work proceeds to the next stage only with the client’s approval. Typically, two changes per stage are allowed, but at times, we offer unlimited revisions until our client is satisfied with the outcome (terms and conditions apply). Usually, our work gets over only when you are satisfied with the video. So you can be assured that you will get a quality output.

Final deliverables will include:

A WhatsApp HD quality video (854×480 pixels)
YouTube HD quality video (1920×1080 pixels)
And any other deliverables as discussed in our proposal.

Every video is prepared based on its objectives and goals. Since every video tells a different story and with the attention span going down, it’s essential to put out your brand communication from time to time in different ways to engage your target audience. So if you feel that you want to put out your brand communication regularly in different ways, want to communicate various products / services in front of your audience or want to tackle multiple marketing goals, we have special packages to meet your bulk video requirements.