Terms and Condition

Terms of Service

Konnect Me Animation is a self-contained company that provides videos and graphics to a variety of businesses and organisations. By reading our terms and conditions, you will have a thorough idea of how Konnect Me Animation functions.

Video Length: The duration of the video will be determined by the client’s description of the video. The duration of the video may only be determined once the client completes the questionnaire that we provide.

Deadlines: We work around the clock to meet them. We will notify you of the deadline as soon as we provide you with a quote for your product. If we are running late on your project, we will keep you up to speed with the latest developments. However, we will not accept legal responsibility for missed deadlines.

Payment Procedure: We often split the video creation and payment process into two sections.

Part 1: As soon as you contact us, you discuss the project with our sales staff, and we will provide you with a pricing proposal. If we accept, you must pay 25% of the total quotation so that we may begin drafting the script.

At this point, our team knows your thoughts and how we can present them in the form of a film. To help you comprehend this, we have provided you with a Questionnaire, which you must complete and return to us. We analyse it, and our team begins to write a script based on it. Following the production of the script, we will share it with you for comments. If you accept, we will begin the animation and provide the video in the format you want, complete with our watermark. y 25% of the real quote so that we may begin script drafting.

Part 2: If the video we provided with you is authorised, you must pay the balance so that we may share the finished film with you.

• Input: In continuation with the Payment Procedure, we value your feedback. We anticipate receiving your comments within one day of sharing the script with you. Any delays here will not be considered by Konnect Me Animation. Furthermore, any delay will result in a deadline extension.
• Revisions: It is subject to the client’s specifications. In general, we do not re-create videos from scratch. If you are dissatisfied with our video, we will modify a portion of it but not the entire film. If you insist on changing the video, you will be charged accordingly.
• Order Cancellation: Unfortunately, if a customer decides to cancel an order, he or she must contact us through email for a cancellation request within 10 days of the project’s start date. The project will be cancelled immediately, and a refund will be issued after we have deducted our production costs.
• Product use: All films generated by Essence Studios are the unique and exclusive property of our clients and will never be used in marketing. They may, however, be used for portfolio reasons – but only with the client’s permission.
• Amendment Rights: Terms may be altered in the near or distant future. Before ordering our items, we ask that all of our customers review this page. You are also free to contact us if you have any questions that are not addressed above.