The Best Explainer Videos of Top HR Software of All Time

Explainer videos are one of the most effective forms of video marketing for companies. They communicate a brand’s product or service and its benefits shortly and engagingly.

It can become hectic coming up with a different concept or idea for your product or service every time, for this very reason you need services from experts.

At konnect Me Animation, we like to keep our work as varied as possible and we don’t stick to one industry. So far we have worked with Education, Finance, Healthcare, Real Estate, Sports and IT industries. Out of all work, Mob Application and Software Explainer Videos tops the chart.

One such esteemed client is Darwinbox. We’ve created 100’s of videos for Darwinbox. It has been years we have partnered our hands. Their every project is approached with the same high level of enthusiasm and involvement.

About Darwinbox

Darwinbox is a new-age, enterprise-ready, HCM platform that enables enterprises to automate day-to-day HR processes, simplifies human interactions, delivers actionable insights to build better workplaces and achieve their strategic HR goals faster and smarter. They have worked over 500+ leading brands globally. Their prestigious client list includes Myntra, Swiggy, Nivea, Tata, Kotak Mahindra and the list is long.

What their business does can seem pretty complicated, but we try to simplify their message for their audience in each Explainer Video.
There are several concept based videos we have made for Darwinbox some of them are Compliance and Code of Conduct Video, Employee Training Video, Internal Messaging and social network for employees video, Leave and attendance software video etc.

Why use explainer videos for complex software process explanation?

Explainer videos combine audio and visual elements to explain a concept simply and understandably thus Explainer videos are a great tool for showing complex HR procedures and HRMS software.

With the Explainer Videos you can preserve all those teachings for a lifetime and Whoever wants to know about you and processes simply has to take a look at the video and your job is done!

In this blog, we explore Darwinbox’s most important works we have created.
These listed explainer videos are customized and in line with Darwinbox’scolour theme to fit their brand’s personality. All explainer videos use the software screen and user interface to show exactly what the user experience will look like. They are neat, easy to understand and beautiful.

If you are looking for the best explainer videos, which can speak on behalf of your brand than click the link given below: