Everything you need to know about ‘Explainer Videos’

With the Revolution of the Internet, there has been a dramatic change in marketing products and services in this new age.The newest form of marketing is an explainer video.

Explainer videos are short videos used to illustrate a company’s product or service. These videos are a combination of visuals, infographics, audios, and animation. Explainer videos are often placed on the website’s home page, in Email Campaigns, in meetings and on social media platforms.Explainer videos claim to have higher conversation rates than compared to other marketing strategies.

In this internet era, social media marketing has splurged, all these social media platforms are image and video-driven. This social media content is shareable and it has the power to go viral. It can reach to a wider audience that too in budget. Thus Explainer video is an effective campaign for viral marketing.

Following are the reasons why your business needs an Explainer Video. 

1. Can show More Information In Short Time
2. Can increase your SEO presence on Google and other available search engines.
3. Higher audience engagement
4. High Conversion Rate
5. Highly shareable and it is the only strategy for viral marketing
6. Tailored made especially for your product/ service.
7. Budget friendly advertisement option
8. Strong call to action
9. High quality video and audio

Types of Explainer Videos

1. Animated Explainer Videos:

Animated video is the most popular type of explainer video. Animated videos include computer-generated figures and elements in a moving way. People tend to pay more attention to moving colourful objects because most people are visual learners. This fact makes Animated videos an ideal advertisement medium to get consumer attention. Animated Explainer Videos further can be classified in following types:

Character animation video: Uses one or more human alike characters. Character Animation Videos are storytellers and show stoppers.
Example: (Our Video Link)

Infographic animated video: Displays quick information about a company’s functioning, its statistics creatively and animatedly. It is an ideal option to promote one’s brand in meetings and trade fairs.

2. Live-Action Explainer Videos:

Live-action videos can refer to either cinematography orvideography; they use real people and real places, sets. Still, some live-action Explainer Videos use a combination of both humans and real places along with animation to create a perfect campaign to demonstrate their product/service.

3. 2D Animated Explainer Videos:
2D animation involves creating characters, storyboards, and backgrounds in a two-dimensional environment. This is kind of traditional animation form which is less expensive than 3D animation.

4. 3D Animated Explainer Videos:

In 3D animations, objects can be rotated and moved like real objects. You can also make a 360 degree 3D animation explainer video using motion graphics. This form of a product explainer video is considered to be of supreme quality videos. These videos are widely used for commercial purpose and it can show minute details of the product within seconds.

5 Motion Graphics Explainer Video:

Motion Graphics explainer videos bring still graphics to life with visual element effects, animation and other cinematic techniques. They are not necessarily story-based or character-driven and might involve animated abstract shapes, logos, graphs or text.

6. Whiteboard Explainer Videos:

It is a style of animated video where a story is shown on a whiteboard using artwork that is typically hand-drawn in advent. It shows black-line graphics being drawn on a white background, illustrating the concepts or ideas in the format of a play. The popularity of this type of video lies in great story/play. Whiteboard animation videos are a great option for engagingly telling complex and lengthy concepts.

We hope this article provided you with some valuable insights about explainer videos.

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