Non-Political Interview of Thanos by Akshay Kumar

So, today we will see the other side of Thanos which nobody has seen.

Everybody knows about Thanos who has destroyed half of the universe. So, let’s dig deeper into this #UniverseBoss and his Non-Political Interview by Akshay Kumar.

Who is Thanos?

He’s a hyperintelligent, brutally strong, nihilistic extraterrestrial who concocts schemes to wipe out most or all life in the universe, all because he wants to win the affections of the living embodiment of death.

What is exactly Thanos’s motivation?

Thanos is in love with Death and, more often than not, enacts his genocidal schemes as a way to impress her with his killing ability. Riches and world domination mean very little to him: He dreams bigger than any other major villain.

What’s Thanos’s backstory, and why does he look like a purple hippopotamus with all the cuts on his face?

He’s a member of a race of genetically modified humans called the Eternals. They’re scattered throughout the galaxy, and the colony Thanos was born into resides on Titan, one of Saturn’s moons. The Eternals have various superhuman abilities, such as super-strength, near-immortality, and energy-blast attacks. Most Eternals look like gorgeous human but Thanos was born with a disease called the Deviant Syndrome, which gave him his massive body, hide-like skin, and distinctively weird creases in his chin. Being surrounded by non-gross people made him resentful of everyone around him, and he grew up into a hateful warlord. He dropped nukes on Titan and he’s particularly proud of killing his mother and later met Death. He fell in love with her and has worshipped her ever since.

What makes him unique in the supervillain of the current world?

He goes beyond the borders of most other villains. His stories are more metaphysical, more acid-trippy. He’s usually eerily calm and has a near-constant smirk on his face. He’s a confident nihilist. You can’t negotiate with him. He has nothing to lose. When he’s written well, he’s about as chilling a pulp villain as there can be.

What are his powers?

Thanos has usually had some kind of super-weapon, and even when he doesn’t, he’s incredibly strong and smart. But other than that, his powers are kind of vaguely defined. Writers don’t really stick to one set of abilities. Sometimes he’s telekinetic, sometimes he can manipulate energy …

The Other Side of Thanos which nobody has seen.

Yes, on a youtube channel called “Puzzilla” Thanos agreed to give a “non-political interview” with our very own Khiladi Akshay Kumar is back with another round of non-political interview with the destroyer of half of the universe whose name is “Thanos”. After Original Non Political interview, we are here with Funny Non Political interview of Thanos with Akshay Kumar, watch and subscribe #puzilla. What if Thanos had not destroyed the Infinity Gauntlet and began feeling alone in a rather empty Universe? Even the Mad Titan needs a friend as the Avengers are about to find out that he is coming to earth to give an interview to an Indian avenger call Khiladi 786. The interview consists of why Thanos wants to destroy the world. Why he wears 6 stones? Does Thanos believe in astrology? What songs Thanos like? Which Bollywood movie Thanos has watched? This is a high comedy and satirical non-political interview of Thanos. Watch it and have fun knowing the other side of universe destroyer mad titan a.k.a THANOS at puzzilla youtube channel.


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