12 Creative Theme Based Digital Wedding Invitation Video Ideas

Do you want to set your wedding invitation apart from all the others? Do you want a save the date that is truly unique and that tells the story of your love? With these videos by Shubh Vivaah, in which you officially announce your wedding date and let guests know that they are invited to the celebration in a unique elegant creative and colorful way. Have a look at our wedding themes and select best digital wedding invitation for you.

Ideal for the Marwari couples who love creativity. Currently, Whatsapp invitation is on rage and becoming the latest trend and becoming more popular. We love how can something as whats app animation can generate a good impression on your guest.

Ideal for the Rajasthani couples who want to get their animated wedding done as this video gets the ethnic taste of Rajasthan which includes camel, kathputli dance along with Golden Rajasthani Theme Animated Traditional Colourful Wedding Invitation.

Ideal for the Young generation who want a picture, description, or imitation of their own persona in which they can exuberate their happiness and can strike the resemblance to their own characteristic.

This is a traditional Hindu wedding save the date video. In this Hindu wedding invitation video, there is an element of Indianness and the
the theme is based on Hinduism religion and the picture and sound is also based on this

In this type of video generally, the marriage details of Bollywood celebrity is showcased along with the wedding dates and details in the proper animated format

This is a unique blend of technology and Marriage announcement. Since everybody likes to announce their important life event on Facebook. So this theme is the perfect combination.

Pastel Theme means the theme is made of adding pastel color which is very soothing to the eyes. Pastel colors are usually tints of hues. Just add some white to a hue. Adding white not only raises the value, it changes the psychology as well. Usually considered delicate, feminine and clean.

A perfect combination of animation and stop-motion photography. If you’re looking for awesome, creative, quirky and funky animation for yourself then you can go for stop-motion photography which can be converted to animation.

A colorful, creative, funky and vibrant E-invitation for the
special occasion like marriage anniversary or birthday occasion.

Neon animation is fluid and sparkling. If you want something more bright and light then definitely you can opt for neon wedding animation
with creative sounds which will attract your friends.

proficiently revives the magic of the Mughal era with a traditional Mughal Theme Wedding Invitation Video.

Inspired by the royal grandeur of the 16th century Mughal Empire of the Indian subcontinent, Mughal architecture art,marble works,
complex work of gold. The artwork subjects are rich in variety and include portraits, wildlife and hunting scenes, courtroom stills, illustrations of

For more unique styles and digital wedding invitation, visit Shubh Vivaah and browse through a variety of inspiring wedding invitation collections!

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