6 reasons why software development companies invest in video content

Generations have adored the Harry Potter movie series for years. We all love them. Many people turned towards the books once they saw the movies. They got attracted to the fandom after seeing the visual capabilities of what the story holds. While one may find a lot of differences between the films and the books, you cannot slack off on appreciating the magic the video content brought to the big screen. 

This was just an instance through which you can draw the parallels of how much power video marketing holds for your business. It can bump up your business by huge margins. And a lot of large scales and small case businesses are using videos to build, engage and retain their consumer base.

But this doesn’t sound convincing enough, does it? Does video content prove helpful for companies in the software sector? If yes, then how and why? Well, this blog is your answer to all these questions. We will discuss six reasons why software development companies invest in video content. Let’s get started!

1. Showcase your brand

As a software development company, you need to showcase why people use your products and services. In this digital age, where people and tech giants are transforming the world in mere seconds, showcasing your brand and the features of your products lucratively through appealing and well-designed videos will give you an edge over your competitors.

2. Foster trust through video content

Scammers and hackers have done no good for companies and the trust they build with their consumers. To make sure that your consumers do not hesitate while engaging with your products and services, you need to create a trustworthy bond with them. Show them how your software adds value to their lives. They need to believe that you deliver what you claim. And videos help you foster that equation.

The content must be relatable to the audience for your product to come off as the “only solution”. Compelling storytelling by showcasing characters that have similar stories to your consumers makes the whole experience a lot more personalised, intimate, and emotional appeal.

3. Video content is a great marketing strategy

With social media becoming a powerful tool for marketing, even for a software development business, the demand for video content is skyrocketing. It is one of the essential parts of a brand’s digital marketing strategy. While people often get confused between content marketing and video marketing, it is crucial to know that video marketing boosts the content and vice versa. 

Videos are accessible for the eyes of the users. Companies that craft 2D and 3D animation software have corporate explainer videos with huge selling touch-points. Their video content must be creative, compelling and professional enough to show their potential as an “animation software” development brand. Once you get the viewer interested, you can boost your content. The viewer can now be a potential customer who wants to invest their time and money.

4. Stamp your brand 

It would be best to focus on multiple techniques to establish your brand presence. And in this cut-throat market of software development companies, it is essential for the people and other companies (collaborative) to know about your business, what you are building, what you intend to solve and how you want to transform the sector.

For creating awareness about your product, you need to incorporate many strategies into your marketing- search engine optimization, active social media handles, engaging content, interacting with your users, addressing the queries and grievances, testimonials, etc.

In comparison to other kinds of content, videos bring in a lot of traffic. They amplify your presence and get exposure across multiple channels. You can reach out to various audiences to inform and update them through video content. 

5. Boost Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

Amidst the pool of content and resources available on the internet, it becomes hard for the users to look for your brand. You need to show up at the right place at the right time to keep things smooth. And for that, you need to optimise your content to rank higher. That is what SEO does. And videos contribute to increasing your ranking, including video clips and links to your content multiples your chances to rank first in the related Google search. 

6. Be part of “what’s trending.”

While we spoke about how video content engages your consumers and holds a massive potential to convert your viewers into consumers, video content also makes a great addition to the content strategy, especially in the growing “influencer” and “collaborative” industry.

Influencers have become an enormous asset in the marketing world in recent times. And having such popular icons be a part of your videos increases the appeal of your product. These influencers bring in their fanbase and encourage them to use your product. They create a persona as a person who uses your company’s product to make their lives easier. This lures their followers to check out your brand your content and purchase what your software development company has to offer.

That’s a wrap on six reasons why software development companies invest in video content. And to amplify the presence of your brand, you should too! 

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