Animated videos in 2022

Remember the iconic Vodafone advertisements featuring the Zoo Zoos? Did you know that the characters were real-life people wearing costumes? But it all looked like a miracle of animated videos, didn’t it? The world has come a long way since then. These cute and caricatured advertisements and short videos are now animated! Be it those delicious Swiggy and Zomato ads or the Cadbury Creme Egg! 2022 has seen a massive change in the internet game.


Animated videos have been storming over the market for ages now. They are capturing the needs of companies and what they bring to the table. Multiple brands have been creating animated videos for the content they want to put on social media and as a part of their television advertisements game. Animation has been improving regarding equipment, technology, and the content value it delivers.

Every company is racing to set a new benchmark for the others to beat. The content game is ever-changing and ever-evolving. And the ones with the best content the audience can resonate with win. But which are the top five industries that should use animated videos in 2022? In this blog, we will discuss all these industries and how things have picked up the pace for them in 2022 by using the magic of videos! 

1. Does the healthcare sector need animated videos? YES

The healthcare sector is one of the industries which saw a significant boom in the past few years due to the Covid-19 pandemic. But apart from the recent developments, the medical field always has new technological and biological advancements, research, and observations transforming the entire sector. The industries have new equipment, each with improved efficiency, to help understand, diagnose and cure the human body in better and developed ways and through advanced methodologies. 

Now the bigger question to answer is in this blog. How should animated videos be used in the healthcare industry in 2022? These animated videos will help the patients understand the depth of their symptoms, the short-term and long-term effects, and other diagnosis-related information through visual and explanatory aids. Apart from the patients, explainer animated videos will come through as great educational material for doctors, junior and senior residents, and other medical professionals, which will help them keep up with different advancements.

Learning opportunities:

These educational videos enhance the learning methods of education for people currently employed in the healthcare sector and those who aim to serve the people and nation through these industries. Along with fruitfully catering to the reasons mentioned earlier, animated videos also help in the effective marketing of various drugs, equipment, medical devices, pieces of machinery, etc. by presenting the required technical information in a very understandable and layman’s way which will help people of different educational backgrounds to learn. 

2. A big nod from the finance industry 

The banking and finance sector has a lot of complicated terminologies, which might make the potential customer feel overwhelmed and anxious. Several consumers have reported that the issues with transparency of the processes have made it difficult for them to trust the professionals and seek help at their convenience. These problems have brought in massive complaints, and consumers shift from one banking institution to the other till they find the one that caters to their queries respectfully. 

The entire finance sector can use video marketing strategy, which can help them in compiling information in an easy to understand techniques about different types of accounts, how the institution will help them out in managing their finances, financial terms one must be aware of, latest economic trends and reforms (if there are any) and more such details. This will help the consumers keep themselves informed and updated about relevant news. The financial institutions will also garner a good name, thus creating opportunities for forging trustworthy relationships and positive marketing amongst the audience.

3. All our teachers agree too 

It is pretty understandable how animated videos would boost the education sector. Online education has grown over the years, but with the pandemic bringing the entire world to a halt, it got a massive boost. Parents and guardians could assess their children’s potential and enrol them in several courses apart from regular schooling. This would help their kids get the overall development and excel in various fields and provide them with opportunities to explore multiple interests. 

These animated videos would catalyze the process of learning as the eyes and the brain are more receptive to visual and video graphic content. The videos act as visual stimulators, capture the kids’ attention and keep it intact. They simplify so the children can approach the concepts along with the content in a more productive way. Videos develop skills like listening, problem-solving, decision making, brainstorming, creating, designing, etc. Apart from skill development, animated videos enlarge the scope for remote teaching and help in addressing the short attention span issue with the evolution of social media in the current times. 

4. Marketing videos for your startup pitch?

Keeping your pitch interesting enough to grab the attention of your investors might be difficult since this is a process they go through daily. Instead of using your traditional slide presentation to pitch to your potential investors, you can jazz it up with animated videos that can include details about your startup, your projections, your planning, timelines, revenue, and much more in a more lucrative format. It is bound to catch your investors’ eyes, set a benchmark, and you can prove to be different from the rest of the league!

5. Real estate goes real with video marketing

Animated videos can be versatile as they could include your agency’s marketing and sales strategies. Including information about your organization can help forge trustworthy relationships with your clients and customers. These animated videos can also contain information about the land or the property you are selling-all the amenities, projections, timelines, campus, prospects, resale value, and other information. They will help the agencies boost their sales while also ensuring that the customer can see visual proof of the verbal promises, saving advertising budget and consumers’ time. So, it’s a win-win situation for everyone.

In conclusion:

The competition will never end with the global brands coming to you digitally. Amp up your game! Don’t wait to dive into the world of videos and create content that will revolutionise your strategy.

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