How to use animation in the field of influencer marketing?

Are you scrolling through reels day in and day out? Addictive, aren’t they? Those lo-fi beats, those makeup tutorials, new trends, and creative use of animation have all caught up in the whirlwind of content. And with the Instagram/YouTube algorithm pushing more reels/shorts, we get to see content creators and influencers jumping on the trendy bandwagon and promoting different products of various brands they are in paid partnerships with. 


With social media becoming one of the most powerful tools in marketing, every brand aims to establish its presence in the most noticeable way possible. Influencers are a huge part of companies’ social media marketing strategies. And a short video or a reel does a thousand times better than a post. It can comprise all the required information about the product while you also watch how your favourite influencer uses it and smoothens their course of life. Influencer marketing has had an enormous impact on generation z. 

And with the brands roping in influencers for their product launches and marketing, there is no doubt that the influencer marketing industry will deepen its claws even more as social media evolves in the next decade. 

As we discussed, videos have become an essential part of influencer marketing. And the more creative your videos are, the more attention it grabs from various marketing pages and the audience. Your content needs to be shareable. And videos sure create that impact. But how to use animation in influencer marketing? 

1. Influencers hold that position

How often have you told your friend to try out a product, but they disagreed? And they instantly agreed when you sent them a video of your favourite influencer using the same product! It works like a charm. Well, influencers hold that position these days. The videos of them using a particular product resonates with the audience, and their entire appeal acts as a massive, influencing pattern. The pompous profile and those popping colours attract us to want to imitate their lifestyle. This helps in forging a reliable connection with the influencers and the faith in that said product. 

2. How does animation prove a valuable tool in influencer marketing?

You can present a diverse range of content through animated videos. They are inexpensive so that budgetary problems can be crossed off your list. You can tell your brand’s story with such animated videos. Users love to engage with videos with beautiful and high-contrast illustrations and graphics. Such content creates value and is quite appealing, thus making it potentially shareable with the viewers. 

Animated videos can be used to introduce your brand to the public, your visions and missions, and what you stand for. Reminding the audience of why you started helps them get emotionally attached to your brand for more reasons than one, which creates consumer loyalty in the long run. 

3. Animated videos are enormous in the purchasing game

Describing why you created the product and how it can be used is a massive plus in converting your potential consumers into buyers. The animated videos give them a glimpse of the problems your products can solve, which visually caters to the curiosity in their minds. The videos act as a messaging medium through which you explain the ultimate purpose of creating your product, which was user-centric, thus framing their needs as your brand’s priority. 

4. How does your product function? Tell them through the art of animation

Animated videos are your solution here. For your products and services to seem relatable to the audience, you need to show how their work and how they would improve your consumers’ lives. And there is no other way which would seem more beneficial than visual aids, AKA explainer animated videos. You can concisely include the information about your customer they should be aware of and make it lucrative to hold their attention. Animated videos are a highly engaging tool for creatively conveying technical knowledge to ensure your audience does not get bored and your message gets through. Illustrating the products and services’ purpose through visual mediums is a persuasive method to convert that “save for later” to “buy now.”

Animated videos can be highly product-focused in which you can define the functions of the product creatively and educationally to boost your content marketing strategies for various social media platforms. Apart from that, animation can include that “zinger” your brand needs in all your brand awareness videos. 

So what are you waiting for? Animation has become a massive part of the influencer marketing industry now. The competition will never end with the global brands coming to you digitally. Amp up your game! Don’t wait to dive into the world of videos and create content that will revolutionise your strategy.

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