6 reasons why software development companies invest in video content

Generations have adored the Harry Potter movie series for years. We all love them. Many people turned towards the books once they saw the movies. They got attracted to the fandom after seeing the visual capabilities of what the story holds. While one may find a lot of differences between the films and the books, you cannot slack off on appreciating the magic the video content brought to the big screen. 

This was just an instance through which you can draw the parallels of how much power video marketing holds for your business. It can bump up your business by huge margins. And a lot of large scales and small case businesses are using videos to build, engage and retain their consumer base.

But this doesn’t sound convincing enough, does it? Does video content prove helpful for companies in the software sector? If yes, then how and why? Well, this blog is your answer to all these questions. We will discuss six reasons why software development companies invest in video content. Let’s get started!

1. Showcase your brand

As a software development company, you need to showcase why people use your products and services. In this digital age, where people and tech giants are transforming the world in mere seconds, showcasing your brand and the features of your products lucratively through appealing and well-designed videos will give you an edge over your competitors.

2. Foster trust through video content

Scammers and hackers have done no good for companies and the trust they build with their consumers. To make sure that your consumers do not hesitate while engaging with your products and services, you need to create a trustworthy bond with them. Show them how your software adds value to their lives. They need to believe that you deliver what you claim. And videos help you foster that equation.

The content must be relatable to the audience for your product to come off as the “only solution”. Compelling storytelling by showcasing characters that have similar stories to your consumers makes the whole experience a lot more personalised, intimate, and emotional appeal.

3. Video content is a great marketing strategy

With social media becoming a powerful tool for marketing, even for a software development business, the demand for video content is skyrocketing. It is one of the essential parts of a brand’s digital marketing strategy. While people often get confused between content marketing and video marketing, it is crucial to know that video marketing boosts the content and vice versa. 

Videos are accessible for the eyes of the users. Companies that craft 2D and 3D animation software have corporate explainer videos with huge selling touch-points. Their video content must be creative, compelling and professional enough to show their potential as an “animation software” development brand. Once you get the viewer interested, you can boost your content. The viewer can now be a potential customer who wants to invest their time and money.

4. Stamp your brand 

It would be best to focus on multiple techniques to establish your brand presence. And in this cut-throat market of software development companies, it is essential for the people and other companies (collaborative) to know about your business, what you are building, what you intend to solve and how you want to transform the sector.

For creating awareness about your product, you need to incorporate many strategies into your marketing- search engine optimization, active social media handles, engaging content, interacting with your users, addressing the queries and grievances, testimonials, etc.

In comparison to other kinds of content, videos bring in a lot of traffic. They amplify your presence and get exposure across multiple channels. You can reach out to various audiences to inform and update them through video content. 

5. Boost Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

Amidst the pool of content and resources available on the internet, it becomes hard for the users to look for your brand. You need to show up at the right place at the right time to keep things smooth. And for that, you need to optimise your content to rank higher. That is what SEO does. And videos contribute to increasing your ranking, including video clips and links to your content multiples your chances to rank first in the related Google search. 

6. Be part of “what’s trending.”

While we spoke about how video content engages your consumers and holds a massive potential to convert your viewers into consumers, video content also makes a great addition to the content strategy, especially in the growing “influencer” and “collaborative” industry.

Influencers have become an enormous asset in the marketing world in recent times. And having such popular icons be a part of your videos increases the appeal of your product. These influencers bring in their fanbase and encourage them to use your product. They create a persona as a person who uses your company’s product to make their lives easier. This lures their followers to check out your brand your content and purchase what your software development company has to offer.

That’s a wrap on six reasons why software development companies invest in video content. And to amplify the presence of your brand, you should too! 

Looking for a video production company to create crisp and appealing videos for your brand like those top animation software companies do? You’ve come to the right place!

We understand your business needs and help you grow. Create videos that visualise your visions. Seek the right audience for you.

Konnect with us. Build a wholesome visual experience for your audience. Create a voice for your brand. Let your product speak for itself. 

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Check out our portfolio for more samples!

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20 Video Ideas for YouTube, LinkedIn and Instagram for 2022

One of the things you do on your phone religiously is scroll through Instagram. Probably the first thing in the morning and the last thing before you hit the sheets. And what has got you hooked onto Instagram so much? The answer is ‘reels’. Those short videos weave a whole story within fifteen, thirty, or sixty seconds. It’s almost like your brain gets a dopamine hit every time you scroll to another video. The variety of the video-based content we consume daily is insane. The online content game has massively evolved, be it transition reels, makeup tutorials, dance challenges, funny trends, mimicry, DIY videos, etc.

The same goes for YouTube. It’s just difficult to stop after watching one video? The range of videos available on YouTube is unbeatable. While we’re talking about major video-based content platforms, LinkedIn is very much in the running with its corporate and learning-based videos.

While you can make a video about basically anything today, you need to up your game to reach out to maximum people and retain your audience. Stay relevant to the trends. Create content that serves some purpose. You must keep up with the platforms’ algorithm to stay congruent with the changing demands of content as well as the format.

Let us take you through 20 video ideas for YouTube, LinkedIn, and Instagram for 2022. These ideas will help you transform your video content game, give you the latest insights and help you attain your goals.

1. Vlogs

Entertaining or educational Vlogs will continue to rule the content scene even in 2022. They have gained massive popularity amongst the social media audience. According to a survey, almost 44 percent of internet users watch vlogs daily. Make sure you create vlogs that stand out from the plethora of creators out there.

Tip: Research at least 50-100 vlog creators and see what they are doing and what they aren’t.

2. Explainer videos

Explainer videos can be called video brochures of a product, brand, or service. They use a unique style of storytelling that takes you through the details and have an effective impact on the audience. Corporate explainer videos can be quite challenging since many elements are incorporated in one short video. Always contact a professional video production company like Konnect Me Animation to bring your idea to fruition.

3. Weekday Hashtags

Videos related to days of the week are quite engaging. For example: #MotivationalMondays or #ThrowbackThursdays. It helps your audience associate with your videos organically. You can make it niche-specific or share quotes or tips to make the videos more relatable for your viewers. 

4. A News story

A significant part of your viewership focuses on the “trending” content. Everyone wants to be a part of what’s happening “now”, be it news or memes. Stay relevant by creating informative videos around the latest news stories, insights, and trends. Share it with your audience. Help your viewers stay up to date. 

5. Behind the scenes (BTS Videos)

Who doesn’t love to see the “BTS – Behind The Scenes” footage of their favorite shows? It gives them a sneak peek into the reality behind the scene. These videos humanize the show’s characters. They make them more relatable and personal. This also works well in the corporate sector, where you can showcase the process of how things work, what it takes to create something, etc. In short, BTS videos provide a glimpse into backstage activities.

6. Skill development

Creating videos where you teach a skill is perfect for platforms like LinkedIn, all about careers, development, and learning. You can structure and simplify the video to help the viewer understand the “why, what, and how” of a skill. Such infographic videos (simple, informative, and visually appealing) are prevalent in workspaces. They help the employees and job seekers get oriented or gain expertise in a particular skill of demand or choice. One can make such videos using infographic video maker applications. 

7. Testimonial Videos

Video testimonials give your potential and existing customers an assurance that they are in safe hands with your brand. These videos are a great technique to push your marketing. Such third-party reviews eliminate the risks of “bias” from the consumers’ minds and give them the freedom to form their own opinion about your business or product.

8. Unboxing

Unboxing videos began on YouTube and are now a trendy segment on both YouTube and Instagram. The videos revolve around a product’s packaging and unwrapping to reveal the contents inside it. Unboxing aims at helping people understand what to expect while purchasing the product. It also contains information about the product’s features. Such videos have a very high rate of influencing the audience to buy the product. Creators can also partner with brands to unbox their products and hence earn handsomely. 

9. Question and Answer

Q&A videos are pretty popular on all the platforms. It helps people communicate with you or your brand and gain insights about what you offer and answers to their queries. These videos also serve the purpose of “personal touch” or “humanization” of your persona and brand. You can address questions from the comments or messages and ask the audience if they would like to discuss a particular topic. 

10. Tutorials

Short makeup, hair, or Do It Yourself (DIY) craft tutorials on Instagram have proven to be very successful. Many brands advertise their products with the help of these makeup artists/influencers on Instagram. People these days love to be experimental with their looks. These tutorials gain a lot of views by showcasing different creative styles for their audience. 

11. Holiday specific

Social holidays can definitely be a part of your content calendar. People like to see new social events scenes incorporated into a short, crisp video. This engages your audience, and you can expect more views as it can be pretty unique and relatable at the same time. 

12. Corporate videos

These videos showcase your brand, the mission, the vision, the goals, the community outreach, values, and the glimpses of your workforce and workspace from a very professional perspective that caters to the corporate lens. Most companies opt for professional corporate video production companies like Konnect Me Animation to do the job and produce concise and informative videos.

13. Video blogs

You can share snippets from blog posts in a graphical video manner. These videos can contain information that conveys the gist of the whole blog. You can create content related animation to give these videos a more visual impact to garner a great response from the audience. Animations can be pretty tricky to work with. So, getting in touch with a video animation company can smoothly help you create the animation you need for your video. 

14. Animation Videos

Storytelling through animated characters has become more popular today than ever. Such videos have a large and loyal audience base. You can whip up some characters, which can serve a purpose in your story. Animation videos require a lot of time and detail. But considering the response one receives from these videos, you cannot get past this idea. Instead, you can work with a character animation studio that will bring your animation story and characters to life. 

15. Promotional videos

Promotional videos serve a great deal of purpose if you have to market an event. You can use simple infographics with catchy background tracks to lure your audience and make the event seem more enticing. Do not forget to include “how to register” information in the video for those who wish to attend. 

16. Take a tour

Videos like “house tour”, “office tour”, etc. have gained a lot of popularity among viewers. These videos take you through the whole place, which one would not usually get to see in other videos.

17. A day in the life of

These videos provide a glimpse into the life of a particular person or a brand, how things go about on a given day, etc. Showing everyday routine, highlighting the small things about the day interest your audience and bring in a lot of new viewers. 

18. Food all the way

Food blogging has been gaining so much popularity. It is one of the top niches which gains the most viewers. Food lovers appreciate the varieties of food showcased in these videos. Food videos are relatable and prompt the audience to share them with their peers, thus expanding the reach organically.

19. Recap

Recap your day or an event with the best photos and snaps made into a video. These videos trend a lot on all three platforms -YouTube, Instagram, and LinkedIn. The viewers are intrigued and engage with the video by tagging their friends or sharing with their contacts. You can also compile the snaps or videos and reshare them to bring more engagement. 

20. Highlight

Highlight videos can help you repurpose your content and get more viewers. You can prompt the audience to watch the new version by including some extended clips or behind the scenes, which would give them the thrill to know more. Highlight videos also urge your viewers to watch the previous content, thus increasing the views on those videos as well. 

That’s a wrap on 20 video ideas for YouTube, LinkedIn and Instagram for 2022. Use these ideas, and you are all set to get in more views and engagement! Include the discussed ideas and trends in your social media calendar for this year.

Are you interested in creating these videos for your brand? Looking for a video production company to help you bring your vision to life? Want to transform your marketing and amplify your brand’s reach? Connect with us. Build a wholesome visual experience for your audience. Create a voice for your brand. Let your product speak for itself. 

Check out our portfolio for more samples!

Visit our website: https://konnectme.video 

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12 Crucial Principles of Animation You Must Know

Let’s go down memory lane. Remember watching Powerpuff girls or Scooby-Doo? And for the newer kids on the block, you must have watched Death Note or Rick and Morty? How do those characters move so smoothly as if they were real? And despite being a cartoon, the impact of animation makes it so intriguing to watch. We have all been absorbed into the animation fandom through shows or cartoons, haven’t we?

Animation is a method to manipulate figures as moving images. But as the world of technology picked its pace globally, the world of animation advanced. Today, animations are made using CGI-Computer-Generated Imagery. To give you a visual idea, Thanos is a computer-generated character!

The field of animation is more profound than it seems. There are different dynamics to take care of while portraying fictional characters as real. The way they talk, the way they walk, the way they sigh, the shadows, the breeze-everything needs to be considered before the final product comes to your screen. 

This article will discuss these twelve principles of animation in order. Understanding and abiding by these basics will provide a deeper insight into the world of animation and all the things that should be considered while creating realistic and appealing animated characters.

1. Squash and Stretch

One of the most fundamental principles, squash and stretch, indicates an object’s weight, volume, and flexibility. For example, when a ball falls to the ground, the ground flattens it. However, the ball tends to widen to its original shape against the impact of the ground. While squash and stretch happens all around us but fails to catch our eyes most of the time. This animation technique gives a fun element to the animated objects. It exaggerates the effect and creates an illusion about the object’s physical attributes.

2. Anticipation

The activities leading to the main action give a powerful impact. It provides the audience with little clues about some significant action that is going to happen. This hooks the viewers by intriguing them into believable movements and maintaining curiosity. For example, elements leading to a character’s arrival, backing foot before kicking a football, etc.

3. Staging

The placement of characters in a particular frame or scene, their angles, their activities that convey their intention clearly is collectively called staging. The staging of a character and setting are the crucial elements that facilitate the advancement of the plot. It effectively directs the audience’s attention towards the story.

4. Straight ahead action and pose-to-pose

These are two techniques of animation. Drawing each action frame one by one as you go along is what you call Straight ahead action. In pose-to-pose, you work on the extremes at first. You draw the beginning and the end, then work your way from the middle frame and fill up the frames accordingly. The straight-ahead action method gives you the freedom of surprise, while pose-to-pose gives you a specific command over the action. Both these techniques bring spontaneity and structure to your animation.

5. Follow-Through and Overlapping Action

The element that describes the other activities caused by/leading to the primary action is the follow-through principle. These secondary elements overlap the primary action that takes place. For example, the movement of your skirt and hair when you twirl.

6. Ease In and Ease Out

Controlling the factors leading to the main action is called ease out. For example, accelerating a car (it takes a couple of seconds to attain a certain speed and acceleration). Controlling the factors caused by the main action is the Ease In principle. For example, stopping a car (it takes some time to slow the vehicle before coming to a complete stop). The ease in and ease out principle provides realism to the animation. 

7. Arcs

Arcs add a realistic illusion to the animation. The absence of arches might make your animation seem mechanical. All the activities that we perform involve curved trajectories. Including arcs in your animation would give it a natural and relatable touch.

8. Secondary Action

Gestures that reinforce and add a flair to the primary actions are called secondary actions. These actions support, add personality and give more insights into the main character, their thoughts, and activities.

9. Timing and Spacing

This principle indicates how an action pans out and changes by the second until its completion. A sense of timing and spacing in your animation is essential. For example, the ball’s momentum when it bounces and how the spacing becomes wider as it drops.

10. Exaggeration

An exaggeration is to enhance the character’s physical attributes and actions to create a dramatic or comedic effect. This technique helps increase the visual appeal of your character while adding a personality to your story. Exaggeration can be done by changing the character’s expressions, features, or body to induce a reaction from the audience and advance the plot.

11. Solid Drawing

As an animator, you need to be careful about ensuring your characters appear to be three-dimensional despite the drawing being two-dimensional.

12. Appeal

Experiment with different attributes of your animated characters. Viewers remember the feel and the appeal of any character. No matter the role, the characters need to have a certain flair and charisma, which adds to their dimension and caters to the people’s expectations about that particular character. You can enhance the appeal of your animation by experimenting with different shapes and their proportions while ensuring the balance between detail and simplicity.

Konnect Me Animation has created this animated video describing the twelve principles of animation: 

Intrigued about how you can create an appealing animated video for your brand? Want to incorporate all these principles into the videos that can amplify your business? Connect with us to create a wholesome experience for your audience with our product explainer videos.

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7 Great Explainer Videos That Work The Silent Video Trend

Did you forget your earphones? Are you in a public setting? Or do you like watching videos on mute? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, let me say that you’re not alone. You’ll find yourself frantically reaching for the mute button often when you’re at work or amidst a crowd. And that is why explainer videos are jumping on the silent trend now. It’s hassle-free. And the mute button is here to stay.

Video content is the demand of the time. And catering to the silent video trend, it is an intelligent choice to make explainer videos. Get your message across even when the mute button is active. The viewership pattern has seen a massive shift in what the users consider good videos. Add all those fantastic sound effects, and yet, the videos should be appealing without the sound.

Facebook videos autoplay without the sound. Videos on Instagram autoplay without sound until you turn on the ringer. Users are showing positive feedback for the content they can consume silently. One thing that keeps them engaged with the videos is captions. According to a survey, videos with captions have an audience engagement and retention rate of 80%

Mobile phones have revolutionized the whole ecosystem of online videos. You don’t have to go berserk looking for the mute button anymore. The short, vertical, mobile-friendly video creation is the choice of creators and users today. And most of it is preferred to be enjoyed without sound.

Your videos need elements to hook your viewers. With the decreasing attention span of humans, you need to captivate them immediately. If you’re through with that for the first few seconds, the chances are that they’re likely to watch the complete video.

But how do you make your videos enjoyable?

Well, let’s discuss some of the top explainer videos that work the silent video trend.

1. Make simple shapes speak

Your silent video doesn’t have to be jazzy. Simple, bold shapes with crisp messages are very effective. Yes, the music adds a certain zing to it, but you can capture the essence of the video even without it.

2. Say yes to on-screen text

Vertical is the new dynamic of the “business” videos. Concise texts with the graphics’ gist make these videos very effective. No sound doesn’t hinder the intended message that is to be delivered.

3. Add some animation

Animated details in the videos emphasize the points of the videos. And along with the text portion, the animations do a great job directing the viewer’s attention towards the selling points of the products/videos.

4. One step at a time

The Do It Yourself (DIY) or videos that show step-by-step instructions are good examples of soundless, impactful videos. The creator takes you through a whole journey with just images and text, making it easy to follow without sound. And he gets the job done.

5. Why use many words?

A lot of channels are floating around with the ideas of stop-motion videos. This enhances the “mute” watching experience by combining colorful, quirky images and short texts.

6. Keep it sleek

Silent product videos intend to dull down the unnecessary noises. They display features of the products “to the point,” thus keeping things short and crisp. These videos have no necessity to dive into excessive explanations and voiceovers.

7. Take the comic book reference

Like the comics we love, these videos show dialogue with graphic effects. The user can understand the video without the sound, as the comic format makes it easier to follow. The message emerges loud and clear.

We have enough evidence to justify that videos without sound can be equally effective and engaging. They need to be clear enough for the audience to follow easily. Do not emphasize making the videos soundless. Instead, create videos that work well with or without sound and deliver your message.

Declutter the unnecessary elements and let your product speak for itself. Create a wholesome experience for your audience’s eye.

Are you interested in creating an explainer video for your product?
 Check out our portfolio for more samples!

“Let your product speak for itself.”

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Corporate video vs. Promotional video, everything you need to know about corporate and promotional video

People often get confused between a corporate video and promotional video, these two are terms often used interchangeably. These are, in-fact, very different cincepts. Before finalising your ad style it is important to understand the difference between them. This can help prevent any miscommunications with the ad agency and give you better transparency.

We’ll discuss each term in detail along with examples to help explore the differences between the two.

Corporate video

Corporate video is generating a lot of buzz these days. Corporate videos are often made to depict the brand’s story if it involves product or services provided by organization then a range of products are shown. So basically it doesn’t advocate for some specific product or service, corporate videos focus on the buainess itself. These videos often represent a company’s vision its culture and values. Such videos are used to improve brand image and transparency.They set the tone and style for your brand.

So what makes corporate animated video special? From small enterprises to large companies corporate animated videos can be used by any organisation to drive engagement. You can also go for budget-friendly packages of animated videos. Combination of live-action and stop motion animation style is best to tell your brand story through a corporate animated video.

Corporate videos example may include corporate training videos, product line explainer video, conference videos, about us video etc. Many big heads like Twitter, IBM, Facebook, PayPal etc take advantage of corporate animated videos to present a difficult subject more lightly so that the audience can understand the concept.

An animated corporate video can make your marketing, branding, and advertising more memorable.

Following are examples of some Corporate Videos:

A corporate documentary shows the history of a company and what inspired it into the business it is today. This type of corporate video would also not need to be short.

It can be a recruiting video to persuade potential employees to be interested in the company.

A company profile video could illustrate some concept like manufacturing process, including what they offer.

Promotional video

A promotional video is designed to flaunt a product some service, or event. This is the most popular type of commercial video in terms of television. The aim of a promo video is to show how something works, it can be used to highlight specific products or services.

If you have an event coming up and planning to spread the word about it then a customised Event Promo video can do wonders for you. This kind of video campaigns span across the different phases of an event like pre-event, during event and post-event. As per Eventbrite’s 2019 Pulse Report, 95% of events that used video said it was effective. So whether you’re doing a ticket launch event, pre-event announcement, event invitation or reminder, corporate functions, product launch, or trade fair promotional video can be extremely helpful. Types of Event promotional videos can be a teaser, testimonial, product description video etc

Below are examples of some Promotional Videos:

An explainer video like this would help to show the product in the most dynamic way possible

An explainer video that effortlessly shows service that is difficult to explain with just words.

The kind of fiction promotional video uses a story to sell your product or service. Usually it follows the theme of problem and solution.
The kind of fiction promotional video uses a story to sell your product or service. Usually it follows the theme of problem and solution.


It is evident to recognise the distinctions between a corporate and promo video. A promotional video would endorse a new product, service, or an event, whereas a corporate video advocates the company or some concept as a whole. In general, promo videos are great for advertising or launching a new product, service, or event where as a corporate video will appeal to the company’s target audience in the theory of creating followers. If you want to learn more about these terms you can reach out to us we are good listeners, we would love to hear from you.

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Solid marketing strategies for Small Medium-sized businesses to fuel business growth

Starting any business is easy but maintaining its growth is difficult. It is equally important to plan its growth along with the business launch. Especially for small and medium-sized businesses where competition is high. But With a Solid Business Plan, your business can do wonders. With the right marketing strategies, you can get across your message to the right audience. This blog will help you to boost visibility and increase sales while sustaining a profit with a converting offer. It will help you to have an effective sales funnel and optimise conversations.

But before defining strategies, complete this checklist.

Your content is designed keeping your target audience in mind so discover your profitable niche, define a target demographic and have something of value to sell them, and also see where your target audience is available. For example, Linkedin is the perfect platform for B2B marketing, to target Gen-Z you can focus more on Instagram and Snapchat, and for millennials, Facebook works best. Research about what your audience wants and try to reflect your target audience’s interests in your feed’s content.

Without any doubt, your visibility game needs to be on point in 2021. Marketers often end up thinking that more visibility means more spending on the marketing budget. But trust us if you plan everything right you can have things in place even on a shoestring budget. 

Don’t underestimate the power of email marketing

You will think that this is a very old method of marketing, but email marketing establishes long term relationships with the customers. In 2019, global email users amounted to 3.9 billion users (Statista, 2020). This figure is set to grow to 4.3 billion users in 2023. So, prepare a subscriber list and add all your prospects and current customers. Make an email marketing sequence calendar and send automated messages to your subscribers.

Refer following the Email marketing hacks listed by our experts to boost your conversation.

* It is all about the subject line, craft the super perfect subject line to get their attention
– Ask some interesting questions to grab the reader’s curiosity
* If possible incorporate user’s name in subject line
* Use images and videos to draw their attention
– Bright colour images and animated content does a great job
* All efforts are meaningless without a call to action
* Don’t forget to include unsubscribe link option too
– It is better to let them go, now you can focus on customers that want to engage and you can potentially convert them to paying customers.

Create frequent social media campaigns

For sure social media is a game-changer in today’s time. Building correct social media profiles and earning a good number of followers can take some time but it’s all worth it. Ad spending in the Social Media Advertising segment is projected to reach US$110,628m in 2021. Ads in social networks can appear as sponsored posts within organic content or beside the newsfeed. Organic reach is harder to achieve in this competitive era. The interesting thing about sponsored ads is you can target brand new customers along with old ones or any other demographics as per your choice. All the major social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram offer sponsored ad options. A sponsored ad can be in the form of a post or story. Facebook and Instagram offer budget-friendly sponsored ad packages, while sponsored ads on platforms like LinkedIn, Snapchat and Twitter are a bit pricey. All you have to do is to choose which social networks perform well organically for your brand and where does your content naturally strike and select that platform for your sponsored ad campaign. When video content is incorporated with paid campaigns it does wonders. Read more about social media marketing to turn up your visibility game 5 Best Practices to turn up your social media game in 2021

Leverage the power of Video marketing

Video marketing is one of the most effective ways to get the word out about your business. With Video Marketing, You Can Engage Your Customers Like Glue. Because all social media platforms are video-driven and everyone loves watching videos. So, make a video tutorial that solves your customer pain points, educate them about your products, services. Video content is a conversion generating tool. Thus, the long-term strategy for any business should be to align their video marketing efforts with all their other channels like websites, social media platforms and other streaming platforms. Research also says that potential customers are 84 per cent more likely to buy a product if they have watched a product video. The newest form of video marketing is an explainer video. Explainer videos are short marketing videos used to illustrate a company’s product or service.

Once your spectacular video is ready you can refer to our blog 7 Hacks to sharpen video marketing for some out of the box video marketing hacks and get your video content rolling.

In video marketing, animated video is the most popular type of explainer video. For best results, you can outsource the video content to a video production company that can craft unique, relevant and engaging marketing videos for your brand.

Influencers: Yes 2021 is the perfect time to invest in Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is a popular term in 2021 thanks to the popularity of social media. Through Influencers, brands can closely interact with their customers. Marketing Predictions say that Influencer marketing will dominate the future. These days influencers are also putting equal efforts to create content. It is assumed that influencer marketing will grow massively in 2021 with the rise of Micro & Nano influencers. Thanks to the high engagement, authenticity, and low-costs benefits influencer marketing provides. Small and medium-sized businesses can approach Micro and nano influencers, this can prove to be a good investment.Influencers highly shape buyers’ purchase decisions. According to studies, influencer marketing yields a $6.50 return on investment for every dollar spent. Influencers are categorised based on the number of followers -ranging from high-follower elites to low-follower. While selecting influencers for your brand apart from tracking follower numbers, it’s essential to monitor the types of followers, quality of relationships, and overall engagement.

Optimise SEO the right way

When it comes to SEO the sky’s the limit.
With the right keywords, you can broaden your audience and reach. A well planned and precisely implemented SEO campaign can bring many benefits to a company and it is also the need of the era. You can’t yield returns from SEO in a short time, over some time it will increase brand reach and improve brand image which will lead to organic traffic.

Make sure your SEO strategy includes backlink generation; keyword optimised content, a prudent set of long-tail keywords and image posting. And ensure that you don’t spam your keywords.

Understand the art of Blogging and Content Creation

Blogging is part of content marketing. Writing blogs frequently is a brilliant way to retain long term, loyal customers. Blogs that are keyword optimized, will boost your brand visibility online. Besides, blogging is a great option to educate your audience/customers. Blogging will certainly take time yet it will create brand goodwill that no other strategy can.

Blogging is a cost-effective tool that allows you to interact with your target audience, blogging is inexpensive too. Blogs can enormously influence customers, because who doesn’t know that the Words have the potential to change the world.

If you haven’t focused any of your marketing budgets on the above-listed strategies now is the time to make the change. Marketing is not rocket science, it is a blend of both art and science that should be thoughtfully and thoroughly implemented. You can polish up your best content across all your platforms with the help of an ad agency and get ready to engage your audience right away. And if you have any dilemma regarding the right strategy, you can contact us, we are great listeners. We would love to hear from you.

Meanwhile, check out our portfolio at www.konnectme.video or drop an email at hi@konnectme.video

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How to make World-class caricatures

We love seeing caricature avatars of people, caricatures are kind of fascinating to see. In simple words a caricature imitation of a person/character in exaggerated comic effect. Some people also call it cartoon versions of humans. A caricature captures the essence of a person’s personality. A customised caricature concept is a good option to gift someone. But today you have an exclusive chance to win personalised caricature Avatar free from Shubh Vivaah. To participate in this contest follow this link Instagram and do the needful.

Since so many of you have asked us about our secret caricature making process, this blog is just for you.

And at Shubh Vivaah we believe that every wedding is special thus we make sure the caricature Avtaar reflect you in the best possible manner along with a spectacular caricature wedding invite

Making caricatures is a time-consuming process. Read about it in detail below.

1. Tracing

If you’re working from reference then choose a high-quality large photo and ensure that the photo has good lighting with clear facial features. Now comes the first step of creating caricature i.e tracing. For that determine large shapes that define the subject. You can start with the subject’s face, such as eyes, nose, and mouth. Work quickly and keep drawing basics.

Creating a rough outline of objects will make it easier for you to emphasize some shapes and fill in details.

2. Flat Shading

To fill in the dimensions of your subject add shading. Flat shading is about adding colours in basic shapes. This can seem tedious and time-consuming. Continue adding colours to fill in the dimensions and large shapes of your subject. Don’t touch detailed shapes in this step like eyes and pupils.

3. Shades Colouring

In shades, colouring colour changes from pixel to pixel. Shades or shadows are caused by the two or more subjects blocked in the path of light. This depends on the angle from which the light is coming and the surface upon which the shadow falls. Shadows can vary based on the intensity of the light and the tone of its background. Identifying the objects effectively gives strength and colourful tone to a picture. It can be the underside of the jaws, below the lower lip, and under the ear-lobes are other shadow areas. We have a pro tip for shades colouring to keep the shading towards the edge lighter this will make the shadow on the ground stand out effectively.

4. Shades Blurring
Shades Blurring

To make your picture look uniform, shades blurring is an important step. Blur the lines in a hatched or cross-hatched area so that the darkness looks uniform even when looking at the picture close up. This blending technique is about evening out or graduating values and colours. Before that identify colour tonnes well for example first tone, second tone etc. Always start your stroke from the darkest value and move outward and blend in circles or back and forth.

5. Highlighting

Highlighting involves liquifying major facial features, with highlighting you can give a person a new look by changing eyes, mouth, and other facial features. This step can enhance your portrait. In a straight looking portrait you can highlight cheeks, the tip of the nose and the lower jaw. Because when the light comes straight these parts of the face kind of shine in the light, you can highlight them in white, golden or with the lighter shade of the skin tone

6. Hair Shading

Hair and eyes are often used to express emotions and a character’s personality. But you can’t simply draw all the hairs in the form of lines. Start by adding some volume around the head, define what hair type you’re drawing, it can be long, short, straight or curly hair. Draw the hair parting if there is any, and don’t forget the outline of the hair around the face. Outline the whole hair, following the rhythm of hair strands and yes. add some random hair stray here and there to make it look more realistic.

7. Beard Detailing

Start by outlining the facial area in which you want to draw a beard. Use a series of long and short curved lines, noting the jagged edges at the cheeks and above the brow and near the jawline. You can make a U shaped or V-shaped beard, but in the case of a reference image, you need to follow the shape of the given portrait. 

Beard detailing also involves lips and upper lips contouring. You can add 2-3 colour tones to exaggerate and make it more realistic. You can add the small hair linings and strands with the brush tool. Just like with the skull hair, there are darker and lighter shades of the beard, depending on where the light’s direction and how the hair growth differs across the face.
We hope you enjoyed reading this blog and we hope it has been helpful for you. For more inspiration on caricature check out our portfolio https://instagram.com/shubhvivaahvideo However the more paintings you create, the better an artist you’ll become! If this seems an exhausting and time-consuming task let us know about your caricature creation requirements because we specialise in making caricatures, humorous illustrations, cartoons and caricature invites. Remember, some things should be left to the experts only.
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Best ways to promote video content in 2021

We have written many blogs on the importance of video marketing. And if inspired by it, you have also made video content, then this blog will be useful for you.

Video content is made after a lot of hard work, so its promotion strategy should be equally effective. You must have promoted the blog, but the promotion of video content is very different from the blog. Do you know video content resonates incredibly well with audiences? Just including a video on your landing page can increase conversions by 80% So, you need to take the time to drive people to find and watch your video.

We have prepared the below tips for you to make video promotion easy and to get your video views way up so you know the effort of producing a stellar video was not wasted.

1 Video Campaign needs to run on Facebook or Twitter

Why let go of a solid free platform for video promotion? The best place to do this is on social networks where people are more likely to share and spread the word about your video, in turn leading more people to your landing page on your website, and ultimately driving more people to play your video. With millions of daily users, Twitter and Facebook can be powerful tools to raise awareness about your business and engage with customers.

2 Play video content at Event/ Trade Expo invites

If you’re planning your next event or attending some trad Expo or whether it’s an online tutorial, webinar, or product launch it is highly recommended that you lean heavily on tailor video content. Personalized event invite emails can lead to 8 times\ improvement in click-through rates. Businesses that have used customised video marketing to invite attendees to an event, saw a 36% increase in open rates.

At Expo or events Listening to the same person for an extended period can be boring which is why industry events are a great opportunity to promote your video content to a large and right audience.

Even the best speakers on the TED shows use videos to break up their speeches because it helps refuel the audience.

3 Add Video to Email Marketing

Video and email marketing perfectly complement each other. Just by adding the word video content in an email subject line can boost open rates by 19%, click rates by 65% and can reduce unsubscribers by 26% ( Data source Animoto). You can also add a video thumbnail into your email to boost the engagement of that email.

There are many tools for Email marketing for example with HubSpot, Marketo, Pardot, or SalesForce, you can pipe video viewing data directly into your lead scoring.
Let’s say one of your leads views 70% of a product demo video on your website, you could alert a sales rep to call that prospect.

4 Take advantage of Paid Social Media Campaigns

When you want to reach a new, targeted audience, social media advertising is a must.
Because sometimes organic reach is harder to achieve. The days of going viral without social campaigning might be gone forever.

To move from an organic social strategy to putting real money and efforts on the right campaigning can be difficult initially. So, it’s crucial to understand all the options. This is a direct way to reach the audience you want. You can target new customers or return to loyal ones. You can also take the chance to experiment with A/B testing.

The good thing about paid campaigning is you can measure results. This will let you know whether you’ve hit your targets or not. It shows you what worked and what didn’t so that you can improve your campaign next time.

5 Keep the video content shareabl

In the above points, we saw how powerful social media is. You are likely to start and end your day on social media like Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. People love watching videos on social media. They are likely to share your content with their connections if they like the content. So make your video easily shareable on major social media platforms.

You can add share buttons directly within the video itself so that interested parties can share the video link. You can direct back this audience to your website without having to leave the player.

6 Share Your Video in Online Community groups

There are industry-based online community groups you can find on Twitter, Linked In, Reddit. You should be actively engaging in these groups and spreading your video content when relevant. Suppose you are a technical support provider and some groups look forward to technical supporters there you can share your Explainer Video to answer their questions and show how you can help them in a truly engaging manner.

7 Ask People to Share Your Video

There’s nothing wrong with taking the help of your friends, they will share your content and help you spread the word. So ask your friends, colleagues, former colleagues, industry connections to reach your content to as many people as possible. You never know this can go a long way so don’t limit the people you ask. Maybe some of these connections have a big follower list and if they like the video, they can also share it on their page.

Trust us all these tricks are not just for saying, they work. We have seen many clients implementing it and finding success. And if you have any dilemma regarding video production and promotion then we specialize in video production as well as video promotion. We are great listeners. We would love to hear from you.

Check out our portfolio at www.konnectme.video or drop an email at hi@konnectme.video

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7 Hacks to sharpen video marketing

We have written a couple of articles regarding video marketing and why it is so significant. Video drives more engagement than text-based content or images.

Video effortlessly captures the audience’s attention and helps to get your message across in a short time. People find video content relatable, it helps convey the emotion and personality of your brand. That’s enough reason why it’s becoming increasingly popular.

According to a study by Content Marketing Institute, 60% of both B2B and B2C marketers use video for marketing.

The performance of video content is equally dependent on Video marketing promotion strategies. So Make sure you’re promoting your content on the right platforms at the right time. We have listed below hacks that will help your video content to outperform.

1. Do keyword research before creating a video

Everyone wants their video to rank on all social media platforms. To make this happen, you need to do some keyword research first. Keyword research is a comprehensive process. If you don’t know how to start then you can ask your video production company/advertisement agency to do keyword research for your brand. Nowadays major ad agencies provide corresponding services. There are some of the most popular types of videos being searched How-to videos, Tutorials, Reviews.

2. Masterpiece starts with a well-crafted storyboard

Video making starts with the script, a video without any sound script is like a directionless ship. It should be notable and have a wow effect. Your video has to be unique, memorable and fully customized as per your product/service. The right script should convey the business’s clear message along with elements such as emotions, humour, and exaggeration in a storytelling format. Since marketing videos are the first impression to your future and existing customers.

3. Make sure your video follows captions/narration

Do you know most people watch videos without sound on social media platforms, on Facebook, 85% of people watch videos with no sound? Videos with English transcriptions can be used in various countries. You can ask your video production company to add captions. This small hack will yield much better results.

4. Your video should Educate Your Audience and keep it short 

One of the most powerful purposes to implement effective video marketing is to educate viewers. Often videos that offer advice, information, tips and other informative content can be more effective and it helps brands to drive consumer engagement. Video can build trust with customers while keeping them entertained and informed at the same time. Moving objects and especially animation grabs the eye’s attention better than still images, so telling your story and selling your brand is already easier if you have the viewer’s attention. Consider keeping your video short cause the average human attention span is getting shorter. Today viewers don’t have much time to spare. And shorter marketing videos can work better than long ones. Include your key message in the first 30 seconds of the video. Keep the right time limit for various social media platforms. Videos are storytellers and people love stories, this is why video makes an ideal option to educate your audience.

5. Include a clickable call to action in your video

The ultimate goal of the video is to encourage viewers to take an action. You can place a CTA at the beginning of the video, during the video, or at the end of the video. But how do you define the right CTA? Ask yourself, what do you want viewers to do when they’ve watched the video-answer of this question is your CTA. It is advisable to insert only one CTA since more calls to action will leave your customers clueless and confused. Try to include clickable CTA such as go to the website, subscribe to your channel, or buy now.
According to a study by KissMetrics, a CTA in a video gets 380% more clicks than a CTA in the sidebar next to the video! Call to action converts leads into the final conversation.

6. Video needs to be Mobile Friendly

Today the market is present in the mobile. With more and more people using mobile devices to get online, your Marketing video must be mobile-friendly. In fact, as per a survey, mobile video consumption increases 100% every year! Marketing videos, therefore, need to be able to be downloaded and enjoyed on mobile devices without any cluster and quality compression.

7. Create a promotional plan for your video:

As we said the credibility of video performance equally lies in its promotional strategies. You need to think about all the channels you can use to effectively promote your video. For example:

We have listed few practical video promotion strategies:

 • Convert your video content to blog: Create blog content that covers the same topics as your video. This helps promote the video but it also keeps people on your blog post longer which helps with ranking.

 • Use paid advertising: Now it is economical to pay for views on Facebook, Instagram and other channels. But before you go for the paid campaigns, share the video on your social accounts first. If you start getting organic results then consider boosting it with paid ads. 

 • Ask influencers to promote your video content: Influencers add authority to the content you write and help drive more attention and engagement.

 • Include the video in Landing Page: Statistics show that including Explainer videos in landing pages can raise conversion rates by as much as 80 percent. 90% of customers reported that product videos help them make purchasing decisions.


Today the market is present in the mobile. With more and more people using mobile devices to get online, your Marketing video must be mobile-friendly. In fact, as per a survey, mobile video consumption increases 100% every year! Marketing videos, therefore, need to be able to be downloaded and enjoyed on mobile devices without any cluster and quality compression.

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Why is animated content a good source of learning & development in 2021

COVID-19 has swept many areas of our lives. Due to the pandemic and worldwide shutdown, distance learning became a necessity. Sudden closure of schools and offices left employers and school administration scrambled to meet the learning and training needs with online learning. We are deliberately migrating from in-person training to distance learning.

Books and files are replaced with e-learning videos and these videos are packed with high-quality animation. Because it is also a cost-effective option of replacement. Thanks to its dynamic feature, animated videos retain more information. We are visual learners and especially kids remember things precisely what they see, when the video is animated it works like the cherry on the cake.

Regardless of the subject matter, animations can be a valuable teaching tool to explain and demonstrate key learning or development topics. Let us look at the advantages of creating animated video content for distance learning or training.

The Benefits of Using Animation

It is an ideal option for complex subjects like anatomy or explanation of complex machinery.

The visual component of learning is a huge factor in the understanding of compound subjects and tools. Visual teaching alliance says 90% of information translated to the brain is visual. Animation can simplify complex information or processes simply and amusingly, which gains learner engagement.

It is time-consuming and strenuous to create live-action videos for abstract concepts like anatomy, a cross-section of body or heavy machinery parts. However, Animation represents abstract concepts with a visually stimulating design that helps learners acknowledge the understanding of important subject matters. To make it more enduring it can be done with animated characters who guide students and trainees through complex information.Whether watching in a classroom or streaming remotely, e-learning video allows educators to ‘show and tell’.

The animation just Improves the Learning Experience

Animated content goes into our long term memory because Animation makes it possible to pair concepts with meaningful images. Video content is an amalgamation of audio, visual and to make it more effective it is supported by texts-subtitles, graphs and charts. These elements have the potential to be more impactful than just text or audio-based explanations.

Furthermore, it is easier for learners to process chunks of information when the right visual elements are available to support the text. 

Dale back in 1969 conducted a study to find out how visual learning was radical:

  • When only audio content was provided to a group of students, after 3 hours only 25% could recall it and after 3 days the ratio was only 10-20%.
  •  When written content was provided, recall after 3 hours was 72% and after 3 days was only 10%.
  •  You will be surprised to know that visual information recall was 80% after 3 hours and whooping 65% after 3 days.

Our brain learns animated content faster, and animated video materials save time 

Visual content can save the time of learners as well as organisers and teachers. Since visuals are processed 60,000x faster in the brain than text – so this is a great option if you’re under a time crunch or you’re facing unavailability of qualified trainers.

Make sure the content you make is clear and easy to understand. The clearer your message, and the more relevant your tone of voice and narrations are, the more efficiently you’ll be able to engage your viewers and provide them with the necessary understanding. Isn’t video content a needless time hero?

Human trainers can’t conduct lectures with the same quality and dedication every time so chances are there that each batch will learn the same content differently. But that’s not the case with video content. All the fuss is faced while preparing this content only, once it is done all learners can have the privilege to learn the same content. Animated learning content is an efficient and easy process when you have limited time and resources

Makes Learning Convenient and learners all over the globe can have access to learning materials

We all have some days when we feel clumsy and some days are full of energy and enthusiasm. If you’re not in the mood to learn something today no problem with the help of video content you can learn things at your own time, at your own pace. Regardless of the place, your trainees reside, anyone can access video content on their own devices.

With access to the videos online, Learning materials can be an engrossing and convenient way to reinforce trainee interest. And when in doubt, videos can be revisited from time to time.

With animated videos, you can retain learner interest

Animation has the potential to bridge the gap between the learned and the unfamiliar and improve the learning experience and diversify the learner’s skills. To make it more memorable you can introduce characters who are witty and relatable. Introducing characters can make lectures interactive. Apart from that, it is easy to incorporate boring research and survey data with the help of interesting charts and infographics. You can be as creative as you can with the video content, remember the sky’s the limit when it comes to animation. 

It is a Cost-Effective Learning tool

One teacher or trainer can’t teach 1000 students/trainees at a time, but video content enables you to teach a number of participants. This is why we say Animation video content is a one-time investment. Animation can have a long shelf life, and as a result, improve your ROI. For example, MNC’s like Microsoft want to train their employees about new corporate policies. The company has offices all across the globe. It would be truly an expensive way to hire trainers for all regions, although companies can prepare an animated video comprehending updated policies. And it is easy to share video content wherever you want. This will also save a lot of travel costs if the company had hired trainers for various regions. Besides, animation content is much cheaper than live-action video – where sets, costumes and casts/trainers are required. These e-learning videos are used for years before they need to get updated.

If you were looking for ways to inspire your learners to build the skills and engage with your content, we hope this blog was useful. 
If you’re considering investing in the animated video for learning and development or promotional needs or want to ask any questions about the animation feel free to contact us.

Meanwhile, you can learn more about our video production services here https://konnectme.video/

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